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    posted a message on MCPE (BT) I need some family friendly servers for my 9yr old daughter

    You Can Try LSBG 54 I think it's a bit boring but It's kid friendly in my opinion

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    posted a message on I Am Sad what Should I Do With a Empty Mall

    So On My Freind's City World I usually take care of retail like Supermarkets and Malls etc. Except one of the players opened and Outdoor Mall and all my friends that own stores are leaving. So Let me start with the Official Story

    So on June 23 2015 my Mall (Four Seasons Town Center) Opened it was an exciting time it had 43 Stores and 5 Anchor Store Spaces. About one week later the Mall was full 100% with the Anchors being Dillards, Macys, Belk, JcPenney and Sears. We also had 5 Out parcels which were Target, Buffalo Wild Wings, A Mega Movie Theater and a Post Office.


    Suddenly on January 22nd a Mass Greifing occurred in the city. Dillard's was gone and our redstone light system was damaged. So we all decided at the Council to move Dillards for a while to the Plaza which was the old mall but was shut down too it being old. Anyway the Owner of Dillard's I'll call him Rob cause we can't say real names. Anyway time went by and we were able to repair the mall and Dillards was about to move in the space when suddenly our Government Crashed. One of our Council members was the one who ordered the greifers it was now July at that time and the City Was Shut Down to search for bombs anyway on August 1 Sunshine Crossing opened

    I was ok with it at first but then something sudden happened Macys decided to move to Sunshine Crossing with Dillard's on August 9th.I had a meeting with all the other storeowners in the mall but on August 13 twelve of my Tiny Stores left. I quickly worried as the Occupancy dropped to 75%. Anyway time went on and on September 29th. Sears closed due to the Owner which was one of my Friends got tired of owning the store. Anyway soon it was October 22 i say and 8 of my stores left for the new mall. Those were a few of my Stores that brought people to my Minecraft Mall like Rue 21 and Victoria's Secret. Occupancy rate dropped too 62% anyway Holiday Traffic was decent inside and the Year closed off well


    On January 31 the Theater caught fire and Buffalo Wild Wings was greifed. I knew this would lead to some people getting mad and 2 days later Target was shut down along with the Post Office. The Malls Outer Buildings were empty anyway on February 14th 11 of my stores shut down telling me they favored the outdoor mall. The mall started it's downfall that day and soon on March 1st Belk was shut down that was my Favorite store in the whole mall!

    Anyway JcPenney struggled on and the Mall Occupancy rate was then 40% on April 29th I decided to put all the Stores on the first floor and shut down the other 2 floors. To make it worse on May 9th all the Food Court shut down and the Occupancy was 30% JcPenney's Owners started to get antsy then on May 29th Nordstorm moved into the Belk Space and I was so excited. Then trouble struck behind my back JcPenney excepted the bribe from Sunshine Crossing and sadly JcPenney left along with 6 stores. I only had 6 stores and 1 anchor on July 4th and Sunshine Crossing was winning.

    Then on August 24th Nordstrom was bombed and it shut down a few hours later. At the end my last 7 stores decided to leave on September 17th and now my Mall is completely empty and I need some advice on what to do with all this empty space. Many people want to demolish it but it took me 8 months to build. What should I do? This isn't the first time my Mall had trouble I want to write about that mall too should it be on another thread? Like it's a Different mall?

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    posted a message on I Adopted 2 Baby Boys in Minecraft HELP!

    But I love Baby Dapper tho I hate Emil

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    posted a message on I Adopted 2 Baby Boys in Minecraft HELP!

    So I decided on adopting Baby Dapper (1) and Baby Emil (2) but they will constantly argue and Emil will start that I don't love him and he will start killing Baby Dapper and Baby Dapper will be chased around I have made 2 baby nurserys but nothing helps when Baby Dapper wanted a crib in my room with my bf Emil started killing him I have had Emil longer and he had never acted like this Baby Dapper will hide in the corner for long times and Emil will destroy his crib and hit Baby Dapper what should i do? plz help

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