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    Okay okay, loooooooong looooooooooooong time ago, Notch added brick pyramids that would sometimes spawn. Was it a pyramid? Maybe instead of a house it was a pyramid... They're pretty big though...

    Did someone else install minecraft in your computer before you?

    deleting the minecraft icon does not uninstall minecraft. So maybe someone with your computer "uninstalled" minecraft, but all of the save files remained. So did you enter an already-created world or was it brand new?

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    posted a message on Blockology - The study of the world of Minecraft
    Quote from Chameleonred5»

    Perhaps bedrock holds a tremendous amount of energy, End Crystals absorb that energy, and then the Dragon gets formed from that energy?

    But breaking bedrock would make the end crystal go too then. That doesn't happen. Btw, I am still standing on Relation. If the End Crystals are Relation, Then the End dragon would be being fed relation. And that heals it. If you think the Dragon is the mother of all Endermen, maybe the Endermen adopted Relation into their bodies. This lets them teleport (I have a theory that Relation might be used for teleportation).

    Otherwise, I came up with a theory for Chat. I personally think that everything that is part of the game, should be adressed... Except the main menu...

    I think that chat Telekinesis. I think that all players are connected in a psychic web of some sort, and they send messages with their heads to other players. By what we know as "commands" they can do many things. With the /tell command for example, they can speak privately in a separate string, than in the public Web. Each player has different Psychic levels, an admin in a server, having op, have a higher Psychic level, and can perform more complex commands, and can edit their world. For example, they can /setblock , they can /kill , they can /summon , and so and so on.
    Ranks on server would work in a simmilar way.


    I have another theory, I didn't think a new post would be neccesary... I think that the reason you can create superflat worlds, or default worlds, is by changing the Relation's wave at the generation of the world. Changing the world's Information, as I want to call it. So a seed would be a code that Relation follows to create a world. Servers are special worlds that need a code to be accessed, this being the IP. This has to do with the Psychic of the player... Plugins and mods can be explained with this theory. Alterations of the world's code. But to not get confused, I am talking about a server running with Forge, not the player using Forge... Imma get to mods later...
    Allowing the player to have cheats is encoded in the world.

    Oh well imma stop talking... Only one more thing...

    I hope you actually read everything ontop. :)
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    posted a message on Blockology - The study of the world of Minecraft

    I have been thinking a lot about end crystals.

    In 1.9, you can now place End Crystals. But you can only place them on bedrock. Isn't this weird?

    I feel there's something hidden here but I can't quite grasp it...

    Hmmm. Void energy supposedly is the reason why bedrock exists... But we also see bedrock in the End, on the Pillars. The End crystals are on these Bedrocks... Maybe the End crystals are strong forces of Relation, and created the bedrock under them... But if we go into creative, remove the bedrock and place another block, it doesn't change. I got two theories about this:

    A: This process simply takes a lot, a lot of time. (nope)

    B: This only happens in the creation of the world. Maybe the "Wave" of relation at the generation of the world creates these crystals, and leaves them with a much stronger energy than usual, and that creates the bedrock below them.

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    posted a message on Atrix Factions - Total Server Reset 1/1/16 - Staff Needed - McMMO - Bosses & Much More!


    I'm applying for the citizen rank on Atrix Factions. My username is: Rojos

    The server's community has received me with open arms, and I hope I can form a good relationship.

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    posted a message on Bring back coloured wood!

    I think it's a great idea, but There's just too much wood...

    I'm unsure...

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    posted a message on New Biome (REDWOOD)
    Quote from BookWyrm17»

    So perhaps these Redwood trees go right up to the height limit in some places, and they have a village in the sky among their spreading branches?
    Or more like a special property, something unique about the wood that makes other trees grow faster and taller?

    If they went up to the height limit, the would be extremely tall. And that is a lot of wood.
    Say a tree is planted at sea level, 62, and would grow up to 255.
    If these are Spruce-like I am thinking they are 2x2 trees.
    The tree would be (around) 193 blocks tall. Considering that it is 2x2,
    That'd be 772 logs. Or around 12 stacks of wood logs, from one tree only.
    Transforming 772 logs into planks, (772x4) we get a total of 3,088 planks.
    That is a lot of wood, and for the villages, well, we already have the other villages, might not be a bad idea, but well... Yeah...
    And about the post itself, I would like to see a more reddish plank in the game, I think it'd add up, but jungle is already orang-y and isn't that popular, so it'd have to be a darker red. But the thing is that they would pretty much be a clone of spruce. Honestly I was ok with having 4 types of wood, I hate Acacia and Dark oak. Specifically Acacia. It is horrible. I hate its biome, its wood and its planks It feels unnecesary. And dark oak is litterally the most annoying type of wood, and is impossible to gather because of its strange shape. And everything is a little too dark...
    I went off topic. (Sorry)
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    posted a message on A Suggestion!

    Op things are not good, this is also extremely, extremely vague. We need more details to critize this. How does the machine look like? How do I make it work? How does it dig? What does it dig?

    Well, that.



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    posted a message on Trap Flower - Hidden Then Deadly

    I think I understand... You want to add a plant mob that spawns in the wild and hits you... Wouldn't it be incredibly annoying to be walking and have to constantly face against plants trying to kill you? I would also need some more details. And I would love you to clean the post a little bit... I didn't quite understand. Do the plants spawn rarely or normally?

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    posted a message on The Temporary Pet Problem
    Quote from AaronMerson»

    Hello! I believe this feature could be very beneficial to the gameplay.

    Necessity: 7/10 (imo)
    Type: A non-OP, simple change.
    Version: 1.2


    I have noticed that tamed wolves and cats (and occasionally horses) are underused. Often several of any type will be tamed, then simply left behind in the player's base. This is because, though these can be helpful in warding off mobs, once trusty 'Old Blue' is dead, he will not respawn as the player would.

    All cats and dogs are completely unremarkable. Cats have three variant textures, while dogs have only one. All of their stats are consistent. It far too easy to tame them. The process is unrealistic even for Minecraft. I am not against this. But dogs can change their collar's color, when cats don't even have one.


    Tamed mobs respawn where they originally spawned in the world when killed. They do not respawn instantly, as they may have spawned in an unloaded chunk. So, the data of what mob died and its spawn coordinates is saved in its owner. Thus, when the owner comes close enough to the spawn coordinates, the tamed pet spawns, already with NBT tags indicating its owner and name (if nametagged). Players would no longer have any reason to not bring their pets along with them on adventures. As a side effect, pets would feel more relatable to players than, say, a random cow or piece of armor. That is to say, they would be companions, not just an asset to make the player more powerful. Them spawning in their original spawn position doesn't make much sense, as they would probably immediately teleport to you. But maybe they can be sitting down, so you'd have to look for them, but that would be pretty annoying. I doubt I'd remember where I tamed my pet, so it'd be definetly irritating...

    Horses, wolves, and cats are now tamed differently. They use a new tag called 'familiarity', which is a compound tag that relates each player that has come within its sight range to an integer (starts at 0). As soon as a player comes within 16 blocks of the mob, a random integer between 100 and 900 is chosen for that player (I based this off of the fishing algorithm). Every tick, this number counts down. When it reaches 0, the integer associated with that player increments. When tame, the random number is generated between 500 and 1000. Once the 'familiarity' value is 3, the animal can be tamed. Thus, some players will be able to tame a mob before others. Also, the familiarity doesn't decrease, so you can find the mob later and continue increasing the familiarity. (Of course, the mob can still despawn at this time, so it may not be wise to go away for too long.) Ocelots still run away. You can attempt to ride a horse, but the horse will always buck you off. But when the familiarity is high enough to tame, the mob will approach the player, as ocelots do now. The mob can then be fed as normal, and tamed. Hitting a tamed mob decreases its 'familiarity' by a few points, and hitting a wild tameable mob brings its 'familiarity' to 0. I kind of like this idea, and maybe it could be added a little more, like for example, untamed mobs could have a general familiarity towards players, if it spends time with a lot of players, they would move more freely amongst them, but if their unfamiliar with being with players, they might growl, and if too close to a player, attack. This would make Wild Wolves actually Wild. But if this wasn't the case, I would have a problem. And that is that if familiarity is saved withing the pet, and the pet would have different familiarity values for the different players that passed by, it would pack the mob with a lot of NBT values, creating lag(?). Using a general familiarity towards all players, this would be fixed. But that may also cut out some other possibilities, like for example, if the dog was killed by a player or saw said player attack its owner, it could hold a "grudge" against the player, and would attack them if they got nearby. Say that if a player in a factions server was attacking the dog's owner and raiding him constantly, the dog would become hostile against that player and would attack them next time they come nearby. This would make dogs much more useful in servers, and if they could respawn, they wouldn't make you cry each time they died because you got raided and a cruel player killed them. ;-;

    Dogs now receive a randomized 'dog' texture, created by combining a color and pattern, like horses. It will not immediately be able to attack mobs. This ability is available after 5 'familiarity' points are earned. You can tell it is at this point, because only then will it wag its tail. When originally tamed, their health increases by 0-4 points (0-2 hearts), and becomes their max health. Why does it increase when tamed? doesn't make much sense imo. To increase it, the dog must be trained. This additional value ('training'), is what allows you to upgrade your dogs. To increase it, you have to exercise your dog. When the dog is following you, it counts the number of blocks it has traveled since it last sat. Every 200 blocks it adds 1 to 'training.' It can also absorb XP, each orb being worth 10 blocks. Every point of training adds half of a heart of max health, capping at 20. Every 3 points adds a half of a heart of damage, capping at 8 attack damage. Every 5 points adds 1 armor point, capped at 10. That means your dog must follow you for 10,000 blocks to reach maximum ability. I am not sure about increasing attack damage from walking your dog. If you take them on a long trip, you can easily max them out. I am not saying 10,000 blocks is a small number, but I am saying that physical damage should be increased from fighting mobs or other players. And also, 8 attack damage would make a dog more powerful than a diamond sword. Keep that it mind... And what are armor points? Dogs don't have armor.

    Right-clicking a dog or cat with 7 'familiarity' points will now open a GUI like the horse inventory GUI. For dogs, it displays the training level on the left of the portrait. For both, on the right, it displays three buttons: 'Sit,' 'Stay,' and 'Untame.' Upon clicking 'Sit,' the button becomes 'Stand,' and the pet sits. Upon clicking 'Stay,' the pet will continue standing, but won't follow the player, and will begin to wander, though it will remain within 16 blocks of the starting position. The button will change to 'Come.' Upon clicking 'Untame,' the button splits in half. The new buttons display the check mark and X shown in the beacon GUIThe beacon GUI? Like the baecon that gives you powers? And what is the Check mark? Sorry got lost there. Clicking the check mark will convert the pet into a wild animal. However, dogs will save their 'training' levelDo they save the familiarity level? so could you tame them again with ease?. To save a new spawn point for a cat or dog, the pet must be sitting at night within 16 blocks of its owner, who must be sleeping in a bed. Horses can be given new spawnpoints by being in a loaded chunk with a lead connecting it to a fence at night, when its owner sleeps in a bed. If someone was raiding say, my base, and I had a pack of wolves set to respawn next to my bed, all fully trained to do 8 hearts of damage, the guy wouldn't stand a chance. The wolves would respawn if killed, and the big difference between wolves respawing and players respawing is, that wolves don't have items to lose. If two diamond geared players fight, and player one wins, player two will need to re make his gear to stand a chance against player one. But wolves can keep on respawning dealing 8 Damage Points.


    (These are some undeveloped ideas I might delete, add to the main suggestion, or break each into their own. Just here so you can give initial feedback if you'd like)
    Maybe cats should have more uses? (Something to aid peaceful activities, instead of fighting like dogs) They could kill chickens and bring them to you... Just an idea.

    Thanks for reading. All feedback is appreciated.

    I think this needs to be really cheched, so my answers are in Italic bold.
    Honestly, it is pretty great overall. But needs some tweaking. I honestly would love to have my pets respawn. But maybe us not wanting them to die is the problem... We weak humans trying to hide the inevitability of death... Minecraft wolves aren't alive... Sadly...
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    posted a message on Different colored beds (Red Seems Outdated)

    You know, maybe, if you had differently colored beds, when you slept say on a red bed, and the next night in a blue bed, when you die, you can choose in what bed to respawn. But if not, I would still like different bed colors :D


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    posted a message on Do you like the mooshroom? One more mob like that! The Snewp!
    Quote from Pengu61151»

    Fantasy Biomes... We have Mushroom islands and the ice spikes biomes, but only one has a special mob...

    So here, I introduce the Snewp! Were did you get that name? Sounds original and interesting... I kinda Like it.

    The snewp is a sheep which has snow instead of wool. It looks like a mountainous sheep with snowy fur.

    When sheared, it may drop 5-7 Snowballs. How is this useful? After shearing, it will grow back its snow after it has been fed with wheat.Why? It can be breeded normally like sheeps. It has the same health as a normal sheep. And it will be the ONLY mob spawning in the ice spikes biome. When killed, it will drop 2-3 mutton and 3-4 Snowballs. Wherever it walks, it will leave a snow trail.The snowman already does this. When bought into the Nether or Warm Biomes, It will turn into a normal sheep after 1 minute. When lit on fire, the fire will extinguish and it will turn into a normal sheep. When it walks on water, the water below it turns into ice. The walking on water with ice works like the frost walker enchantment. When it walks on lava, it will turn into obsidian.Shouldn't lava turn it into a normal sheep? I mean because fire, warm biomes and the nehter do it... It will drop an item, Frost Horn when killed. Female sheep don't hava horns... Right? So will there be male and female?

    Frost Horn: It can be brewed with an awkward potion to create a Potion of Frost.

    Potion of Frost: It will give the player the abilities of a snewp. Lava below the player will turn into obsidian and water into ice. When splashing a snewp with it, it will allow it to live in hot biomes until the Effect is gone. It will also cause player to leave a snow trail behind. The player will automatically extinguish fire by walking on it. Trying to kill a blaze with this effect will deal 1 heart more of damage. This is just a much cheaper Frost walker enchantment.

    Appearance: It has a white face with its bluish white fur covering its face. It has a blue tint to his white snowy wool. It also has horn like appendages on the side of its head. Male and Female Right? I guess there is no gender in Minecraft anyways...

    I don't really see an use of this sheep in the game, Sheering snow is Useless, and you can get even more snow from the snow created under the sheep. I doubt the sheep will ever get to walk on lava, and there are no lakes in the frost spike biome. Even so, it is an interesting addition.
    But really, Snowmen do pretty much everything this sheep do, you can also kill them for snow, and they leave a snow trail, they also defend you with snowballs.
    Really, I'd prefer seeing snowmen in the ice spikes biome than these sheeps.

    No support.
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    posted a message on Tool Handles!
    Quote from AGmantheAG»

    I don't understand, why do handles "upgrade" tools?

    Because, at the handle being physically stronger, it makes the weapon last longer... ...
    What? Like, if the handle is weak... And when durability reaches 0 the handle breaks... Because it's wood...? I just imagined it would work that way.

    And for blaze and ender handles, I think their special powers make sense.

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    posted a message on "Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware"
    Quote from BC_Programming»

    You can try reducing the Memory allocated to Minecraft and see if the issue goes away. If you are using plain Vanilla, 2GB should be a good compromise. (I use 4GB myself but that is because I have 32GB and found it made this a bit faster to do so).

    However, from what I can find, the error is a "modern" version of a message indicating that the driver crashed and recovered. This is typically a result of the Graphics card overheating. (Maybe time for a dusting? :P)

    Not entirely related, but "Driver" Programs like Driver Booster are unscrupulous scamware garbage. It very well could be the source of your problem, if it's replaced your NVidia Display Driver with whatever garbage they have in their database. I would recommend uninstalling it entirely and installing the latest Nvidia Drivers as well.

    Advanced Systemcare is pretty much the same. If it can claim a 100% Clean Install has 'errors' Then I wouldn't trust them to find real ones. CCleaner is OK. Though these two programs I wouldn't expect to change anything that would cause your issue.

    ACtually, the crashed and recovered also happened to me, but I "fixed" it. I did take away and do 3 gb of RAM, and it didn't happen anymore. But the Crashed and recover I always (almost) get it when I switch from fullscreen to window... About the driver booster thing, I FELT like it was pretty good... I mean performance DID go up, but maybe CCleaner really did all of the work.
    Thanks for Helping!
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    posted a message on Tool Handles!

    What I think is a "great" crossed through my mind, and that is, to add special handles for tools.

    So, instead of the usual Wood handle that every tool have, I am thinking of adding iron handles, obsidian handles, and possibly blaze rod handles, gold handles and ender handles.

    So let's get started!

    Iron Handle

    The Iron handle is crafted with two Iron ingots on top of each other, like crafting sticks from planks. It will yield two Iron Handles/Sticks (I am in doubt)

    The Iron handle can be used to craft tools, by replacing the sticks with the handles. The Iron handle will add a 20% of the normal item's durability, for example, and Iron pickaxe(251 uses) with an iron handle, would total 301 durability (20% of 251 is 50.2, but I will round it up to 50)

    Actually, imma just make a list with all the values.

    Iron-Handled Wooden Pickaxe=72 uses (from 60)

    Iron-Handled Stone Pickaxe=158 (from 132)

    Iron-Handled Iron Pickaxe= 301 (from 251)

    Iron-Handled Gold Pickaxe=40 (from 33)

    Iron Handled Diamond Pickaxe=1,874 (from 1,562) ((I am thinking that maybe this is too much... I might remove this))

    Obsidian Handle

    The Obsidian handle is crafted from two obsidian blocks, and yields 4 obsidian handles/sticks.

    The Obsidian handle can also be used to craft tools, like the Iron handle. It will only work from iron tier up. Because reasons... (might change this)

    It has a special power, to give a 20% explosion resistance if you are holding it, and the items can't be blowed up.

    It adds 30% to the durability (This might change) of the tool.

    Obsidian Handled Iron Pickaxe=326 (from 251)

    Obsidian Handled Gold Pickaxe=43 (from 33) wow gold is so bad...

    Obsidian Handled Diamond Pickaxe=2,030 (from 1,562) ((I have to really think this... Give me your opinion if you like :) ))

    Gold Handle

    Gold handles actually take away 5% durability. BUT This is because of their special treat. Gold Tools actually get the best enchantments, and have lowered repair costs in anvils. So, the gold handle gives you a better chance of enchantment, and really, 5% isn't that much isn't? (Maybe it is really not that much... For the bad...)

    Gold-Handled Wood Pickaxe=57 (from 60)

    Gold-Handled Stone Pickaxe=125 (from 132)

    Gold-Handled Iron Pickaxe=238 (from 251)

    Gold Handled Diamond Pickaxe=1,484 (from 1,562)

    Blaze Rod Handle

    Blaze Rods are litterally a retextured stick, but I am not sure If I should make a blaze rod handle, or just a blaze rod in the crafting recipe...

    Blaze Rods give a 25% Durability bonus, Gives the player a 20% Fire Resistance, and makes the tool totally immune to lava and fire. So if you died in lava, you could actually recover your items. But if they come in contact with water, they will break (Doesn't count if you are holding them) They can't be used in wood tools, for obvious reasons.

    BlazeRod-Handled Stone Pickaxe=165 (from 132)

    BlazeRod-Handled Iron Pickaxe=314 (from 251)

    BlazeRod-Handled Gold Pickaxe=41 (from 33)

    BlazeRod-Handled Diamond Pickaxe=1,952 (from 1,562) ((Hmmm...))

    Ender Handle

    Ender Handles are really special, they are pretty good handles, giving a 30% durability bonus, like obsidian, But have a rather interesting power. The ender tool gives you a larger pickup range and block break range. About one block each. They are crafted in a crafting table, this being one ender pearl in the middle, with enderstone on top and below. This will only yield one Ender Handle. The Durability values are the same as obsidian, but I will put them anyways. ocd pls help me

    Ender Handled Wooden Pickaxe=78 (from 60)why would you even do this

    Ender Handled Stone Pickaxe=172 (from 132)

    Ender Handled Iron Pickaxe=326 (from 251)

    Ender Handled Gold Pickaxe=43 (from 33)

    Ender Handled Diamond Pickaxe=2,030 (from 1,562) ((Sheesh! This is probably OP...))

    I hope you liked my idea, and if you want me to change something, leave a comment :D
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    posted a message on "Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware"

    Each time I play Minecraft, Or while I am playing it, Minecraft freezes, then The screen goes black, and after that a message on the low right corner appears saying: "Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware".

    This is extremely annoying, as it happens randomly and I have absolutely no control over it, neither I know how to fix it.

    I have looked thoroughly through out the Web with the hopes of finding a solution, but nothing seems to appear.

    I would extremely appreciate if somebody out there could help me in my error.


    Operating System: Windows 10


    Processor: Intel Core i7-4720 CPU @ 2.60 GHz , 2601 Mhz, 4 Cores.

    Installed RAM: 8.00 GB

    1 TB of disc space (Hard Disk)

    My graphic cards are: Intel HD Graphics 4600 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M

    It is a pretty good computer imo.

    I Should have all drivers up-to-date, because I installed Driver Booster. A program that, well, updates all drivers. I also downloaded Advanced SystemCare and CCleaner and run them each one or two days. I always try to take the best care of my computer and I believe It has no viruses.

    I allocated 4 GB of RAM to my Minecraft.

    My available physical memory is 4.59 GB, and maybe allocating 4 GB to Minecraft is no good...

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