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    I have never seen a server like this! I have played for a while, and made my house and everything, I got diamond armor and Elytra and stuff, like most of the players that have played for a while. But, we all started somewhere! Back when I had nothing, everyone helped. If I needed food, it was there for me, if I needed armor, I could get it. Walking around Picea still amazes me. But the best thing is seeing everyone helping each other. It is great!

    Please join!


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    This Server is AMAIZING! I couldn't reccomend it enough! No other server has such a friendly community, and such beautifully working towns!

    This server is something that has to be experienced!

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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]

    The download link for SEUS 11.0 Doesn't seem to be working.

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    Quote from RepoDraghon»

    yes, I was reading a bunch here and started to fall asleep, so I'm asking, has anyone picked up the mantle on this project?

    A couple of dudes.
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    Quote from FirEmerald»

    java 1.8.0_71 is java 1.8.0 u71.

    I don't know how to get it.
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    it wants me to make an account, and I can't make it. I don't have the stuff asked for.

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    54, but english isn't my first language...

    Well, in my native language I got 46 so bleh.

    In another site I got 57 in english.

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    Oh my god. Java, why are you so annoying? Java is the application that let minecraft come to be, but then, if they are such a smart company, why do I get these issues?!

    I need an older version of Java.

    DEAR GOD! I have looked EVERYWHERE! I have clicked every link, mined the java website for some information, but I still can't get into the older downloads section! I just need Java "jre1.8.0_71"

    To run a modded minecraft launcher, I need that freaking version.

    I took the time to search java's FaQ, and their answer was "contact the developers duh"

    Can't they just give me the link? Is it really that hard?!

    PLEASE!If someone could give me the download link for this java version, I'd cry of joy.

    I have a 64 bit computer with windows 10.

    Please help me...

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    Help me... There's this horrible buzzing noise constantly ringing in the map D:

    It is driving me nuts

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    Quote from Plyb»

    Mind if I pick this apart a bit? I can see (sort of) how all the different "teleportation" things are linked together, but I really don't think there is anything to suggest that world generation, bedrock, the void, end crystals or blaze powder are all caused by the same thing. They may have some things related to each other, but there has to be at least a couple of different things going on. I don't think implying that "information" is carried by relation is a very good argument, since you could use that for almost anything.

    I will admit, the information part is really... Well confusing. Maybe It could be more like a frequency... Nah I get your point. But you must keep world generation, bedrock and void. At least those. Those are essentially everything. End crystals and teleportation are being theorized, and Blaze... I pretty much made that up as I wrote down... EHEM! Well, pick the ones you think are best. But keep in mind, in theorizing, nothing is right nor wrong... It does have to mantain some kind of sense to it, I can't say that the world is controlled by invisible armor stands. But, it's kind of like believing in God. There's no concrete proof that he exists, but we still have faith in it :)
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    Quote from Plyb»

    Would you be willing to just sum up Relation again? I feel like by now, the concept of relation has changed so much and it was pretty unclear to begin with that I really have no idea what we're talking about any more.

    Ok, I'll try my best... But PLEASE add it to the thread... :P I'll even do it in the format you use.
    Ok. Imma start:

    Relation is the strongest force in Minecraftia, it is the force that generates the world, allows teleportation, and is the force that kills you in the Void.
    • Relation can carry information in it, and at the start of the world, it spreads that information in the form of chunks, generating the terrain. the information tries to stay the same, but can also mutate, causing the different biomes and ore generation.
    • Relation allows teleportation, it is given information in coordinates, and teleports the player or entity there.
    • Relation can be created in the form of portals, teleporting the player between dimensions.
    • Ender pearls store Relation, allowing the player to teleport. It saves the Information of the player who last held the pearl, and when it breaks, the Relation is realesed and teleports the player there.
    • The void has an extremely strong Relation power, desintegrating molecules. Blocks get immeadiately, while entities take time.
    • Relation can react with each other, it is theorized that Obsidian and the End Portal frames contain some Relation. Obsidian, when arranged in a ring and set fire, creates the portal into the nether, and the end portal frames, after placing the eys of ender, into the end.
    • If we could say that Relation was everywhere, The different Dimensions might have different levels of Relation. The End would have High levels of Relation, the Overworld normal levels, and the Nether low levels. As the Eyes of ender have higher Relation than obsidian, they connect to the End, and the Obsidian, as it has low levels of Relation, to the Nether.
    • Bedrock seems to be able to store and release Relation. this is proved (kind of) as bedrock is close the Void.
    • In the End, The End Crystals store Relation, and heal the dragon. They are placed over bedrock, and held by obsidian pillars, blocks wich all contain Relation. When placed around the Portal, all of the Relation the portal has is channeled to re activate all of the other ender crystals, and respawn the dragon.
    • Blaze powder seems to strengthen Relation. It has some property to do that, being used in the strength potion. As It strengthens the Relation, Ender pearls with it, (Eyes of Ender) will go directly to the strongest Relation point in the overworld, finding the portal.


    • Explains many things, as the Creation of Worlds and Teleportation.
    • Eyes of Ender, believed to have Relation, Are used to activate the end portal.
    • End crystals explode when broken. This is believed to be Relation. Further supported, End crystals are over bedrock and obsidian, all blocks theorized to contain Relation.
    • Supposing the sun is the Nether, and the moon is the End: The sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the world, possibly showing the difference in Relation.


    I'll leave this up for you :P

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    Man, I think this thread should be named Cubism like that:

    Anyway, you think if the End Portal Frames unleash some particles of signals to attract Eye Of Ender? Like some kind of force-magnetism or magical-magnetism. Also the reason behind why Eye of Ender needs heat (blaze powder) craft is because the portal frames is near to a certain amount of heat?

    Well, the end portal in a stronghold spawn with lava under it, but when made in creative the lava isn't needed.
    The end portal itself gives out smoke, so it is kind of hot... right?
    You know, it's weird. The nether portal gives out end particles, but the end portal gives out smoke particles. I almost feel it should be the other way round.
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    posted a message on Blockology - The study of the world of Minecraft

    in 1.9 we learn that by placing end crystals around the portal back to Minecraftia, the beacons generate new end crystals, and the dragon respawns...

    I think this means that bedrock does have some power properties. Note that for this to work, the crystals must be on the portal. So, when the end crysals are placed, the portal dissapears, and everything gets fixed... hehheh...

    I once said that Portal might work with Relation, or something... related (badum tss) So these end crystals suck the power from the portal, and regenerate everything!

    These crystals can be crafted with glass, an eye of ender and a ghast tear... Not sure what that might mean. BUT! If teleportation is related to Relation, then the eye of ender used to craft the crystals contain relation in them! as I hypothesized! Ender pearls and Ender eyes contain Relation in them! Ha!



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    posted a message on Project "No Signal" [The RP Horror experience] [Roleplay/Adventure/Survival/Post-Apocalypse/Horror] [UNIQUE] [No Whitelist!]



    IGN(In game name):Rojos

    Why would you want to be a tester?: I am a Sci-Fi Fan, and I honestly like survival challenges. The lower the chances, the higher the chances I will play it! I Dig into lore, I love lore... I have found the server's lore very interesting and original! That's why I want to be part of this great project.

    Tell us your story of how you got into the Exodus spaceship:
    Itnas Ladiv is an engineer and programmer, about two years ago he had presented a project to the NASA, which made him famous around the facility. His invention was a small working AI robot, but it was great in the eyes of NASA, good enough to let him in. Ever since, he had worked with them, and he enjoyed his job very much. Day after day, he worked in programming and desinging new robots for his bosses, and quickly become a popular subject within the building. But one day, he started seeing the mood change around the office. Everyone appeared worried about something... His bosses were always busy, and each day their mood seemed to worsen.

    Until one day, he was called to the office.

    "Itnas, we have chosen you to aboard the Exodus."

    He had heard about the Exodus, but didn't exactly know what it was for, he simply treated it as another spaceship, but its meaning was much larger.

    "A large asteroid we have called Enyo, after the godess of devastation."

    "What's the meaning of this...?" He asked dreadfully.

    His boss sighed: "This asteroid is heading towards Earth, and is capable of planetary destruction."

    His heart sunk.

    "But... We... We'll be alright... We always are... No... Is it true...?" He was at a loss for words, and felt a knot in his throat.

    "You and a group of people will be sent to the Exodus. Wherer you will be cryo-freezed for 300 years, until Earth is habitable again. You will descend into the "Last Hope" A bunker that should last some time. You will be taken to the ship tomorrow."

    He was devastated. He couldn't sleep much for the next nine days; Until a man appeared at his door. He was brought to the Exodus. The thought of cryofreeze scared him, but he couldn't do much else.

    This server uses a custom resource pack that you need to have in order to play. The download link is at the homepage. Did you download and install it?: Just installed it :3

    In this section you will be asked to roleplay in 2 situations. Please give us a short or long RP response to these two scenarios. (At least one paragraph for each)

    You are walking through the streets of "Anthropia", one of the 2 remaining cities left on Earth. As you walk you notice a shining object in an alley. You attempt to grab it but as soon as you crouch and try to catch this object someone appears behind you. Then this person says something to you...

    "Hey, what do you think you are doing?!"
    Continue the RP situation please, from the perspective of your character giving as much details as possible

    "I was..." I try to think up of an excuse "going to check out this cool thing I found on the floor..." It sounded better in his head.

    The person looks at his backpack "Give me everything you have or I will shoot you!" He held a gun in his hand.


    "Chill dude... I-" I quickly throw the object at the bandit. He screams and fires two shots. None hit him, luckily.

    I jump ontop of him and try to take the gun of him, but he hits me and kicks me away.

    "I didn't want to do this..." The asssaulter points the gun at me. "But you leave me no choice."

    <I screwed up...- I thought.-at least I tried.>

    The bandit started trembling. The gun fell out of his hand. Some blood was coming out of his nose. He fell on the ground face first.

    I look at him surprised, and slowly start sitting up. I see there was a black circle were the mysterious object hit his enemy.

    <I don't know what I threw, but it saved my life...-I smile weakly- I wonder what he has on him...>

    It's getting dark and you are in the wasteland, but as you try to come back to the nearest city you hear a voice in the distance asking for help desperately. If you investigate the place looking for who's asking for help you won't make it to the city, you will most likely die, eaten by the mutant creatures that come out at the night. But without your help the entity calling for help would die...
    Continue the RP situation please, from the perspective of your character, giving as much details as possible.

    I stop in place after hearing the voices. For a second I thought I imagined it. But whoever had spoken shouted again... "Help..." I see the hiding behind what seemed as rubble, or maybe a hill. Taunting me. "You want to, but you know you shouldn't".

    I go towards the voice, entering a building. I see a man leaning against the wall. He hadn't noticed I came in. The person looked up: "Help me...".

    I stretch my hand but see him covered in blood. And a green goop next to him. <I made a mistake> I run out of the door, but the monsters had already gone out. I grab my gun and hold it with my right hand. As the first creature comes in, the man shouts. I almost dropped my weapon. More of them try coming through the windows, and I started shooting. First the one on the door... Next the one between the posts. I steadily aimed and prayed there would be enough ammo.

    After a while, less monsters appeared. And sweating, I layed on a wall, and fell asleep. It was the last thing you should do in a situation like that. But he couldn't help it. When he woke up, early on that morning, the man he had met was dead beside him. Pale and unmoving. I carefully stood up and gripped my weapon. On my way back to base I wondered if I had fallen asleep or fainted... Being out there was quite the workout... I smiled to myself.

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    So I am using the Westeros launcher, a launcher that logs you into the WesterosCraft server, which is a Map of Westeros, the Game of Thrones' continent. (Look it up ;P)

    Anyways, I tried launching the thing and well...

    [19:31:38.526] Cannot run program "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_71\bin\javaw.exe" (in directory "C:\Users\Santiago\AppData\Roaming\WesterosCraft\instances\WesterosCraft-1.7.10"): CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified (stacktrace in WesterosCraftLauncher log)
    [19:31:38.538] Minecraft process terminated 

    I think this means that I have the wrong java... I heard and I have had this errors when I tried installing forge and running mods... My guess is that I need Java 1.8.0_71. I tried looking for it and I couldn't find the download link!

    Maybe the newest java would still work, but you tell me... Java gives me a headache. Its literally impossible to get the java you want -_-

    Well, I would really appreciate help <3

    Thank you in advance!

    EDIT: I have 64-Bit Java Windows 10 i7 NVDIA GeForce GTX 9.80M (laptop)

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