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A long time ago, two members of the forgotten Ladiv clan fell in love. They had a child they named Itnas Ladiv.

The Ladiv clan was founded ages ago, by a group of people who shared a power. A gift. Their celld had a strange power. This power surged from a combination of two Ladiv members' blood, but it was ussually trasnplanted by small pieces of skin, hence a shared mark on the right arm from most members. Their cells' DNA changed into what seemed a Double helix, like a mixture of two. The cells that gained this power became stronger, and could emit heat or energy, and control surroundings with enough practise. The one problem was that, the cells were hard to control and could spread like a really fast cancer, growing too strong destroying themselves and the host.

Itnas was trained with all kinds of weapons, and with a special dust that simulated the Ladiv cells' behavior, to learn how to control them, for when he got infused with another member's blood, to produce the cells. He met a friend at the age of 7, and they both became good friends since. His name was Narf, Narf Ladiv. They both trained daily and became the best soldiers of the clan.

At the age of 18, Itnas had to go through the well waited infusion ceremony, where he would be infused with Narf's blood, to create the Ladiv Cells. But interrupting the ceremony, The angels came to attack the clan. The angels were an Enemy clan who used their souls to change the enviroment, but it was found out they used mostly black magic to harness their soul, which became corrupted. The attack was so sudden the Ladiv couldn't react fast enough. Many died in battle, but the Ladiv seemed to be winning, until all of the Angels banished. When they di d, a huge boulder of rock appeared out of nowhere in the sky, like a giant meteorite. The rock came crashing down and the village was wiped.

Itnas woke up, only to find his right eye smashed, possibly by a flying rock, and the worst part, Narf crushed by a huge rock. Itnas couldn't do anything. But Narf could. Narf offered him his right eye. It seemed crazy to Itnas, but Narf ended up convincing him. It would cause the reaction in the cells and give Itnas the Ladiv power, And it replaced his dead eye. Narf wanted to study medicine, and did a couple of years, so he had sufficient knowledge to transplant the eye. After the transplant, Narf tossed a Teleportation potion at Itnas without saying a word, and Itnas was teleported far away... Away from the disaster, to revive his clan.



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