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I am eleven and I hate people who stare at me for ages and I don't really like girls. Every girl I tend to meet ends up hating me. I like to be outside and going to the park to sit. I am very smart and I am learning to play the guitar. I have two younger siblings. I also hate dragons!My spirit animal is a bear, and my pokemon is totodile.
I like to write from time to time and I am a Hoosier. My favorite animal is the gharial crocodile. My favorite foods are fries, chicken, and bread.
I take an interest in dinosaurs along with pokemon. I like playing active, and competitive. I also like to talk about the Spinosaurus. My favorite pokemon is Feraligatr, due to how much it appeals to be like Spinosaurus. My favorite minecraft mob is the enderman to how much it is like me, in a way. My favorite legendary pokemon is Lugia. I like to talk to people I can trust and do not have bad language and are not inappropriate. I really like archaeology.
Location Sahara Desert, Cretaceous

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Minecraft Who cares? Xbox Not telling! PSN Dont have one. Steam Why?

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