About Me
I have several suggestions:
I have a survey:

I leave the friendship thingy on auto, so you are welcome to add me. But I may delete you if I disagree with you strongly, or have a strong negative impact on the forums.
If you have a comment, feel free to PM me, post it on my feed, or reply on the thread in question.
My favourite colours are red, green, blue, orange, yellow, turquoise, black.
I play pokemon white and soulsilver, minecraft and pottermore (account name: knightpixie28823 if you want to add me)
I dislike these colours: pink, brown, grey.
I am strong, but tolerant, athiest/secular humanist.
I enjoy thinking of plans and what would happen if questions, also disscussing life.
I am good at science maths, english, ICT and food tec.
I am a very big critic.
You have reached your limit of positive quotes for the day: why is there a limit?
I am very stubborn, padantic, kind, intelligent and love useless bits of trivia.
You don't need to apologise for not liking my idea...but you do if you flame/troll.
I like reading; currently reading The enemy series, hunger games and harry potter.
I hope to be a palientologist (person who studies creatures in prehistoric times) when I am older.
I am a strong defender of Mojang when people get the update blues (when they say 'Mojang why did you do this, why didn't you do that?')
I am willing to discuss, question, or point out the flaws in things.
My favourite dinosaur is Tyranosaurus rex.
Why is the box with an 'X' on it so popular?
I really hate people who try and drag people out of their religion, update haters, ageists, sexists, and racists.
I generally play vanilla minecraft, but I do play Qcraft.
Proud menber of the YouTube Classisist Army (YTCA)
I watch these TV programs: Doctor Who, blue peter, horrible histories, sarah jane adventures, and hidden killers.
Proud member of ACoM (Anarcho-Communists of Minecraftia)
Socially screwed, academically amazing.

These graphs shows my political positions:

These graphs shows my IQ:

(First try)

(Second try. IQ that I got 178. No really I did. Ok, I admit it, I looked at the answers beforehand)

I think that peace, fairness, equality, and freedom are the most important things on a political level.
Kindness, treating everyone the same, (I treat my parents no different to friends for example) and honesty about feelings and opinions are the most important things on a friendship level.
Logic and emotions should be used in conjunction to for an argument, as well e,pathy.
Fallacies are useless
Social norm and capitalism are the base for all our problems. They suck too badly.
I consider myself to be an anarcho-communist, and also place myself in the categories of feminism, secularism, and pacifism.
If you see me complain about immaturity, I mean sex-jokes. That's what it means to me.
My school sucks so badly it doesn't even know that it sucks.
I use 'homosexual/hetrosexual' rather than 'gay/straight' because gay means happy and straight means, well straight.
Reset the net

I have watched random viral videos, half of them, I just thought 'what the...' and half of them I thought were hilarious.
Miley Cirrus has made the worst video in history. As if wrecking ball wasn't bad enough as a song on it's own.
The YouTube comments section, what do I need to say...
I am trying to learn Java script so I can make a new game or at the very least, a minecraft mod. You are welcome to PM me with helpful tutorials, hints, and tips.
I use internet explorer.
I use bing as my search engine.
Likes this.
I leave my friend thingy on auto, but I will delete you if you hate.
If I send you a friend request unless I know you, it's because I feel that your posts are valuble and intelligent. But if you stop acting intelligently, I will delete you.
Interests Minecraft, science, reading, questions that I need too answer, scholary interests, arguing. Oh, yeah, and looking up scientific gobbledygook on wikipedia. Fun fun fun.

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Minecraft Emerald_Creeper4 Xbox Xbox sucks. Save your money.