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    Jesus, I haven't been to this place in so long

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    Bug Reporting 101
    If you have discovered a bug (issue) with minecraft, you should submit a bug report on this website. This is the official bug reporting website for Mojang and the bug reports are read by the developers.

    How to report a bug:
    1. Go to the official bug reporting website.
    2. Use the search bar (top right hand corner) or use the filters to see if your bug is listed. If your bug is listed, then comment on the issue and vote it up.
    3. If your bug is not listed, then click on the create issue button on the top bar, or hit 'c' on your keyboard. This will bring up a form called 'create issue'. You should fill out as much as you can. (see helpful information)
    4. After filling this form out, click on the button that says 'create' at the bottom of the form.
    5. Sit back and let the devs do the work. ;)
    Helpful information to provide in a bug report:
    • Summary:
      • A brief description of your bug.
    • Environment:
      • The version(s) of Java installed on your computer.
      • The operating system that is installed on your computer.
      • Hardware information such as graphics card, installed ram, processor model, etc. Also include driver versions if possible.
    • Description:
      • Describe what happens in detail.
      • Describe the circumstances under which it seems to happen.
      • Images of the bug, if possible. (You can embed pictures by surrounding the image url with exclamation marks. ex: !imageurl.com!)
      • If the bug occurred after a software update or a crash, this information would be useful to have.
    • Labels:
      • Add any labels that apply to your bug, or make your own if needed.
    Please take the time to report bugs as you come across them. Reporting bugs helps the developers to make minecraft into an even more amazing game.
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    Some service of Mojang are or were offline. On most occasions, the status of the Mojang services can be viewed on the Mojang help site. If the help site is unable to display the statuses of the services, the statuses are listed below (as Offline or Online):
    • Minecraft.net: ONLINE
    • account.mojang.com: ONLINE
    • Minecraft logins: ONLINE
    • Mojang account logins: ONLINE
    • Minecraft Multiplayer sessions: OFFLINE
    • Minecraft Skins: ONLINE
    An alternative website to display the Mojang services status is xpaw.ru/mcstatus

    This thread will be updated as more information is released
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    Am I doing it right?
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    Yall mother ­****ers need a lamp

    AKA, Im coming back to life
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    There has been a lot of discussion regarding Eloraam's absence. Please keep in mind that this topic is for discussing the mod, and not the mod creator Any discussion about Eloraam will be removed.
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