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    posted a message on Weird mobs appear

    The skeleton trap.

    It appears as a simple horse skeleton and when you approach it a lightning falls on it spawning 4 skeleton horsemen.

    They can be pretty dangerous. After a while, they are supposed to disappear.

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    posted a message on Lag with 200+ FPS?

    You can try making a pagefile size of 100GB in your 1TB drive and giving Minecraft a max use of 1 MB so it tries to use the HDD.

    Of course, as the HDD is made of mechanical parts, it takes MUCH longer to reach information so the game might not even open up.

    This means that the HDD can NOT be used as RAM. RAM Is a kind of memory that can access information very fast so it is able to load things in the game at a time. When the amount of ram given to Minecraft is exceeded, Minecraft will start to use the pagefile in the drive which will make it nearly unresponsive as the HDD can't access the information fast enough.

    No, you don't use the HDD as ram. Possibly an SSD can be better for page file but RAM is still faster.

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    posted a message on Lag with 200+ FPS?

    -Xmx8G -Xms2G

    go to the last tab in the launcher (launch options) and activate the last switch (advanced settings)

    Then select the "profile" you want and enable JVM arguments, erase everything and paste what I've put above.

    It should allow your miencraft to use up to 8 GB of RAM.

    And no, it won't use your 1TB hard drive.

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    posted a message on Just an idea.

    Go to the official webpage and download Minecraft. The first option that appears as a grass block.

    *Now I saw your attachment. Same version...

    I really don't know, try downloading it again.

    **I've just realized that the translations are not exact. My launcher has a Profiles (perfiles) tab and the English version is Launch options (Opciones de lanzamiento). Possibly changed so it doesn't use much space.

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    posted a message on Just an idea.

    You can select a different drive or folder.

    Open the MineCraft Launcher and go to the profiles tab.

    Then select or create a new profile.

    In the profile you selected, you should see under resolution, game directory. Activate it and paste the path to the directory.

    In my case, I have the game directories on my desktop for easy access. So I can install maps, resource packs and mods very easily.

    Also, I Have Profiles that are linked to twitch launcher instances to play with mods without launching the twitch app.

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    posted a message on Rare biome?

    Mesa Plateau F is indeed a rare biome!

    From Minecraft wiki:

    "One might not notice the subtle transition from the normal mesa plateau to this rare variation, were it were not for the layer of grass blocks and the small forests of oak trees that generate atop these plateaus. The color of the grass and leaves is a dull green-brown hue, giving it a dried and dead appearance. These trees are a rare source of wood when living in the otherwise barren and lifeless mesa."
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    posted a message on When should I upgrade to a better Laptop


    Never ask for help in a local computer shop. They will try to sell you their worst products.

    It comes from my own bad experience. When I was young they sold me an Intel Core I7 4820k (A.K.A. The worst I7). It sounded cool because it was an I7. The problem is that just by the next (5th) generation of processors, the much cheaper Core I3 were already faster and more energy efficient.

    The Internet is more reliable, websites that are not affiliated with any shop.

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    posted a message on When should I upgrade to a better Laptop

    Generally, if you type in google "Best 800 dollar laptop" You will get plenty of good results, laptops that offer the most for their price.

    I think it will be hard to find a modern laptop with Windows 7 and Windows 10 is actually lighter in general and has more features, better security, better software and driver compatibility, and "better customer service".

    But if you still want the Windows 7, you can always wipe the disk and install a fresh Windows 7 copy.

    So yeah, that's all: Just search for best 800 dollar laptop.

    Oh, and if possible, it's better to invest in a full tower PC, offers way better performance per dollar.


    I used to have a 1600 dollar notebook from 2008. It was super awesome, windows vista, webcam with effects, a dedicated tactile layer above the keyboard to manage volume, wifi, and that stuff, AND a fingerprint reader!

    It's the HP Pavilion Dv4. Nowadays it's hard to find, you can only find the parts of it and when I find the entire thing, it's being sold at less than 50 dollars.

    What does this mean? Notebooks become obsolete super fast.

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    posted a message on Unable to Join Multiplayer Servers. Occurs on all versions! 14.1.2018

    It's because the servers that allow Minecraft to check the authenticity of the account are not working, so you cant connect.

    Login failed - The Authentication Servers are currently down for maintenance.

    Just wait.

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    posted a message on Mobfarms possible in MC 1.12.2 ?

    I'm having a similar problem.

    I'll also give more details and a picture:

    • The world is a flat world made of only air (not void preset) set in plains.
    • I'm 26 blocks away from the spawning platform.
    • The difficulty is hard.
    • Mobspawning gamerule set to true.
    • I'm using Optifine.
    • Render distance 16.
    • Of course, it's night time.
    • There are no other entities in the world that might be using the mob cap.
    • It actually spawns mobs but very few/slowly.
    • I had a similar grinder in skyblock (original) that worked perfectly and now it's not working.

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    posted a message on ∇ Terra ∇ || We need help from a permissions expert

    The server by itself is a different concept for factions, I don't want to spoil it.

    We are having certain problems:

    Admins can /op themselves.

    Normal players can't use essentials buy signs at spawn (that happened after protecting with world guard)

    Prefixes are not showing correctly.

    If you can help, contact me so I can give you more details.

    You might get paid in the future if the server makes enough revenue.

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    posted a message on Question of Morality

    In single player, you are only cheating if you think you are are cheating.

    for example, some players consider only playing by certain rules and if they lose something important due to a bug, glitch or even a foolish death that the player didn't like, they'd put the item back on with cheats but without the meaning of cheating.

    It's up to you.

    You could also add a custom crafting recipe for the item with the new way to add crafting recipes in 1.13 So you can craft them with something you can only find in the end. Or with one dirt to get 64 shells, again, It's up to you.

    It's about having fun. Maybe if you find a task too repetitive or grindy. It's ok to cheat in. I don't prefer that though, I enjoy working for my stuff, it's more satisfying and rewarding.

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    posted a message on A alternative for vegetarians/vegans players

    Try the "Pam's Harvestcraft" mod

    It gives a lot of food options, including alternate recipes that use tofu.

    It also makes things like toficken and tofu(any meat) be oredictionary compatible with other recipes that require meat, even if they are from other mods.

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    posted a message on Annoying Error with my minecraft server

    In the first place, you use the ipv4.

    And you don't write the port together with the IP. There's another place for that on the file. is the IP for every computer (not exactly, but its easier to understand like that).

    and seeing that you want to create a lan world, all you have to do is just Wait for the lan world to appear in the servers list.

    Or add with the IP "localhost" without quotes.

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    posted a message on Plants won't grow

    That's too much tick time.

    the original is 3 and if you want a lot set it to 100 or 1000.

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