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    posted a message on Paragonia [32x] Resource Pack {Medieval} {Custom Model Addons}
    Quote from Xorjt»

    Can we have a mirror for the download? Something other than a site that refuses to co-operate with an ad blocker?

    Mirror has been added. Everything can be downloaded from!
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    posted a message on Paragonia [32x] Resource Pack {Medieval} {Custom Model Addons}

    This looks really cool, can't wait to see more!


    Thank you! I usually release an update every week :)

    +1 on the above! Really looks cool! (BTW. with the new snapshot, custom crafting is added into data packs...)


    Thanks! And yes, I can't wait to add custom crafting recipes!

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    posted a message on Paragonia [32x] Resource Pack {Medieval} {Custom Model Addons}
    Greetings, Adventurers and Map Makers!
    Here I have for you a 32x resource pack that I originally began developing for a private project. The pack is heavily in development! Stay tuned and subscribe, as this project will be getting constant updates over the next few months! Feedback is always appreciated!

    The goal of this pack is to give creators an enormous amount of assets to create things like never before in Minecraft!

    This pack does not and will never require Optifine or any other external mods to experience fully!

    Textures and models are heavily inspired by The Elder Scrolls Online.


    More addons coming soon!

    When using this pack...
    ~ Do not, under any circumstance, repost these textures as your own.
    ~ Do not upload this pack or any corresponding addons to other sites. These are my collections and I wish to preserve them here.
    ~ If used in a map or build that is distributed, put up for download, or used on a server, a link must be provided to this post.
    * Feel free, however, to post the link to this page anywhere you wish! If you're unsure about specific usage, please contact me.
    * Feel free to make showcase videos for this pack or use it in your builds and worlds!
    * Thank you for complying and I hope you enjoy these heads!
    © 2017 Elsweyr. All rights reserved.

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    posted a message on Looking for Dev: PARAGONIA Medieval Decorations Mod


    I'm Elsweyr - the creator of the Paragonia Resource Pack.

    Lately I've been playing with the idea of turning my packs into a decorative mod. This would be a fairly simple mod, adding over 200 custom models. If possible, it would be fun to add some simple AIs and animations to the animal models as well. Think of it as a medieval Decocraft maybe?

    My skills are really only on the creative side, so I've been searching for someone who might be interested in the development side of this project! Feel free to check out the images below/my packs on PMC and let me know if you are interested in collaborating!


    I'm also interested in collaborating on a Spigot plugin if anyone has any interest in that!

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