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    posted a message on We need BOOZE.
    This just doesn't work with the game's audience. It's a shame, I think. Great for a mod, though.

    With that said, it's time for some shots.
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    posted a message on A Back Armor Slot (not at all what you are expecting)
    I will support if I can sling bacon across my back.
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    posted a message on Change the default boat steering controls back to A, S, and D or make that optional!
    Know what I hate about the new controls?
    I can't look around while sailing any more. I used to love sailing through flooded canyons and under naturally formed bridges while mousing around to stare in awe.

    Now if I try to do that I look like a drunken sailor.

    +1, especially the option to enable/disable old and new controls.
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    posted a message on Ideas for a new Skin Pack?
    We need a skin pack that has Tony Stark in it.
    I don't care if he's wearing the Iron Man suit or not. ;D
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    posted a message on I AM THE SPIDER JOCKEY.
    I hate to bump such an old topic, but with the recent addition of horses, I'm quite disappointed. I personally find spiders much more appealing than horses. If anything, horses are quite apalling.
    So what to do?
    Make a list of why spiders are way more badass of a mount than horses:
    1-- They aren't cliche.
    2-- They can climb walls.
    3-- They've got more eyes.
    4-- They've got more legs.
    5-- They can walk sideways and backwards and not look totally stupid.
    6-- "Seven Eye" is the sort of name that can't be applied to a horse. (Thank you, mbergstrom. When this is implemented, I will definitely name mine Seven Eye.)
    7-- Their number of eyes and legs is equal, just like humans, and are therefore more trustworthy.
    8-- Nobody wants to fight a dude mounted on a spider.

    That's eight legs eyes reasons to ride spiders instead.
    Now, with the horses and even pigs being viable mounts, this does give me an idea or two:

    Armored spiders. Spiders are willing to wear whatever helmet or chestplate you give them. The chestplate would cover their thorax, part of their abdomen and a portion of their front legs. Helmets, obviously would go on their head.

    Spiders would not be able to carry anything for you. And they cannot be bred with horses to make mules.

    Multiple tamed spiders in the same area would get aggressive toward eachother. They get jealous.

    Spiders -tamed and untamed - should shoot web into the ground before they jump. If they miss a jump or get hit off a cliff, they'd clamp on the string with their spinnerets and just hang there above the ground just below the spot they webbed. It's much simpler than it sounds and real spiders do this exact same thing. I can imagine people missing jumps on their newly tamed spiders and hurting the poor things with fall damage. We can't have that.
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    posted a message on Corrupt a Wish
    Your fries are cold and immune to microwaves.
    I wish my feet could sing.
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    posted a message on The above avatar is your only partner in a Zombie Apocalypse
    I'm okay with my partner having an RPG. Very okay with it.
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    posted a message on If you could add any new mob exclusively for the Xbox what would it be?
    They should stop adding horses and make spiders ridable instead. They should climb walls and stuff, too.
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    posted a message on Imagine the above avatar as the ruler of the world...
    ^Actually not too far off from what I imagined. Big guy in a suit of armor.
    I bet he'd probably start a nuclear war that makes pretty much the whole Earth's surface a dangerous and inhospitable place.

    Dragon would totally set me on fire for being an idiot.
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    posted a message on Dispensers need to autoequip your armor.
    I was on multiplayer and minecrafting away like the usual business. Decided to demonstrate one of my redstone contraptions to someone, and they seemed to dig it. Well, on my way back one of the dudes decided to try and force me to build one. I had a ton of diamonds in my inventory, so I thought it best to go along with it and went with them into a cave where he had a chest full of some iron, redstone, a piston or two, the usual contraption-y build-y sorta crap.

    I decided to use the box of scraps and build a suit of armor and get out of there. When I returned to my cliffside mansion with this armor, I decided that it was missing something: I needed some sort of method to make sure that I could take the armor off and not wear it out doing every day crap, but at a moment's notice, suit up and get to business when the time comes.

    I got to work building a runway that led off the roof and into the ocean below. There's some pressure plates that activate dispensers that shoot out the boots, leggings, chestplate, helmet, and some weapons. Looks totally boss. Problem is, I went to test it and it just lands the armor right into my inventory. Not on me, like it should. The PC version is kind enough to auto-equip it for you when shot out of a dispenser.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] The Car Mod v3.0.
    So it looks like I'm forced to post these again.

    I guarantee that there'd be a million more downloads if only these were in.
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    posted a message on Reasons why Smart Moving Mod should be Vanilla
    They need to REALLY simplify some of Smart Moving's controls, for instance, they need to automatically have Steve dive if he's above a body of water. You shouldn't have to press a different button to dive, and it doesn't make much sense to dive into anything else.
    Also, for the love of Notch, they seriously need to improve the first person animations, too! Like, if my dude is swan diving, show it to me. I rarely ever play third person. I suggest the addition of the Improved First Person mod with this (pretty much puts the camera inside Steve's head for first person instead of ignoring all of his animations and placing a camera where his head would be.), and then build on that to make it more compatible for regular play.
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    posted a message on Quests in Minecraft (Described and Shown with Concept Images)
    Minecraft totally needs some sort of organization with the trading, and I think this'd be perfect to get that on the right track.
    It doesn't even need to be fetch quest, like "get me x amount of paper."

    Just have a villager say "Hey bro I need paper, can ya spot me, ya dig?"
    And you be all like, with your shades and ****, "Yeah brochowski, here's 23 paper, how about 3 emmies?"
    And they be all "Yeah, it's cool, I gotcha. Chocks out my man," n ****.

    Or something like that, you know what I mean. What I'm saying is that enchanting an item is simpler and more well-laid out than trading items with a villager, which is just bad. Really bad. I don't know what the hell I'm doing with villagers trying to trade, it should be laid out a lot better, even if they don't give them dialogue.
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    posted a message on Female default skin
    The sounds are gender-neutral now. There's nothing to fix, except maybe for the addition of a more thought out and developed female model. Even still, skins that are clever with their shading can fix that.
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    posted a message on Fixing The Villager's Dilemma-(Villager AI change only)
    Quote from MartialArtix


    I'm done blowing your minds now. Thank you, I'll be here for the rest of my life, because I have nothing better to do than MineCraft.

    Amplification of the global difficulty setting is the only way some players can satisfy themselves. Your suggestion would not solve any problems, it would merely avoid the big issue here. Villages are broken, and this man has suggested a more creative, all-around better way of fixing it than changing it.

    I also suggest the addition of villager amplifiers. Something similar to pig amplifiers, they would increase the intensity of any villager nearby until the villager would reach maximum capacity.
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