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    Update to everyone, work has been done on the 1.12.2 version, though I no longer have the time nor interest to complete this project.

    As a result, my work has been open-sourced to GitHub for any to work on, the link is in the main post. There are two branches, one for each Minecraft version this project was developed for.

    I am not proud of my work, though hopefully someone may find it useful.



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    Started updating to 1.12.2, world generation is there, its just a matter of fixing all the edge cases.

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    So... it's been a while. To be honest I had never expected so much attention out of this mod's revival and I had given up on it long ago. My apologies to anyone who expected better of me. However, now I have free time and I am curious as to whether or not anyone would like to see this project updated.

    If you do wish for me to update it, please respond to this post with the version of Minecraft you would like to see support for.

    After I get it into a relatively stable condition, I will open source the project for anyone to contribute to and modify.

    Thank you.

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    If the mod is installed, then all you have to do is press your camera perspective button, by default F5... The mod adds a fourth perspective, so in order, it should be first person, third person, third person rotated, and 2d fixed.

    If that is not the case, please let me know.

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    New Years Update!

    Quote from cakerjayci»

    I got bugs

    *You see mineshafts sticking out the map.

    *No trees are spawning.

    *There's no new view point.

    *No Chickens. :(

    and that's about it.

    In regards to mineshafts, I have not yet fixed this, that is why I suggest playing without structures.
    Trees are an issue I am working on, will be resolved in the next update.
    The point of view has been added :)
    Chickens... I've encountered plenty of chickens in-dev, not sure what you are encountering

    Quote from Reach407»

    I am very glad you released it there is 3 things I think you should do first: 1. is do the side angle view. 2. the trees I started a survival world but I had to cheat for a sapling and lots of bone meal. 3. make it so that mobs spawn I also had to cheat for a bead and carpets.

    This doesn't have anything to do with the top part but I found with the wall jump mod you could jump of the barrier blocks. I just brought it up for other people that might have that mod. please leave it the way it is because it saves space (i.e. no stairs)

    Already added the side view, but I may rework the controls to be a bit more intuitive if you all find them clunky
    Trees, again are something I am working on, will be fixed in the next version; same with mobs
    I have no plans to do anything more or less with the barrier blocks, so you are free to jump and hop and leap to your hearts content ^-^

    To everyone commenting about possibilities of accessing other dimensions via blocks or commands, I am not going to implement a temporary solution, as it will only take time away from implementing a more vanilla one
    I thank you for your suggestions, and if you have any ideas about what new content I could add to the mod itslef, I would love to hear them

    Lastly an apology for the horrendously slow and minimal update, I have simply been overcome with work these past two months (term papers, finals, etc.)
    Updates should come much more steadily now, and I hope to have most of the roadmap complete by the summer...
    Wish me luck ;)

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    Quote from LyrinH»

    Could there potentially be a 1.8 version as well? or at least provide a source code :D ?

    There probably won't be a 1.8 version of this mod. At the moment I am solely planning to make 1.7.10 fully functional.

    Updating the mod to another version would most likely occur for 1.9, and that is assuming 1.9 is more modder-friendly than 1.8 was.
    If 1.9 is even worse, and 1.8 is a more viable option, then I would consider it.

    Source code might be released when I no longer hold an active interest in maintaining this mod or I simply have no time to do so.

    Otherwise I prefer to keep my code to myself if it's all the same. ^-^

    Quote from Minedark»

    Great Job m8, I got some ideas for your mod:
    1. Villages can be spawned in a 2d size, just make two doors

    2. Nether portal can be a pillar, although it's not vanilla style it's good for 2d worlds.
    3. And I probably know what's up with the structures: You just uses normal generation right? C'mon, make a new generation code so that Z will always be 0.
    4. Probably the generation of structures can be done by clicking blocks... But that would destroy the whole gameplay of original minecraft.

    I appreciate the ideas, but I already have a plan as to what I am going to do for the application of 2D structures.

    In regards to modifying the nether portal, why? Why not just build it facing the side such that the obsidian will run along the X-axis?

    As for your assumption regarding structure generation, at the moment, yes, I am using vanilla generation.

    Though for your rather flippant remark of simply "make a new generation code," that is what I am planning, but I'm afraid it is not as simple as you make it sound.

    Your final point about clicking blocks, I am afraid I simply have no idea what you could be talking about.

    Hydraheads, Bart12356, I'm just doing what I can to bring a fun mod back

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    I have to say... I'm pretty shocked at how many people actually remembered this is being developed.

    But since you all asked so nicely ;), and in the spirit of Halloween, here is the WIP forum:

    [2D Craft : Reborn]

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    2D Craft : Reborn

    This is a mod that adds a custom world type that alters the terrain to become a 2 block thick strip. Essentially, Terraria.

    This mod is no longer being updated, the link to the GitHub may be found [here]



    Overworld 2D Craft




    • Recreated 2D world functionality
    • Added barrier to prevent falling off world
    • Fixing structure generation outside strip


    • Added a new third person camera
    • Partially fixed barrier destroying trees
    • Added a new '2D World' worldtype
    • Custom Nether terrain generation
    • Custom Overworld terrain generation
    • Custom End terrain generation


    • Ensure players spawn along 2D strip
    • Ensure structures spawn along 2D strip
    • Add terrain generation for other dimensions
    • Add 2D camera perspective
    • Release to GitHub


    1.7.10 r0 [link]

    1.7.10 r1 [link]


    Same as any Forge mod, drag it into your 'mods' folder.
    When creating a new world, cycle through 'World Type' until the label reads '2D World'
    Click 'Create New World'

    *This mod is an update to TheJackiMonster's 2D-Craft
    The original mod can be found [here]

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    Currently the mod is being ported to 1.7.10... which I think is pretty good considering the source. Later on I may update it to 1.9 as 1.8 is basically a mess for modding. It all depends on forge and how different everything becomes.

    Hopefully this answered some of your questions, though I'm not sure why you assumed this would be for 1.8.

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    Sorry for the late reply all, I haven't gotten around to any WIP thread though. I'm lazy in that regard.

    Nether has been generated as well, I'm currently working on the End.

    Seeing as I have a small break from college I might put some more work into this.

    To answer questions, I'm not sure how long it will take, the basic version of the mod w/o structures should be done fairly quickly, modifying end portals and adding barrier blocks will take longer. The camera will take a while, as I'm trying to make the camera system a bit more modder friendly.

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    Well an update for everybody, JackiMonster has given the confirmation so it will be a public release.

    Also an update on development: The terrain generation has been recreated for the Overworld, so now it is only a matter of translating that same mechanic to the nether and the end.

    The camera perspective is an entirely different beast that will be tackled later.

    I assume now would be a good time to start a WIP thread, but I'll wait until I get some more progress done on the nether end.

    In regards to being a public mod and allowed in modpacks, I believe that can be arranged ;)

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    In case anyone in this thread is still interested in seeing this mod updated and forge compatible, I am working on this in my spare time.

    I have sent a pm to JackiMonster for confirmation of your message in the op, just to make sure everything is alright with them and licensing or lack thereof checks out.

    If I have the go ahead and I am able to successfully port this to 1.7.10 Forge, then I will release it, until then, it will remain a private mod for purely educational purposes on my own end.

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    Honestly I see no reason not to try.

    Even if you cannot successfully update this mod, at least attempting to do so will be a valuable learning experience in modding as well as java in general.

    My advice would be to try, and if you get stuck, look around, consult google, and don't stop until you have either completely updated the mod, or have well and truly broken the server.

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