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    posted a message on -+- Tekkit Series -+- Need Actors -+-
    1. IGN:ellis10
    2. Age:13 (maybe a younger charcter?)
    3. Reason to join Hektik Tekkit:I have not playe don a good tekkit server in a while and the fact that it will be a youtube series is even better i've always dreamed of haveing a small community of nice people like to yogcast well not have well be a part of and if you accept this i will be very greatfull and do whatever you need me to even be a captive that needs o be rescues to a evil villan
    4. Experience with Tekkit:I've been playing tekkit for about 8 months i know alot mostly everything but redpower and railcraft and the other smalll things so basickly buildcraft, Some of redpower, EE, And Industrial Craft
    5. Experience with Let's Play!: Not much sadly but i've watched alot and know how i need to act and be like so people woll tend to watch and enjoy
    6. Which do you prefer, Working alone or with others: With other usally 2-4 but not likke a big group that can cripple it's self from the inside
    7. Company Name and Mod Focus:Frost Inc Ee pretthy much most of the mods
    8. Company Product:Not sure but i will figure it out
    9. Microphone and/or Skype*:josh.ellis50 Yes i have a microphone and it's not low quality so no audio problems in the video
    10. Online for _ Hours per week:
    • 9+
    11. Best Time to Record:3:30-9:45
    12. Additional Comments:I might not be able to be on the competer From 6:00-8:00 on weekdays not all the time but sometimes dinner and my brother needs to do homework alot othwer than that all time from 3:00-9:45 Is good
    Also I am Not Some Anyyoing Kid that is Retarded and voice is anyyoing and I am Very Matture as long as i am with other matture peopole And I also have good nonelagging screeen recorder so yeah you can get a point of view from me if im accepted

    * Skype will be for first contact to establish credibility and then we will move to a more of a group chat program like teamspeak
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    posted a message on Minecraft Tekkit Server 18+
    TimeZone:Eastern Central
    Skype: ( Why skype ? I like to be able to contact players outside of the server and skype is the best way )
    Why you would like to play here:josh.ellis50
    Why you would like to play here: I would Like To play Here Becuase i have't Found a good Quality Tekkit Server in a while, I also Love small community's so you know most people and are friendly with them to. I can be on Moderatly alot from 2-4 hours on weekdays and, on weekends 5-12 If i have nothing going on for that weekend.I also like that it is 18+ I hate being in a server with little kids that are anoyying as hell and think griefing is funny becuase they cant build great things like what they grief

    (p.s) I dont have a mic but you can stilll pm me on skype
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    posted a message on Looking for a private Tekkit group server
    I Will Sureley Play I am Going To Port forward My router some time soon so i will be able to host a server But the thin is i cant be up all the time but if you have a server to run we can do it with yours
    Experince with tekkit: mUch but alot more i can learn like in red power end sime of ee is all i have left to laern oh yeah couimpeter craft toSorry ABOUT THE SPELLING opps caps i dont really take care to make fourm post neat uinless its a ban appeal lol :)
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    posted a message on Battlecraft
    1. How old are you: 15 on my YouTube it may be different sorry if it is but i am 15

    2. Do you have a youtube channel that we could check out: Yeah no vids megajosh200543

    3. Rate yourself from 1 -10 how cool you are 6-10

    4. Rate yourself 1-10 how honestly you answered the last question. 8-10

    5. Minecraft username. ellis10

    6. How long have you been playing 1.5

    7. Send me something that you worked on that I could check out behind it is a pyrimd here is a link to the other side and one more if thats not good enough
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    posted a message on 1.1 Server!
    hello i would like to be white listed my ign is ellis10
    and i am 12
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    posted a message on Beginner Guide and FAQ
    This could of helped me when i was a noob :SSSS: becuase he allways showed up
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    posted a message on Factions Of Eden
    InGameID: ellis10
    Location: America
    Which is better, Mango or Kiwi?: kiwi
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    posted a message on The Betterverse. Private Devs, better plugins, excellent communities. [1.6]
    I am going to whitelist for Bettercraft!
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    posted a message on [1.1, sp] Zombie Hunt: An Urban Zombie Survival Mode v1.07
    Yeah bitches first game 453 kills 62 spawner dead
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    posted a message on Fallout: War Never Changes ::: Guns ::: Factions ::: Serious RP ::: Detailed Lore ::: Plugins :: Bukkit ::: [WIP!!!!!!]

    IGN: ellis10
    Age: 11
    Role-Play Exp.: Some but i am not very clear with it but i can learn
    Why Us: my friend told me about it it sounded awesome
    Time You Can Dedicate: About 3 hours a day at least most 10


    Name: Elric Alphones
    Gender: male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: A black leather jacket with blue jeans brown kind-of long hair a bit curly
    Fears: The mafia
    Personality: Nice most of the time but he gets really pissed sometimes.
    Occupation:Police officer
    Skills: Is awesome at playing pool and is good with guns
    Nickname (Optional): Sky high
    RP Example (Add Dialogue): Elric:You killed my parents i cant forgive you for that Mafia guy:It was 11 years ago kid get over it your a 23 year old man Elric:You dont understand Mafia guy:What dont i understand you are a baby and cant get over your parents being kiled in 11 years Elric:I saw my own parents get beat down and murdered with my own eyes Mafia guy:Now that you put it that way i feel kind-of bad Elric:well now that fell a little sorrow i will make your death i little left painless Mafia guy:Wow you think you are really going to kill me and if you do my brothers in war will hunt and kill you down Elric:I know that but i will do anything to avenge my parents death Mafia guy:You sir do got some heart Elric:Well lets get this over with (pulls out a gun)Mafia guy: well (mafia guys pulls a gun) I have a gun two Elric:(starts shooting at mafia guy)Mafia guy:(gets shoot in the chest)Mafia guy:(COUGH OF BLOOD) well looks like my time is up one last thing kid good luck on avenging those parents(he dies)Elric:well one down a lot more to go
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):s As a 10 year old kid Elric lived a peaceful life in the town of Wood valley but a year later the economy got rough his farther started to drink then got in a bad deal with the mafia when he was drunk he could't pay the debts so a year later Elric was 12 at the time the mafia came to his house in the middle of the night and made Elric watch his parents get killed by them after that moment on he swore to himself he would kill anyone who had any part of the assassination no matter what the costs to him and who ever he knows.So while he grew up as a orphan he was a bit of out-caster at the orphanage one really liked him or wanted to adopt him so when he turned 18 he was released.For 3 years he trained with guns arms-on-arms skills and any thing else to help him help kill the assassins.when he turned 22 he got a hit called on him but he survived it.After one year in the hospital he decided to start and research for who killed his parents months later he found a lead.Then You heard what happens next in the RP Example.Years later he killed almost all the mafia guys that was a part of his parents assassination one got away and later died before he could get to him now it is 2266 he is fighting for his life because a nuclear war has happend and everything is a wasteland some friends by his side fighting other survivors and monsters which were once people blasted with so much nuclear chemicals they are now monsters that is his story the rest is for him to find out.............................
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    posted a message on Fallout: War Never Changes ::: Guns ::: Factions ::: Serious RP ::: Detailed Lore ::: Plugins :: Bukkit ::: [WIP!!!!!!]
    Page 12 for The app it is my retry did't want to get this one and the new one mixed up so i did this
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    posted a message on [1.1] Abircraft | Simplicity is always better [No whitelist]
    What is your In Game name?:ellis10
    Have you had much experience with minecraft servers?:yes i have been playing single 1.5 playing multiplayer since 1.6
    Have you built anything fascinating?:Yes a mansion in the air on a public server i rented out some unneeded rooms :3
    What/who sent you here?:snipe3d3 and zach3321
    Show off your creations:um i have none
    Would you be a Community person or a heavy miner that digs all day?:UMMMMM a community person
    Other info you would like to know about the server(Anything From how to move forward to How can i become the Elder. Ask the questions here because not everyone is as helpful):
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    posted a message on Closed
    my NAME IS ellis10 please whitelist me
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    posted a message on â– CREATION NATIONâ–  [Survival Economy]
    Minecraft IGN - ellis10
    Age - 12
    Did you vote for us? - Yes i did
    How Did You Find Us? - my freind kennyleung he's awesome
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