About Me

My name is Elliander Aelfric Eldridge and I am a full time student.

1st Major: Biological Sciences and Cellular Biologiy (Genetics)
2nd Major:Computer Science (emphasis on Bioinformatics)
1st Minor: Chemistry
2nd Minor: Environmental Sciences
3rd Minor: Forensic Sciences

Work: I half own a company that has successfully bred a strain of cold tolerant Spirulina that can even survive being frozen solid! I am also a cryptocurrency investor who hopes to own a biotech company someday.


I enjoy creating things, hence why I play Minecraft. However, I also enjoy performing cosplay stage skits with my favorite cosplay characters including:

- Darth JarJar: The True Sith Lord!
- Professor Hojo whom I occasionally post about science and experiments as here :
- Validar (From Fire Emblem Awakening)
- Kyuubey (Madoka Magica character. Actually a male despite the looks)

- Jenova's Witness (Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Reference)

Basically, all the villains :P I also won multiple awards involving my Anime Music Videos (AMVs) and stage performances. Although, I guess, all that sounds like work, doesn't it? I guess I'm a workaholic...

I usually only write programs when doing the alternative is even more time consuming. If I do the same calculations on a regular basis I will write a program that will speed things up, and right now I am working on a "Minecraft Region Builder" because I can't be bothered to manually do it. Long term though I want to write programs to help genetic engineers.

I also enjoy console modding - I've actually made my own indie game once on Xbox 360 - as well as Anime, Manga, Drawing, Music, Reading, Sculpting, Gardening, etc.

I keep pet mice, cats, and toads.

Location Alfheim

Profile Information

Minecraft Elliandr Xbox Elliander PSN Gwaeraurond Steam Elliandr Nintendo SW-2699-0037-1116 Discord Elliander#7715 PMC Elliander