About Me
I am a girl.

I play Magic: The Gathering (elf decks ftw!), WoW (Wrath pallys ftw), WAR (DoKs ftw), CoH ('shades ftw), Minecraft (Notch ftw!), Portal/HL stuff (G-man ftw!), TF2 (Spy ftw!), Oblivion (Dark Brotherhood ftw!), LoL (LeBlanc is SO OP OMFG), Maplestory (Arans ftw!), and Magical Starsign (the whole game ftw! It's five bucks at gamestop, and totally worth the money). I watch Doctor Who (Angels and Tennant ftw!).

If any of this interests you, PM me. I'm not single, but I'll be your friend. I have no problems with talking to guys, nor pervy ones, but any and all attempts to get with me will be met with complete and utter disregard. I want a friend to talk to, not someone to creep on me. Seriously, though, I'm flattered if you try to.

Also, I have a pretty unique fetish for villains from lesser known video games.

Other then that, yeah. I'm a normal 15 year old.

Starcraft anyone?