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    posted a message on Minecraft tree update

    Trees should be procedurally generated, so every tree is other from another.
    btw, every sapling should have 1x1 and 4x4 variation

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    posted a message on A Compilation of Horrible Ideas ~ April Fools 2022

    I'd like to see some more serious and enjoyable April Fools update, like Infinity Update.
    Maybe it should be reverting Minecraft to the Beta stage, presenting new things in old nostalgic light.
    Minecraft Gamma Edition?

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    posted a message on Suggestion for minecraft 1.18

    Minecraft is a sandbox game, combat is just only one aspect of it,
    the main aspects of Minecraft are mining (destroying) and crafting (building)
    I'd like to see update that gives player much more freedom in shaping not only the world, but also game itself, like some interface to create datapacks.

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    posted a message on Should rotten flesh be removed from the game?

    Rotten flesh could be used to breed zombie spawn eggs.
    A mob spawn egg would be created in brewing stand using eggs instead of bottles and mobs drops instead of indigrients:

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    posted a message on Are obsidian stairs and slabs a thing yet? We've been waiting for over ten years.

    Just add slabs und fences und stairs made of every block!
    Vertical slabs and quarter blocks too!
    It would really help in many builds.
    Minecraft as a sandbox game that is so popular should elevate "sandbox" standars, instead of focusing on RPG elements.

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