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    posted a message on The Village of Foxhole: Join us at thefoxhole.enjin.com
    This is a really good server, i find it very enjoyable and i recommend it to everyone else, and they are not paying me to say this...

    now wheres my money?

    JKJK but it is a good servah
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    posted a message on Noteblocks should make Villagers breed
    you know what else they should add? iron ore should breed chickens!

    why would note blocks make them breed?
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    posted a message on Remove the name boxes on SMP
    well, when your behind blocks and paingings and you sneak (hold shift) your nametag dissapears
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    posted a message on biome mobs
    so im sure that all of thesse or atleast most of these have already been sugested or made into a mod

    but i was thinking that there could be different mobs for different biomes

    there are already ocelots in jungles

    there could be little 1x1x1 frogs that spawn in swamps so on lilly pads and jump 2 or 3 blocks high there passive and i dont know what they would drop

    in desserts there could be scorpions (2x1x1 like 2 blocks long, one block high and one block wide) they could spawn on sand blocks that were 5 or more blocks away from anything else on the ground other then air.they would be netrul at day and agressive at night they could drop little venom sacks or something that if you surrund all 8 blocks around a sword it would become poisenous, the scorpions would also poison you

    1x1x1 crabs that spawn on sand blocks that are 1x5 blocks away from water theyre netural and drop crab claws that you can put ontop of a stick to make 2 spears that you can throw, like an arrow but no bow or charging up also it would only do like 1 damage

    on snow thats on grass there could be 1x2x1(the same size as you) PENGUINS! theyy are passive and some times the slide on the belly(like the same size as a spider without the legs) when there on ice. they drop 0-2 raw fish and 0-1 penguin blubber or flubber or rubber or something which if you make a pair of shoes out of it it makes flippers that you can equipt in the shoe slot to swim 1.5 times faster but over time while swimming the duribility runs out

    Because the new worlds are 3 times bigger im asuming that therll be bigger mountians that are abouve the clouds, and if so they could make on stone and grass blocks that are over a certain height, maybe where the clouds are there are goats that are like the same size as sheep or cows. they would probly be neutral and if they attack you they would run so you would get knocked back allot. i have no idea what they would drop

    those are all my ideas off the top of my head now, i know that allot of these ideas are stupid but whatever
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    posted a message on Minecraft Media
    "turn around" or "check your house..."

    "Make sure to wash my car"
    "that last sign was a joke"
    "KILL FOR MAGIC" saying how you need exp for enchanting
    "Attack a pack, than theyll fight back" talking about wolves and zombie pigmen
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    posted a message on Was 1.0 released to soon?
    Quote from GorgeousTaylor

    If by "plenty of time", you mean five days, then yes.

    if by "plenty of time", you mean the 2 or so months inbeetween beta 1.8 and 1.0
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    posted a message on 1.9 Is Going to Ruin Minecraft
    well i know it has been said a millionka jillion billion thrillion times but if you dont like the mushroom biomes and the snow men and the end and villages and strong holds, you can turn them off or ignore them or not make them, depending on what it is

    and notch has wanted minecraft to be like this from the start.
    also he was nice and let people play it b4 it was out, i bet half the people on this forums wouldnt even know what minecraft is for another month or 2 if notch waited for the full game, and if he did then people wouldnt be complaining about how it has changed cuz they wouldnt even know. so instead of saying he ruined it be thankful he released before it was even in its alpha stages
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    posted a message on No Notch no!
    is a watch in minecraft a circle? is a compass in minecraft a circle? is a snowball in minecraft a circle? is a slimeball etc

    no there just losts of small squares together so it looks like a circle.
    besides, if you think all those were circles wouldnt you have stoped playing back when they came in cuz they are as circular as the sun and moon
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    posted a message on Maps

    when you CRAFT a map its map 0 then the next map you craft will be map 1 then 2 and so forth

    Your problem is you craft them in the same place, the centre of the map is where your standing when you craft it

    either your 5T0oP1D or your game is broke

    not to mention your "ideas" should be in sugestions
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    posted a message on Redstone no longer igniting netherrack?
    I have NEVER EVER IN THE HISTORY OF FOREVER been able to light netherack with redstone
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