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    posted a message on Lolwut?

    I always find a (at lest one but sometimes more) lava pool in my world

    and the wood was and abandon mineshaft, there sorta like a dungeon and they do have spawners and chests, also blue spiders that poison you. just search it up on the wiki
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    posted a message on Good on You, Notch
    Quote from SableOrpheon

    Get a better computer then... :tongue.gif:


    im not complaining 'bout the lag its just that updating probs wasnt it
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    posted a message on Redstone no longer igniting netherrack?
    I have NEVER EVER IN THE HISTORY OF FOREVER been able to light netherack with redstone
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    posted a message on Good on You, Notch
    yeah dude, Its just your computer

    i had lag in the 1st pre release and i still have it in the second one
    and notch doesnt choose where you spawn thats just random luck, plus theres not much special about sheep.
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    posted a message on KFC! (Animal Breeding Tip)
    You sir are winning
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    posted a message on All mountains are grassy :(
    well if yo acually walked into a snow biome there would be snow on mountains
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    posted a message on Nice Notch, we loves him, precious! Stupid fat Notch, we hates him! GOLLUM!
    too long, did not read.
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    posted a message on Snow biome seed
    This was un necisary
    also it should be in the seeds page thing
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    posted a message on Is Minecraft becoming a joke?
    Quote from Trenix


    I think there is a little too much humor going to be present in minecraft when 1.9 comes out. I don't believe Notch is taking it seriously what-so-ever and it's just going to kill my experience in minecraft, a game which had much potential and respect. Instead of convincing people to buy the game now, I'm telling them to wait because I don't feel Notch is at the right state of mind at the moment. Humor is appreciated but not so much as in to ruining the general quality of the game.

    Jokes in Patch 1.9

    Snow Golem

    - Renamed to escalate the joke.
    - Made only because he was "frustrated".
    - Could of been working on another mob, like a baby animal.
    - Doesn't fit the theme of minecraft at all.


    - Look graphically bad when compared to the rest of minecraft.
    - Have a humorous look that makes you not even take a village seriously or the game for that matter.
    - Jeb stated that they are not planning on changing their look anytime soon.

    Animal Breeding

    - All animals will come from eggs because Notch thinks it's funny.
    - Somehow I believe this isn't a joke because we all thought the snowman was and look what happened.
    - Notch is most likely doing this because he's too lazy to introduce baby animals, which is a big disappointment.
    - Baby animals will be widely suitable for all age groups unlike an egg which would only be a placeholder for wasted time.

    Notch has confirmed that there will be baby animals.
    Source: http://twitter.com/#!/notch/status/118711627158781952

    Possible Solutions

    Each point is a different solution.

    Snow Golem

    - Make it a snowman and keep it as a decoration.
    - Have it only be available during the holidays.
    - Make it look like an actual snow golem which will spawn naturally rather than being crafted.


    - Make them look like a regular villager.
    - Have them look like pigmen, like they were supposed to be.

    Animal Breeding

    - Do not make all animals hatch from eggs.
    - All animals except chickens, should spawn babies.


    I actually like animal breeding and NPCs. Those general ideas are great, however the way Notch is going to handle them differently than I expected. In addition, I like minecraft and I'm not planning on leaving. Believe it or not, this is called feedback. So if you're concerned about people voicing their opinion, then you should make your way out of the forums.

    Nothing is wrong with snow golems and npcs
    minecraft has always been a bit silly
    and besides its only in alfa


    if you dislike it never make a snowman and turn npc villages off

    Personaly i think these are some of the best added things
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    posted a message on Music Disks 11 and 13
    I was thinking for a storyline or something, when (if) they make vilagers less derpy. In some vilages, the head chief guy if you see him could say something like "hello traveler..." but then he says something like " Recently one of the villagers had gone exploring a cave, but he never returned, a search party was sent out but all they found was this" and behind him theres a chest with track 11

    but thats just a dumb thought
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    posted a message on 1.9 is too much like a mod
    Quote from spudcosmic

    If you throw a ghast tear (press q) at a ghast and it hits, the ghast is tamed and you can ride it

    where did you make that up?
    they have no use
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    posted a message on How do i get 1.9?
    so ive seen the pre release thing and i downloaded it, so i just guessed and i put it in my minecraft bin cuz thats what i did with the 1.8 pre realease so i went into minecraft and obviously (did i spell that right?) i did something wrong cuz it was still 1.8 so please tell me how i get the 1.9 working
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    posted a message on Use for blaze rods?
    Should be in the suggestion page thread thingy
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    posted a message on Droplets?
    Quote from thanat

    I noticed this sometime last night. I was mining bloodstone and saw some lava dropping nearby. My first thought was that it was some weird new animation for mining bloodstone. Really cool feature.

    whats bloodstone? is that a mod somehow for 1.9 or am i just stupid?
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