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    Lately, I've had a few friends of mine ask "How do I make a pocket mine server on mac, the instructions on the wiki are too confusing and its too hard :steve_tearful: . Well now I have made a preset pocket mine server folder, so I will now teach you how to use it.

    1. Download preset pocketmine-mp server folder from here - https://www.mediafire.com/?71q186exw8s01vx
    2.Now go to the top left of your screen and click the little magnifying glass and type in "terminal" (or just open launchpad and click utilities or other if you are on OSX maverick and open "terminal") then go to the file you just downloaded and open it (double click it!) and open the folder you get then go back to terminal and type "chmod a+x "(yes, spaces must be included!) then drag the start.sh file into terminal and press enter.
    3. Now type into terminal, "cd "(yes, spaces must be included!) and drag the pocketmine-mp folder into terminal and press enter.
    4. Now drag the start.sh file into terminal and click enter.
    5.The server files should be created into the pocketmine-mp server folder and the server should now have started up in terminal :D

    --Note: I will make a video soon so don't ask for a video because I am making one!
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    posted a message on EXO - Fully customizable armor!
    So is the suppose to be like a armor that adds armor that is similar to modular power suits or something?
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    posted a message on [Forge][1.6.4] Gauntlet Mod
    First Post! Yay!
    A few suggestions I might giving a cool 3D model for the gauntlets because right now the gauntlets are just like and other "normal" mine craft mod so adding a 3D model would make it have a cooler effect on the player such as the portal gun mod!
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    posted a message on [FORGE][SMP/SSP/LAN] Energy Weapons R2
    Just so you know the energy weapons have WAY TOO MUCH RECOIL its very hard to use them an example would be the gatling laser it is very hard to repetitvely hit your enemy or clear out groups of them without having your crosshairs facing straight up after the 3rd shot
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    This is not much now since i'm not sure if this will be possible but if there are any modders no matter what your mod may be...I will gladly accept to add it to my new modpack called KidKraft. If you do not like this idea and think it may not be popular, if my modpack (with credit given to people who allow their mods to be in my mod pack) is made I will post a video on youtube for a pre-release of the modpack. another thing if you do not support this idea don't post on this topic if you want your mod to appear in my modpack. leave a link to your mod and a blurb giving permission i will check it over and once i think i will be into the beta version of my modpack i will try to send it to all the people who have their mod in this modpack. Thank you and have a good day!
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