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    NOTICE: This thread has been locked. The Staff members will start updating it again on February. Thank you!
    Featured Videos:

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    Dec. 2014

    Creator: Chitzy
    Thread: The story of a Newbie
    Channel: ChitzyTV

    Staff Notes:

    AdduxP: Short, sweet, and to the point, this small Machinima reminds us of what Minecraft is really about: surviving, exploring, and getting pranked by everyone and everything around you. Definitely give it a go, it's only a few minutes long.

    ElectroMite:This video got featured because of it's awesome camera directing, and audio design. It my be one slow soothing song, but it's complemented with it's slow moving camera moving. Half way through the video, it's goofy music comes up with fitting sound effects and actions performed by the character. I would have loved to seen more done at the end, it seemed that they didn't know how to end the video and just took the easy way out.

    Creator: Laggardson
    Thread: Acheron's Code
    Channel: Acheron Studios
    Staff Notes:

    AdduxP: What can we say? This little series is charming, engaging, and the story is definately one of the best ones I've seen thus far. The voice acting is pretty good too, if you're into that. Even if you're not a fan of the fantasy-like genres you should still check out this series c:

    ElectroMite:Other than the fact that the series seems to be struggling with audio, from mic quality to music and frame rate. There where some editing errors I can point out, but that's beside the point. The sound effects, story, and directing are great. From the flames burning, to sword clinging, footsteps.

    Creator: CatGetDown
    Thread: ♪ "Minecraftian Rhapsody" ....
    Channel: Cat Get Down
    Staff Notes:

    AdduxP: This one's a cool one! Maybe I'm just biased (since I love Queen), but I really liked this music video. Nice animation, and the singing is phenomenal. Even Dave, the creator of Mine-imator loves it c: Definitely give it a go! :D

    This thread is to feature and share Minecraft Machinimas, bringing some great content created by the community of the Minecraft Forums. This topic is still in the works so changes are to be made.

    How to get featured:
    All you have to do is create a topic in the Machinima subforum and put your video there. Moderators will watch the video and determine if the video will be featured here on the topic.

    • Content created by uploader
    • No videos of "10 ways to ___ in Minecraft" or "top x __"
    • PC/Mac version of Minecraft only*
    • Animations, Skits and scripted videos are accepted*
    • No time lapses

    *Special exceptions can be made to specific videos, and rules are subject to change[/small]

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    posted a message on Starting An UHC Game - Players Wanted!
    Real Name: Electro
    Age: 19
    Minecraft Username: ElectroMite
    YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/DRAWDE8999
    Your Best Video:
    Days Your Available (Through August): Weekends
    Times Your Available: All day
    Timezone: PST
    Why Should We Choose You?: You need people to join, and I want to join.
    Would You Prefer Teams?: Either way for me.
    Would You Be Okay With Random Teams: Yeah
    Do you Have a Partner(s) You Would Want to Play With/Against?: No
    Best Way of Contacting You: PM thorugh Minecraft Forums
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    Oh HEY! I know this guy. Great videos btw. c:

    I see that you're channel has massively grown.
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    Merry Christmas??
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    I made something, let me know what you think, and if you want, I'll take off the watermark

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    Quote from Meredy

    [1:15:00 PM] Electro Mite: Want to make some babies together?

    Context or no context, I was not prepared for that.

    [6:14:59 PM | NOT Edited 6:15:05 PM] Electro Mite: Want to make some videos together?
    [6:15:11 PM] Skyla: Erm, let's stick to videos.
    [6:15:26 PM] Electro Mite: I meant videos lol
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    This one made me chuckle a bit, I'd like to see more ^_^
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    ElectroMite's Critique

    Overall, I really like the video and hope to see more and that my feedback has really help and that this has been read multiple times. I didn't just say "Awesome video dude," or "Epic," or "Sub'd" I put more thought into this. So please carefully read my critique.

    I like the HD textures on the face, how'd you guys do that.
    I find it funny when the villager ran into the cactus, glad you left it in there.
    The subtle change at the sand temple took me awhile to catch with the orange wool, I think that could have been executed better.
    When steve looks down the hole and the camera moves down, I think that it would have been more awe if the camera kept on going down and did a slow spiral twisting.
    At the jungle temple, I think that the expression on the face with the water droplet didn't match the scene.
    When Herobrine switched the lever to blow up the temple, fading to white didn't help me understand at first, I thought he was going to a flash back or something. I would suggest using the effect to shake the camera at the sand temple for this part but more smooth shakes and not too quick.
    Since you only did this once, sand temple wool changes, I was expecting a similar subtle change with the other areas, because now, I don't see the real significance in that action from orange wool to red wool.
    @6:05, best expression ever, laugh hard, hahhaha, maybe widen the eyes too. lol
    Fading to white when jumping through the portal was perfect when transitioned to the snow.
    @6:46 should have used this effect on the Herobrine temple, but then I feel that if used 3 times, it would be overused.
    I love how the beams and sound effects were added.
    Instead of a log block, how about a tree sapping, so it gives the message of growing trees to continue growing wood.
    Just something that was probably over looked, at the beginning of the video, a log block falls, and towards the end, the tree is floating, this contradicts what has happened. How about the classic apple falling on his head?
    Seeing the quest giver at the end gave me a chill in my spine, really loved how this was put together.
    How about when steve wakes up, show that some time has passed by moving the angle of the sun.

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    Quote from Mvf314


    Hey there Mvf314, there's a post in the "Technical Help" section of the forums listing some freeware from recording software, to video editing software. Here's a link to the post: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/724932-the-free-software-list-updt-04112013/#entry9456431
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    Oooo, adventure!!

    Name: ElectroMite
    Minecraft playstyle: Custom Maps, Adventure Maps, Non-randomly generated maps
    Best Upcoming 1.7 Features: Using command blocks to do "/summon" and tracking your statistics with command blocks.
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