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    Quote from starfox1o1»

    Do they hand out moderator tags for free now? I mean there is literally a post about it not even half way down the page: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/support/minecraft-windows-10-edition/2498424-how-to-get-severs-on-mw10e

    No they don't. I did a search for this section on "servers," and no results were found. I hadn't typed in "severs," so I wouldn't have known, but thanks for the reply ^^

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    Does anyone know how to make and host a Windows 10 server, or is it not available yet?

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    Is there any way to type in a seed number?

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    Awesome, very useful :D

    Although a lot more complicated than your original minecraft import/export saves.

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    Ahh, I never played PE before so this is sorta new to me :)

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    I've come across some recipes that are missing from Win10 Ed. Beta.

    The cobble stone stairs and fences are a couple.

    Edit: Pressure plates are missing

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    posted a message on left-handed problems. [for my fellow lefties]

    I noticed that the handles on jugs, like milk jugs, are made for right handers. The way the labels face :c

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    posted a message on PixelCam - Camera Studio for Minecraft 1.8 and 1.9!

    I look forward to using this in future videos of mine :)

    And thank you for stepping up to the plate, and doing this for the community.

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    Hey, it's this guy, I remember you up on twitch. It's been awhile. We could possibly do a little something if you're up for it.

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    The holiday is right around the corner. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of themed machinimas appropriate for the date :D
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    NOTICE: This thread has been locked. The Staff members will start updating it again on February. Thank you!
    Featured Videos:

    Previously Featured
    Dec. 2014

    Creator: Chitzy
    Thread: The story of a Newbie
    Channel: ChitzyTV

    Staff Notes:

    AdduxP: Short, sweet, and to the point, this small Machinima reminds us of what Minecraft is really about: surviving, exploring, and getting pranked by everyone and everything around you. Definitely give it a go, it's only a few minutes long.

    ElectroMite:This video got featured because of it's awesome camera directing, and audio design. It my be one slow soothing song, but it's complemented with it's slow moving camera moving. Half way through the video, it's goofy music comes up with fitting sound effects and actions performed by the character. I would have loved to seen more done at the end, it seemed that they didn't know how to end the video and just took the easy way out.

    Creator: Laggardson
    Thread: Acheron's Code
    Channel: Acheron Studios
    Staff Notes:

    AdduxP: What can we say? This little series is charming, engaging, and the story is definately one of the best ones I've seen thus far. The voice acting is pretty good too, if you're into that. Even if you're not a fan of the fantasy-like genres you should still check out this series c:

    ElectroMite:Other than the fact that the series seems to be struggling with audio, from mic quality to music and frame rate. There where some editing errors I can point out, but that's beside the point. The sound effects, story, and directing are great. From the flames burning, to sword clinging, footsteps.

    Creator: CatGetDown
    Thread: ♪ "Minecraftian Rhapsody" ....
    Channel: Cat Get Down
    Staff Notes:

    AdduxP: This one's a cool one! Maybe I'm just biased (since I love Queen), but I really liked this music video. Nice animation, and the singing is phenomenal. Even Dave, the creator of Mine-imator loves it c: Definitely give it a go! :D

    This thread is to feature and share Minecraft Machinimas, bringing some great content created by the community of the Minecraft Forums. This topic is still in the works so changes are to be made.

    How to get featured:
    All you have to do is create a topic in the Machinima subforum and put your video there. Moderators will watch the video and determine if the video will be featured here on the topic.

    • Content created by uploader
    • No videos of "10 ways to ___ in Minecraft" or "top x __"
    • PC/Mac version of Minecraft only*
    • Animations, Skits and scripted videos are accepted*
    • No time lapses

    *Special exceptions can be made to specific videos, and rules are subject to change[/small]

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    Oh HEY! I know this guy. Great videos btw. c:

    I see that you're channel has massively grown.
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    posted a message on Starting An UHC Game - Players Wanted!
    Real Name: Electro
    Age: 19
    Minecraft Username: ElectroMite
    YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/DRAWDE8999
    Your Best Video:
    Days Your Available (Through August): Weekends
    Times Your Available: All day
    Timezone: PST
    Why Should We Choose You?: You need people to join, and I want to join.
    Would You Prefer Teams?: Either way for me.
    Would You Be Okay With Random Teams: Yeah
    Do you Have a Partner(s) You Would Want to Play With/Against?: No
    Best Way of Contacting You: PM thorugh Minecraft Forums
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    Real Name: Electro
    Age: 19
    IGN: ElectroMite
    YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/DRAWDE8999
    Skype: Electro_Mite
    Country: USA (PST)

    What Version?
    Is there world boarders?
    Can we use Teamspeak, it has better voice quality.

    I also understand that this application will be looked at as a "backup"
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    posted a message on ElectroMite's Videos (Let's Plays, Mini-Games, Others)


    Examples of my Work


    Freeze Tag

    How to play freeze tag:
    Gameplay videos:
    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Hide n' Seek


    TNT Wizards

    Let's Plays


    Mystery of The Timekeeper


    Tokens [Ep.1]

    Cat [Ep.2]

    Ingot [E.3]

    Sword [Ep.4]


    Myster of the Time Keeper (ADV. Map)

    ElectroMite's Critique

    I decided to write up a review, take this more as constructive criticism.

    • Instead of having heads on top of blocks, I think that having villagers with those heads would make things more visually appealing. Also using a name tag to give them a name above their heads.
    • The text from the npc's could use some work. I really don't like that huge wall of white text. What would be better is to have words like "Village" "Gaurd Tower" "Amy," words like places or people's names in different colors from the white text. Having the locations in one color and people's name in another color or something like that, I don't like the huge wall of white text. This allows the audience or player to see what going on, the map maker is pretty much say "Hey look over here." It'll also be much easier for people to go back and look at the colored text, it'll stand out more.
    • The Amy note is "S.W.A.L.K" I can only assume that's supposed to be STWALK. hahaha
    • Instead of having the tokens the way they are right now, I think that having a resource pack to go along with it would make the map just that much more enjoyable. Here's an example of a coin/token (Click Here) There isn't a whole lot of custom block textures or sounds, just a thought.
    • Using the command blocks in the Wizard's House is one of the things that I really enjoyed.
    • The pacing of the map works really good except for the Nether Maze
    • When I go to the Nether Maze, I would have never thought the "Guidance" sign was a hint. There was so much going on in between that I completely forgot about that sign. There was parkour in between the hint and the Nether Maze. I think that maybe there was something there, in the Nether Maze, to remind others about the Guidance hint. Maybe have the same saying somewhere else after receiving your robes, like have the guy that give you the robes repeat it because in the lava area was pretty much hell-like.
    • In the Nether Maze, I don't understand why there's a path that leads into the Nertherrack itself, the path doesn't fit with the rest of the maze itself.
    • I also didn't understand, the Nether Maze, why it went under ground and there were pits at the end of each dead end of the maze, it was making me think that I have to get through the underground area to get to the other portal, and I was really frustrating, it should be taken out, the parts where it goes underground. The solution doesn't have anything to do with going under the maze, it seems like it was put there arbitrarily.
    Overall I really like the map 4/5 :Diamond:

    Extraction Adventure Map

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5



    I had a good 2hour play through, here are some of my thoughts on the map:
    What I Liked about Extraction:

    Rules area
    Button Checker Rules
    Updside Down Horse
    Frotst Mountain Witch
    Able to walk past them
    Was able to sign a hint book**
    The advertizing Pig
    Infested Church
    Cow named Horse

    Don't Like:

    Deaths instead of Hospitialized, keep title simple
    Redstone Lamp Texture
    Quest 2 said that something was blocking my way when I didn't see anything
    Too many enemies fought with wooden sword
    One time checkpoint in Mystical Caves
    The length of fights


    Have better enchanments on sword and bows, it took way to long to kill mobs
    Make them see the Gate first then the caves to give the quest


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