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    posted a message on [64x,32x] Battered Old Stuff (200,000+ downloads) (WIP) (24-Dec-2019 update)


    Greetings, I had a couple questions for you about this pack; if you could answer, I'd appreciate it.

    1) Are your original textures 64x64 source files, or do you have the capability of rendering some at 128x128 or 256x256, etc?

    2) Have you ever considered releasing normal maps and perhaps specular and parallax maps for these as well? This would add enormously when running Optifine with normal maps enabled, and even more if it also had specular and parallax capability for the Continuum shader.

    By the way, although I personally am overriding some of these textures with those from other texture packs (I really need 128 or 256 for most common blocks), I have to say that this pack by and far has more character than just about any other pack out there.

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    I completely agree that Minecraft needs multi-thread support, but I also know that to be correctly done, it would require an almost complete rewrite of the game's main code and would introduce a vast number of bugs.

    Perhaps a more specific possibility would be to split the game into 3 threads that would not need to interact synchronously too often:
    • Terrain Generator
    • Game Engine
    • OpenGL

    It would be nice to also have an independent thread for pre-fetching/caching chunks and other resources, but that would require a great deal of synchornous operations with the other threads stated above.

    It looks like the LWJGL GLContext and Pbuffer classes are thread-safe, so could easily be used to help separate the game engine from the loading/rendering.
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    Since Minecraft started being used in a multiplayer environment, there has been one issue that has followed every server: updating the game version without updating the map version.

    It's a given that eventually you will need to drop the old map to include new features if not for cleanliness, but the larger servers need to be able to hold an existing map across several version releases and patches. Currently, this usually ends up causing your terrain to generate/regenerate improperly and also causes biomes to shift around or in some cases become entirely different.

    I'd like to see versioning be added to the map, the generating code, and the biome code so that even if new features are available for newer maps, servers that desire it can continue to use their existing map across multiple versions of Minecraft without running into issues.
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    posted a message on LB Photo Realism, 1.6 convert 7/16/2013. RPG Realism 1.3.1 updated 10/12/2012
    Quote from IronWill1991

    What about 512x?

    As yet, I've been unable to get GLSL bump-mapping to work in conjuction with the partial 512 texture pack or my own 1024 textures. To be honest, I think GLSL needs an overhaul for a number of reasons, but the creator seems to be unwilling to mess with it until after the game is out of beta.
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    posted a message on LB Photo Realism, 1.6 convert 7/16/2013. RPG Realism 1.3.1 updated 10/12/2012
    Just a helpful hint to anyone who uses this texture pack with the GLSL Shader mod and bump-mapping.

    // Fine for 16x16 tile size
    //const vec3 intervalMult = vec3(0.0039, 0.0039, 4.5);
    // Fine for 32x32 tile size
    //const vec3 intervalMult = vec3(0.0019, 0.0019, 0.5);
    // Fine for 128x128 tile size
    //const vec3 intervalMult = vec3(0.00048828125, 0.00048828125, 0.2);
    // Fine for 256x256 tile size
    const vec3 intervalMult = vec3(0.000244140625, 0.000244140625, 0.15);
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