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**Notice, I don't play much anymore**

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My Minecraft username is Electro440. I like to be called Electro, please I've been playing Minecraft since around Mid-2011, but didn't get a premium account until July 2012.

The first server I joined was Worldscape. I've stuck with that server, and I am now an Admin on it. I see myself as a helpful admin, and I really care for the people on the server. I'm okay with perms, but I'm really good at the in-game stuff. I love talking to people, and helping them. I do a good job at organizing the server, and moderating it. I'm fluent at most main plug-ins, and like almost all Minecrafters, I hate griefers with a passion.

I love building, and I am constantly coming up with new styles/improving them. I don't really have a 'favorite' architectural style, as I like all of them. I am best at building a Medieval style, although some of my friends say it is more of a Gothic/Nordic style.

I have recently opened up my own server with a friend. We are still working on many things, hoping to have it ready soon.

Interests/Random Stuff:

-Of course, I love Minecraft!

-I love building, and see myself as a pretty good builder

-I love (almost) all architectural styles.

-I like speakers and stereo systems.

-I'm almost always busy with schoolwork :c

-I play the Viola & take private lessons

I hope that you like my about me page!


Hi-Fi Equipment (Stereos), Minecraft, Architecture, Engineering

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