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    I think there should be the ability to make custom gamemodes.

    It'd be op-only (of course) and you could name it whatever you want (except adventure, survival and creative). It would save in a text file or something.

    You could make the gamemode by typing /creategamemode name
    Then you could customize the gamemode by typing /editgamemode name command parameter

    name would be the name of the gamemode
    command would be either rename, delete or:

    crafting - Can be true or false. Decides whether or not the player can craft in this gamemode

    breakBlocks - Decides whether or not the player can break blocks. Can be 0 for no, 1 for yes, 2 decorative only (decorative being flowers, torches, redstone, etc. Not glass or glowstone though) or 3 for yes except decorative. The second parameter (true or false) would be if it's tools only or not.

    placeBlocks - Decides whether or not the player can place blocks. Can be 0 for no, 1 for yes, 2 decorative only or 3 for yes except decorative.

    useMechanisms - Can be true or false. Decides whether or not the player can operate things like doors, switches, levers, etc.

    canAttack - Decides whether or not players can attack. 0 for no, 1 for yes, 2 for monsters only, 3 for all except monsters.

    hunger - True or false. Decides whether or not players have hunger.

    invincible - True or false. Decides whether or not players are invincible.

    canFly - True or false. Decides whether a player can fly or not.

    breakSpeed - 0 to 20. Decides how fast the player can break blocks. 0 for instant-break like Creative, 10 for normal break speed, 20 for 2x normal break speed. Doesn't apply when breakBlocks is set to false.
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    How to keep the Sky Dimension and the End


    I think that there should be a Sky Dimension too. After all, the other two dimensions are just depressing. Yes, they are cool, but a Sky Dimension could have so much majesty and elegance. It would also be cool and fun and fitting too. Currently, there are three dimensions: Overworld, Nether, and End. One of them is a beautiful world with beautiful landscapes and animals, while the other two are barren, filled with enemies, and depressing. If there was a Sky Dimension, there would be a possibility for amazing landscapes and new possibilities.

    In the 1.6.6/1.7.3/1.8.1 Sky Dimension, there are merely farm animals. I believe this is fine but monsters should spawn in caves, but they would be rare. It's also always midday, which is different from the day/night Overworld and the ever-dark Nether and End and fits well. The floating world thing might be cool and provide a challenge because when you fall off, you randomly fall to your death (maybe have a fall-damage potion?) if it's just a sky dimension/Aether/whatever. There's rarely any monsters and if you fall off, you might die. So what's the point? Well, the dream world/Aether/whatever would be home to dragons. The dragons would come in three or four different colors: green, blue, red, and maybe yellow. The different species would look different from each other (besides color, of course). They would randomly "mate" and one of them would lay 1-3 egg blocks and stay near them until they hatched into a baby dragon. If you try to steal the egg block, any adult dragons nearby of the same species would come after you, making it a great challenge to get one (and you would get an achievement!). Dragons of different species would sometimes get in fights with one another and would be like Zombie Pigmen and be in packs depending in species.

    After evading the dragons (they do not breath fire but they fly at you fast--they don't destroy the landscape like Enderdragons) you could find a good place to place the egg block. If the light level is at least 15, then the egg block will break and a baby dragon will come out. The baby dragon will follow you around and will hunt things when it's hungry or when you hit mobs. Things it will not attack: other dragons (baby and adult), Endermen, Creepers, and Ghasts. Althought it wouldn't be possible to have a baby dragon in the same world as a Ghast without mods, they would still avoid them. Eventually, it will grow into a full sized dragon on which you could put a saddle and ride. It throws you off the first few times but then lets you ride it. Controls are like Creative controls but with variations--sneak makes it tilt downward a bit, and space makes it tilt upwards a bit. Fly too low, and your dragon flies up. If you're at a steep angle you might accidentally get flung off. Flying too high isn't a problem, but your dragon flies lower depending on how hungry it is. If it starts to starve, it makes a break for the nearest mob that's not a dragon (it's not afraid of Endermen or Creepers when it's an adult, but still afraid of Ghasts; though if provoked it will attack one). It might throw you off which could potentially kill you. It makes a small, somewhat low-pitch cry when it starts getting hungry, then the cry gets louder and higher pitched the hungrier it gets. Finally, it makes a screech, and goes to the nearest non-dragon mob.

    When a dragon dies, it drops bones, a Dragon Scale, and--if killed by a diamond or gold sword--a Dragon Head. A Dragon Head could then be crafted into Mounted Dragon Head, which could be placed on a wall as a trophy (I know, it's sick). Crafting:

    Wall Mount:

    :wood: :wood: :wood:
    :wood: :wood: :wood:
    :wood: :wood: :wood:

    Mounted Dragon Head:


    :SSSS: = Dragon Head
    :log: = Mount

    This opens the door for more mounts. Imagine: a Creeper's head (don't say it) mounted on a wall. Wouldn't like to have your own trophy?

    A Dragon Scale could be crafted into Dragon Hide by putting them in a 2x2 square. Small wings that could be worn could also be crafted and could allow for gliding and double-jumping. It also lengthens jump height to two blocks instead of one and the double jump height is one. So one could jump a total of three blocks when wearing the wings. Naturally, the wings do wear out. They have a relatively short lifespan and break soon. Hunger affects your ability to jump so if your hunger is under 25% your jump height goes back down to one block until it goes up to 25% or higher again. Crafting:

    :Green: :: :Green:
    :Green: :Ham: :Green:
    :Green: :: :Green:

    :Ham: = Saddle
    :Green: = Dragon Hide

    As you might have guessed, Dragon Hide probably could be a new kind of armor as well. Well, you're right. By putting Dragon Hide in Notch's armor arrangements. Dragon Hide armor is a bit stronger than diamond armor and makes you resistant against magic and splash potions (resistant, not invulnerable). It lasts a pretty long time, about as long as diamond armor. However, because of the high altitudes and lower pressure, if you try to go to any place with more pressure (aka any place that's not the Sky Dimension) your armor breaks and becomes Broken Dragon Hide armor. Broken Dragon Hide armor is completely useless but can be repaired if put with a piece of Dragon Hide in the crafting box, but only has quarter the durability. If it breaks after that, it breaks for good.

    Dragons could also be used to make potions. Here are some new ones they help make:

    Magic Resistance - Resistance against magic (if magic is implemented)
    Potion of Strength III
    Flying Potion - could fly by double-tapping Space Bar; lasts 5 (or 10) seconds
    (Possibly) Flying Potion II - Same as above but lasts 10 (or 15) seconds; requires Dragon Eye (obtained by putting Dragon Head in a crafting square)

    In conclusion, I think that you guys should not give up on the Sky Dimension and do NOT replace it with the End. Keep them both and add a Sky Dimension. It just fits in with Minecraft, Minecraft needs to have a Sky Dimension, it works! Everything in this suggestion doesn't have to be included, you can take bits and pieces from it. Take it as you will, digest it. Just please, keep the End and add a Sky Dimension too, but do it with dragons! I hope you enjoyed my suggestion, I put a lot of thought into it!

    If you wish to support this idea: vote in the poll, leave your support replies, and visit the GetSatisfaction topic.
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    Quote from dbl243

    Im pretty sure the End is the sky dimension.

    Yes, but it shouldn't be. It's more of like an alien planet/world/thing....
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    This is something I had an idea for so I drew.... It's very sad. :sad.gif:

    The signature's a little big, I admit....
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