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    And maybe you could make a firework launcher with one slot that can hold up to 9 fireworks. You could launch fireworks the same way you can with activating TNT.

    You would make it like this:

    [] [] []
    [] :GP: []
    [] :Black: []

    Where :Black: is a dispenser.
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    I was thinking about a new tool: a rake.

    Now before you spam "u r stupd nub dars no pont" there is a point.

    What you would do with it is if you right click under a tree/leaves, there would be a 30% chance of raking a half block of leaves, which you could then collect with left clicking with the rake, which could be placed again. You could also right click on the half block of leaves to get a full block. You could also stack half leaf blocks like you can with slabs. This would make some cool new possibilities and would make making treehouses, shrubbery, etc. easier without SMP hacks.

    However, you would have to make sticks out of different materials than just wood. You would be able to make iron bars, which you could then make rakes and iron fences with. You could also make diamond rods, but I can't think of another use for them other than rakes. And since you can't make stone rakes (that would just be stupid) there would be no stone bars/rods/sticks.

    You would make a rake like this:

    :|: :|: :|:
    [] :|: []
    [] :|: []

    where the three top :|: would be sticks, rods, or bars.

    There would not be stone rakes, as mentioned previously.

    Please leave feedback, suggestions, and/or constructive criticism. Thanks!

    Suggestion is now obsolete as of the release of the Extended 2x2 Grid mod.
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    This seems like a great idea! I support.
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