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    People all believe what they want to believe. There's just no other answer. I believe in science because science has a lot of proof, but that doesn't make science the best way. It simply makes it a way like any other. People are raised to believe what their parents believe, so it's hard to convert to a different religion or to no religion after that. And in the end, it doesn't even matter. In Minecraft, there is probably no God because it most likely isn't in the code. In life, it's like being a noob at Minecraft. You don't know how it works, or what to think/believe. And I admit that when I hear about God, it's not easy to say, "Ok, this is true" when I've been atheist all my life. Just what I've said before, it's what I've been taught.

    That's why everyone is not religious.
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    My vote was technical (other). I believe there should be a new series to announce servers instead of mixing them with creations. Maybe Server Saturdays, Wednesday's Wonderful Server, ect.
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    This is a sad day for mankind.
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    Quote from PokeProZ

    Thx, :) Your Right :) (When I saw this Post had 66 replies I was like "WTF"" lol XD)

    I Wasn't hating when I made this post, I just wanted people to get along ;)

    me and you Both ;)
    Oh, sorry. I didn't mean you were hating if it sounded like that. I meant that there's always some troll who starts a flamewar on posts like this. Sorry about that.

    I say we all stop arguing to prevent someone from asking for bans or an admin closing the thread.

    BTW PokeProZ your skin is amazing, I haven't seen a good pokemon skin in ages.

    Pants 4 life, bros. :DPANTS: :GPANTS: :IPANTS: :LPANTS: B)
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    Why must argument occur?

    Because this is a forum where you can say you are a majestic cat flying across the sky with a Poptart as a body and farting rainbows.

    Most people can get pretty brave with that kind of kick-butt excuse.
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