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    posted a message on MCEDIT for 1.6.2?
    @23Coolee Agreed. :(

    I can't seem to even save any changes on MCEdit, yet alone see 1.6 stuff. But that's a thing for another thread.

    Here's something to debate: what if a certain profile is on that won't accept MCEdit and it's glitching?
    I have a Fun Random Alpha/Beta Play profile, for example, and I'm pretty sure 1.7.1 MCEdit won't accept that.
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    posted a message on Top 100 Minecraft Suggestions [Add anything]
    Suggest anything!

    Write like this:



    There is no particular best suggestions, e.g. #1 isn't better than #45.
    You can write multiple suggestions, make sure you don't write the wrong number!
    Feel free to start a conversation about a certain suggestion, just remember to add the number of the suggestion to the post.

    I'll add a few:

    1. Vertical Redstone
    1 block vertical does not count as a diferent redstone piece.

    2. 3D Heads/ Heads Auto-Equipping
    Heads show the outer part of the skin, and heads auto-equip from dispensers/droppers.
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    posted a message on I think minecraft is boring. (Please don't kill me...)
    I used to be a bored person like you, but then it took a Cupid arrow to the knee.

    Now in love with ketchup. Making contraptions every day.
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