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    posted a message on Cassiopeia [Vanilla w/ Sprinkles | Mature | Whitelisted | GriefPrevention | Dynmap | Shops | Resource World ]

    In-Game Name:[/b] ElectrifiedViper
    Age:[/b] 16, soon 17
    Location/Time Zone:[/b] Norway, UTC +01:00

    When did you start playing Minecraft?:[/b] Not sure. around 2008
    What is your favorite thing to do in game?:[/b] Building, survival and playing with other mature folks.
    Do you create Minecraft content on Twitch/YouTube/ect.?:[/b] I have made some videos in my past but I've stopped doing that.
    Do you have any previous bans?:[/b] Yeah, i was banned on some server that i don't really remember, it was for hacking but i was much younger, I will never cheat again.
    What drew you to our server?:[/b] My brother :)

    Do you have Discord? If so, what is your username?:[/b] Not yet, will download ASAP! :D
    Do you plan on creating an account on our forum?: Probably yes[/b]

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