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    It's an autisk

    it will bite you and infect you with autism and the only way to cure yourself is to stop playing building games for a year.
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    lots of mlp fans in this thread..
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    Quote from AllMyr

    I disagree.

    Care to actually tell why cowboy?
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    Quote from doctorseaweed2

    Skyrim was so overrated.


    Quote from DoctorFetus

    Skyrim and Fallout 3 are grossly overrated, in my opinion. I'm a fan of both series, Fallout 2 being my favorite game, but both of them are pretty mediocre.

    It's not an opinion. It's fact. Fallout 1 is still better than all other fallout games though.

    Quote from OneWingedPie

    Mario is very overrated... It's pretty much the same ­ every time, maybe just a few more power ups and of course levels are layed out differently.

    Isn't that every game series?
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    Quote from SoraHatsuru

    The only Kingdom Hearts game I played is "Kingdom Hearts - Birth by sleep" (PSP version)

    You should play the original two.
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    Quote from CreepinLikeABoss

    My parents think I have Aspergers Syndrome.

    Well, you do play Minecraft you know.
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    Skyward Sword.
    >Waste 10 hours leveling items
    >Accomplish nothing

    >henious and tedious activities to get to first dungeon
    >get through said dungeon in a few minutes
    >easy boss

    >tedious and repetitive task
    >get to next dungeon

    >buggy motion controls
    >constant recalibration
    >barely orchestrated music
    >half-assed plot
    >shooting the original fanbase (1987~1999) in the balls

    >horrible graphics (ani) that somehow seem to be much worse than oot's
    >stupid animals
    >lack of enemy variety
    >lack of socialization
    >lack of exploration or area
    >more cel-shaded garbage
    >link is yet again, geared towards both boys and girls

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    Jorgur's Faction Server:
    Chapter 1
    Some kid was hosting a Minecraft server. Unfortunately for him, a friend gave me an IP address to the server. I got on to be treated with dismissive acknowledgement by a few people. Everyone spawned in a tower. Scaling down the tower, I quickly went past the small fields, into the thick tundra, where I set up a mine quickly. I got full iron armor assembled and an arsenal, where I found an old acquaintance from many mc years ago.

    Chapter 2
    I reconnected with this bloke. We didn't share a friendship, but we did have a lengthy intimate conversation many months prior. He got me into the top faction, equivalent to the NCR. In there, people worked casually towards a common goal: power. Later, a bloke took 13 diamonds from the faction. Considering my poor rep with the blfgt community, they pinned the blame on me. I got kicked out without a chance to explain that I had nothing to do with it. An admin, Nitramj, tried to abuse me by punching me out. I flied at his level and startled him off. He then was talking about it faintly.

    Chapter 3
    I went back into the wilderness. There were a few travelers around, and none of them dared to assault me considering I was basically an Iron Knuckle. I packed up and traveled far out where I made an even deeper cave. I digged out a couple dozen diamonds and slowly placed a suit together to avoid suspicions.

    Chapter 4
    Meanwhile, out in the distant desert, Jorgur amassed an army for his so called "Bandits" faction. The 'NCR' were bitching at me about how I was a thief, so I calmly explained why they were idiots, providing that there is no evidence to point towards me being the culprit. During the thievery, I wasn't even in the clan yet. Finally, Nitramj basically admitted that he and his clan were retards, and I went on with my life.

    Chapter 5
    They invited me back into their faction. With me in it, they had a secondary wall built all around their land in hours. 'NCR' saw a vast increase in security, and I made diplomatic trips to other factions, where I was able to work out a deal with 1 faction, where he would provide food and drink shipments every day. Another faction mass produced arrows for us, and another said they'd help in any upcoming war.

    Chapter 6
    Meanwhile, the Bandits were working on their palace. I walked past the desert, where one spotted me and tried to fire arrows. I dodged every single one, which seemed to tick them off. I explained that while I may work with the 'NCR', I have no qualms unless provoked. So, naturally, they tried to provoke me.

    Chapter 7
    Eventually, after incredibly helping out the 'NCR', Jorgur sent either Chrono or Trigun to assault us. I instantly detected where he was, and went over to utterly kick his ass. He cried like a little kid and tried to call me a hacker. I do believe another bandit traveled over here, this time trying the other side, only to be killed again in a moment. I delivered the loot to the 'NCR', who congratulated me and promoted me to Officer (*)

    Chapter 8
    The bandits were way too aggressive. After countless attempts to invade us, I decided to annihilate them myself, considering most of my faction's members were incompetent buffoons. I set out to the desert, and marched directly to their fortress. They tried to snipe me, but I set up a barrier. One of them came out, and got themselves killed. News quickly broke out that war was upon us, and a kid with barely any armor set out. I ordered the bloke to hide and wait until I was done kicking their ass. He questioned me, of course, but I was able to dissuade him from getting his ass beat. The Bandits got killed about 6 times before withdrawing from combat. I went home with open arms, and the kid and I filled many chests with valuable inventories.

    Chapter 9
    Later on, I was able to discover that they had an underground complex. Naturally, I dug below and sneaked in.
    A cap of the structure was unprotected, so I took what I could and had it brought home. I climbed up the stairs where I saw an iron door. I went to the left of the stairs and dug a 1x1x2 area for me to hide in. They climbed down the stairs perfectly, without seeing me. I attacked the guards and killed each of them. I broke into their main fortress, and killed them repeatedly. Chrono, Trigun, Jorgur, and some other bloke were all fighting me at once. I had unenchanted diamond armor, and they each had full iron armor! They kept respawning, re-gearing and surrounding me, but I was able to kill them up to 80 times.

    Chapter 10
    I got back home, and Jorgur was calling me a hacker. The 4 goons were screaming at me and trying to argue with me. Whenever I tried to speak, they would each bark at me. It seems that I broke them, physically and mentally. Nitramj thanked me for basically setting up his faction, but sided with his butt buddies.

    Eventually, I was perma-banned.

    I still got plenty more stories, if anyone is interested.
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    Whoa this isn't woodshop class?
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    Is op stoned?
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