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    Client crashing as soon as connecting ?

    Most likely you just hit a corrupted chunk and need to be teleported away.

    What if staff is unavailable ? Wish you could send a command to reach spawn, but it's going too fast ? Search no further !

    This mod will help you by sending a single command as soon as technically possible when connecting.

    Configuration is done via "Mods config" ingame screen.

    Mod disactivate itself after sending command.


    Once client reloaded with the mod added, use Escape menu option "Mods conf" to check command and activate mod.

    One can also edit file "config/EmergencyCommand.cfg".

    Try to connect, crash will happen, but command was sent

    Reconnect, you should have been teleported.

    Download on Curseforge

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    Thanks for your post !

    This mod already cover Coremod's policy : it is signed since version 1.1, and contains nothing but the Transformer class and some glue to update its description with details of modified classes. BTW, version check is done via Forge's update checker.

    As documenting the way it works, everything is in the logs, really. The names and details of the up to two patched methods, each with up to two modified constants are clearly reported. No "hacky" interception or bypass...

    I used the lightest (and safest) way, expecting users feedback showing it was enough to do the job.

    About "fixing" the offender, Minecraft, the issue is already reported for almost four years now. But is mostly triggered by mods having real use of entitie's data.

    According to LexManos the limit is voluntary.

    But, IMHO, this constraint shouldn't be enforced on the client side... You ever trust the server or don't play on it.
    This side restriction might be done in future Forge release, leaving existing ones at bay.

    As of what may occur using this mod, it might just works and having users not crashing.
    It doesn't impact data, you can even add it to your setup long enough to reconnect and move away from offending chunk before removing it, if so you wish.

    Still hoping feedback from users of the mod, in order to see if I should go any further here, my own mod saved me the day couple times already, and that's already enough.

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    posted a message on Bigger Packets, Please ! Fighting 2097152 as a limit...

    New version, 1.2, fixing compatibility with modpack DW20 2.3.0 and most likely other packs too.

    Would gladly read any feedback, positive or negative... :rolleyes:

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    Bigger Packets, Please !

    Suffering from "Badly compressed packet - size of xxx is larger than protocol maximum of 2097152" error ?

    Loading your savefile and hitting a "Tried to read NBT tag that was too big" limit ?

    Search no further, here is the mod you are in need of !

    What does it do ?

    It seriously uplift both limits.

    Which version of Minecraft does it handle ?

    From 1.7.10 up to 1.12.2.

    How to know it is effective ?

    Hit the Mod button on your title screen, then select "Bigger Packets, Please !" on the modlist at left.
    Description of the mod will gives you current status.

    Where can I get mine ?!?

    You saved my life (well, the day at least) !

    Great ! Please let me know it worked for you, too. :P
    A simple reply to this thread with your minecraft version would be perfect.

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