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    Quote from GCRust

    To me, Void Ages are Prison Books. But if you want to not be a jerk in multiplayer (As there really is no escape from a Void Age for a player, even if another player linked in with a book), I'd say Monster Grinder ages (Eternal Dark Ages, essentially) would be Prison Books.

    The "problem" is, even if you want to try to sucker people into your Trap Age, there's no real way to do it as folks will just read the description of the Age and realize it is "Booby Trapped".

    Unless they just blindly link to any book in your Library, in which case they deserve what they get.

    i was thinking about this earlier, and i was thinking why not let void ages not be a symbol, but rather the ultimate form of instability? for example, choosing a single biome world modifier and choosing 2 different biomes makes a world unstable, and decay will form. but what if you just went crazy with the instability? add 3 biome modifiers, 4 biomes, 2 weather modifiers...not only would this solve some of the problems brought up earlier with the void age symbol, but it would also keep void ages achievable, as well as throwing in an interesting mechanic of allowing discreet linking books to be made. of course, it could still be determined whether or not the book may be a void age to a good writer, but to anyone who blindly links, there wont be any notification, and there wouldn't be any single symbol to search out.
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    so, i got bored one day in college. re-dl'd MC (goddam, it just keeps finding its way back onto my computer), and started to look thru mods. i found biospheres, which whetted my interest.

    it only started out as a moon base, but then i wanted to connect moons. then more moons. soon, i was making a rollercoaster. i tried to go for a more 'reactive' feel then 'scenic', making it a dynamic rather than just a simple path you follow. i'd like to think i did ok. (except for the end)

    TL;DR: got bored, dl'ed minecraft, dl'ed biosphere mod, made ride. any questions?

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    Honesty, I'm pretty legit at picking a troll out.

    But I cannot for the life of me figure out if this is a clever tag-team troll effort, or 3 very stupid people.

    In case it's the latter...
    1) if a developer is doing a sub-standard job that is not pleasing their userbase, that does not allow someone else to forcefully take over their job. That's a rule that's not even enforced by the IP, it's just enforced period.
    2) Boosters and Elevators are bugs for the reason that they were unintended, and could create problems in future coding. Ever heard of "nip the problem in the bud"? Yeah, the "bud" might be pretty, but wait until it blossoms into a carnivorous, human devouring flower.
    3) purchasing a game does not give you rights to direct development unless stated in the EULA. (If the EULA does say that, though, I wouldn't know - I don't have it.)
    4) what up, how's everyone doin', you are now in the world I am ruling.

    If it's the former, splendid troll.
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