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    It's been suggested literally thousands of times but it's a very good idea that needs implemented.
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    This is a really fun mock government I've been a part of for a while, we're looking to recruit a lot of new people so I figured I'd post about here. It's worth taking at least taking a look at because almost everyone who joins it has a lot of fun. You can contact me on here or get in contact with anyone on the site to join!

    Here's the site: http://universaltriumvirate.wikia.com/wiki/Universal_Triumvirate_Wiki

    Give it a look over and I hope some of you have some interest in it, we might even try to do something in MC soon but for now we need some more people to get it going stronger.
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    So, while I was playing and testing out this new breeding system, I had a few ideas. I really enjoyed the idea that holding wheat makes animals come towards you - that was well thought out. But there seemed to be some things missing.

    I like the idea of domesticating animals, so you have food, fenced-in animals to maintain, and plenty of resources. But, do they not need to eat? Wild animals can find food on their own, but don't other animals need food? That's when I got to thinking... domesticated animals need to eat, and we need some way to feed them. There are benefits and disadvantages to this of course, it would take time, maybe be a hassle. But, since you need to feed yourself, why not feed your animals? I'm really indifferent on whether or not I like this idea, so some community response would be appreciated.

    1. Grass, the animals could eat grass, tall grass, grass on dirt, any kind of grass. This way, raising animals in a desert environment is counterproductive (as it would be in the real world).

    2. Water, the animals could "eat" water out of either a pool, or, a cauldron. This would give cauldrons another use and make the application of them into the game more viable.

    3. Hay. Hay blocks. Made by putting 2x2 (or 3x3) wheat in a crafting grid, the animals could eat this. And maybe when placed on the ground, it attracts wild animals to them which will domesticate them and keep them in a nearby area.

    Now, even if this idea isn't grand, which I'm not saying it is, I'm just saying it was something that came to mind and I wouldn't mind one way or another, there is one thing that should be considered. The Hay. Hay blocks, whether or not they serve a purpose, would be a lot of fun to decorate with, perhaps set up a farming shack with some hay piles near it? Just for decoration sake, maybe it's not practical, but it could be used just for decoration (like wool or paintings). Or perhaps you could find a use for it I haven't thought of, but, like I said, if not, it'd still be fun for decoration and an additional use for wheat.
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    If anything it's just a nice aesthetic thing so sure, I like it.
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