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    Quote from jakerman999

    Chickens being made to only lay eggs after eating, is a step towards devaluing eggs as a food source. I'm impartial to that, but flip it on its ear for a moment. This raises the value of beef and pork, the best type of food, and arguably the easiest to aquire. For this reason, hardcore chickens is a bad move. Well, not really. Just unfinished. Something to devalue meat and make lesser foods a better option for early game would even things out. I don't have any specifics in mind though, I'm not a designer.

    What's wrong with encouraging beef and pork as a primary early-game food source? It's easy to aquire and recreate. I value chickens more for their feathers (for use in arrows) than as a food source. The extra food is just a bonus. Besides, there's so many possible sources of food in the game, I don't think making eggs less useful as a food impacts gameplay in any meaningful way.
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    Feature request/suggestion (Please don't bury this get buried with "when's it being updated" crap!)

    Hey simo_415, I love your mod and really appreciate all the work you've put into it. While very thorough and covering just about all aspects of the game, I noticed a distinct lack of commands for slime finding. In the spirit of completeness (and utility), I'd like to suggest and request adding the following two commands in regards to slimes:

    "/slimechunk" returns true of false if the player is currently located within a slime chunk.

    "/slimedebug" toggles a "true/false" display of slime chunks in the f3 debug menu similar to the Slime Chunk Finder mod.

    Again, thanks for continuing to support and improvements for this mod. I look forward to its next update!

    p.s. If anyone else thinks this is a good idea, please quote it so it gets noticed. Thanks!
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    The Important Stuff

    The Mod

    Additional Information

    What is it?

    Minecarts Mk. II is a comprehensive mod and proposal designed to fix and improve Minecraft's glitch-based minecart gameplay. It is unique in that it's the only minecart mod developed using the key principles of game balance, easy integration with the core game, and player usability.

    We are well aware an "official" fix is to be released in 1.5. Please click here for our official comment regarding this development.

    We now have a mod released! A link will be added to this post ASAP, but until then, the latest version is available somewhere in the thread. You will have to dig a bit to find it. Sorry!

    The Proposed Components and how they work:

    For more information on special track piece placement mechanics, read the original update post here.

    Booster-Brake Track Piece
    Support the GetSatisfaction topic on mine cart boosters here!

    • Speeds up or slows down carts depending on the direction it points in relation to a passing cart.
    • Must be powered by redstone to work, without power it has no effect on passing carts.
    • Extremely versatile, it can be used for a variety of uses including, but not limited to;
    • [alphalist=a]
    • boosting carts,
    • braking cart,
    • automated stations,
    • controlled speed for slow scenic rides,
    • and a variety of two way boosters.[/alphalist]

    example of a two-way booster

    6x iron + 2x redstone + 1x plank = 4x booster-brake track piece

    Full-Stop Track Piece
    Support the GetSatisfaction topic on mine cart brakes here!

    • When powered by redstone, it creates an invisible barrier which prevents any cart from passing through.
    • When unpowered, carts can pass through freely.
    • Mobs, players, or other items are unaffected and would pass through unhindered whether the track piece is powered or not.

    6x iron + 2x redstone + 1x plank = 4x full-stop track piece

    Detector Block
    Support the GetSatisfaction topic on mine cart detectors here!

    • Cart detector blocks activate when a cart occupies any cube of space directly adjacent to them.
    • Wood detector blocks are activated by any cart type.
    • Stone detector blocks are only activated by carts carrying a mob or player.
    • When activated, a redstone charge is emitted from the side with the redstone light.
    • The orientation of the light can be changed by right clicking the block after placement. Doing this will rotate the block so the light is on the side that the player clicked on.

    8x log + 1x redstone = 1x empty cart detector block

    8x smoothstone + 1x redstone = 1x occupied cart detector block

    Proposed Changes To Existing Objects:

    Standard Minecart

    • Fix/remove glitchy physics. It's already been acknowledged by Notch as an unintentional glitch but it's worth mentioning here again.

    Powered Minecart

    • Increase the speed to moderately faster than player walking pace and remove the penalty when climbing hills. This increases it's usefulness and value in the game.
    • Right-clicking the cart opens up a menu with a slot for stacks of fuel (coal, charcoal, wood) and a forward/reverse switch which players can use to determine the direction the cart will move when activated.
    • Clicking (hitting) a cart loaded with fuel will either activate or deactivate a cart. When activated, it will accelerate either forward or back depending on what setting the player set in the cart's menu.
    • A player sitting in a regular cart adjacent to a powered cart can access it's menu and toggle it's on/off state without having to leave their cart. This allows for the player to refill or control the powered cart while being pushed along by it.
    • Powered carts are affected by gravity. When climbing hills, their engines can easily power themselves and push an adjacent occupied cart up a hill at normal speed. When going downhill however, gravity affects their speed and can allow them to accelerate past their maximum. Upon reaching flat ground, they will gradually slow down until they drop to their maximum powered speed.
    These changes would increase the value of this object in game and make it a viable upgrade from unpowered mine cart systems. See "Tech Tree" under "Design Notes" for more details.

    The Mod

    Programmed by musznikov. Info was originally posted here.
    Minecarts MK II for 1.7.3 SP/SMP unofficial v2

    • +added FORGE support! (?:tongue.gif:)
    • +added configuration file
    • fullstop track fix
    • neeed more tests

    Know issues:
    • can not use tracks diagonally ?;/
    • need more tests
    • basefiles modification (especially world.java :sad.gif: )
    • fullStop-redstone torch problem [fix in v2]
    • static block id ;/
    • incompatible with FORGE [cannot mix with buildcraft etc ;/] - priority for next version

    Modloader : http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/75440-v173-risugamis-mods-recipe-book-updated/
    ModloaderMp : http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/182918-173smp-flans-mods-planes-ww2-guns-vehicles-playerapi-moods-mputils-teams/#MLM
    FORGE : http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/514000-api-minecraft-forge/

    Download :
    Client + Server package v2 : Download from Mediafire

    Why do we need this?

    Current minecart gameplay is primarily centered around the exploitation of unintentional glitch in cart physics. Due to this, current mine cart systems are highly temperamental, unreliable, take up far too much in-game space, and are inaccessible to many players who don't understand the quirky nature of the glitch. This glitch is also likely to be "fixed" at some point in the future and as such, we feel that an official "fix" is needed to fill the role and improve upon the current "glitch-booster" system.

    We are well aware that Jeb is creating a "Power Rail" for release in 1.5 and we've been keeping a close watch on it's progress. So far, based on what Jeb's said about his implementation, we've been given reason to maintain a skeptical outlook on the final result. That is to say, we're continuing work on our project in case the Power Rail turns out to be a disappointment.

    Why are the current alternate solutions not acceptable?

    Currently, the only solutions available are installing third party mods, the most comprehensive and well known being "Minecart Mania". It's a great mod and a lot of hard work has gone into it, however it's an unacceptable permanent solution for several reasons.

    1. It's mechanics ignore many of Minecraft's established rules such as redstone's the binary gate design and uses a "sign" system that makes little sense in context with the original game world.
    2. Due to all the re-purposed and multicoloured blocks and objects used, it's visuals are poorly integrated with vanilla/core Minecraft making it aesthetically unpleasing .
    3. It uses repurposed blocks for additional functions and ignores the game's crafting and "tech tree" mechanics. This significantly changes the game mechanics from Mojang's original intention.
    4. Many of the additional functions have little to no consideration for game balance and many "improvements" arguably break the challenge of the original game.

    Additional Design Notes

    This section contains more in-depth explanations on my thoughts and decision making process when creating the proposal. It's unimportant for most people, but may give additional insight into why I designed something the way I did. Completely option reading.

    Binary Operation & Ease of Use

    Minecraft's red stone system is entirely based on binary gates. Every block has a simple single input/output interface and can only do a single binary operation. However, each component can be combined for much greater functionality. The simplicity also allows for greater player accessibility since even the most beginner of players can quickly figure out that a switch can be linked via redstone to a operate a door. As such, I developed each of my proposed additions to have a single binary input and output based on a single operation to maximize simplicity of use and integration with the current redstone system.

    Tech Tree & Game Mechanics

    One primary aspect of Minecraft's gameplay is that of "leveling up" through unlocking or discovering better equipment. This "leveling up" or "tech tree" mechanic can be seen through the cart system as well. A standard cart only moves if an outside object pushes it or through gravity. The upgraded version is a powered cart with an internal combustion system. This provides the cart with self propelling capabilities similar to the steam or combustion engines (trains). Unfortunately, the current implementation of the powered minecart leaves much to be desired. Too slow to be practical, and too unwieldy to operate, it's largely unused by a majority players who would either not bother with practical minecarts at all, or skipped over in favour of glitch-booster based systems.

    My proposal is the final step in the minecart evolution. It takes the minecart from the days unpowered gravity coasters, through the steam and combustion powered train era, to the days of modern electric subways and Light Rail Vehicles, fully automated and powered by external sources. A proper redstone powered, fully automated minecart system would require a significant investment in resources from the player but once put in place, it would provide indefinite high speed transport without any additional upkeep.

    Aesthetics & Visual Cues

    When I designed my proposed looks for each item, I intended for their look to signify their function yet also blend in with existing game objects as seamlessly as possible. As such, I tried to base the look of each proposed item on existing items in the game and provide visual indicators as to the items function.

    The detectors in particular were textured based on the pressure plates they were inspired by. The rest of the design was based off of redstone, the crafting table, and the furnace. Their indicator lights were a result of me realizing that, unlike floorplates, they had no physical indication of operation. They're also reminiscent of railway signal lights.

    Also, the all of the "activated" effects could potentially have additional animated "shine" effects like powered redstone wire or the nether gate. This would increase 3D visibility, especially on the low profile track pieces.


    Q: The glitch-boost system is fine the way it is! Why do you want to change it so much?

    A: I love the glitch boost system too and I've make several automated stations, and laid miles of track designs based off of it. However, I recognize it's drawbacks and realize that it's an outmoded system that is in serious need of an upgrade. See my section on "Why do we need this?" for more details.

    Q: Why didn't you include "x" feature in your proposal?

    A: Minecarts Mk.II is designed to remove the need for the current glitch system while maintaining or improving the current gameplay with the least number of changes to the core game. Any features or additional items that I felt were "extra" were removed from the proposal so it would stay simple, stay realistic in scope and hopefully be more likely added to the game.

    Q: Why haven't you added Linking Minecarts to your proposal?

    A: I didn't add them for the same reason why I didn't include "x" feature in the last question. Linking Minecarts would be cool, but it's an extra feature. For more info on Linking Minecarts specifically, click here and here.

    Q: Why do you need detector blocks? Don't wood and stone pressure plates already do this?

    A: The current wood and stone buttons require a track designer to derail and stop a cart in order to be detected. This is a) slow and :Zombie: unreliable since carts can easily slide off the intended track and onto adjacent booster tracks. The proposed detector blocks allow carts to trigger redstone circuits without needing to stop, slowdown or be derailed. In addition to this, they can also be placed in many more configurations than a button since they don't require carts to ride over them to work.

    Q: Why are you making it into a mod when you already find fault with Minecarts Mania for being a mod?

    A: The goal of Minecarts Mk.II Proposal has been and always will be to get the additions and changes as set forth in the original proposal officially added to the game. The Minecarts Mk.II Mod is simply a way for us to raise greater awareness of the proposal and to let others have a hands-on experience of the changes we'd like to see. It's way more awesome to say "go play our mod to see what we want changed" rather than "go read our long forum post to see what we want changed".

    More Q&A to be added once questions are posted or if I think of more things that might need explaining.

    Banners and Support

    If you want to support MINECART MK. II in your signature, I've provided a two banners below. Simply copy the code into your signature box to show your support for MINECARTS MK. II!

    Awesome Large Banner:


    Less Awesome Small Banner:


    Special Thanks & Contributors
    (in alphabetical order):

    Brigander - Provided Quality Control for the OP.
    Chalk - Moral support and significant helped with creation of the mechanics for the proposed track pieces.
    cipher_nemo - Generally intelligent posts.
    flying sheep - Suggested the new fullstop design
    Gkardos - Found an error in listed craft recipe.
    glitchfinder - Programmed an early version of the MCMk.II mod.
    LarvaLounge - Suggested a question for the FAQ section.
    mcmodder_07 - Previous main programmer.
    musznikov - Main programmer for the current version of the MCMk.II mod.
    TheMagicalCake - Suggested adjustable-power booster-brakes
    sauerkraus - Suggested significant improvements for the Powered Minecart.
    Smapla - Pointed out deficiencies in the original Full-Stop design.
    SparcMan - Generally intelligent posts.
    Tarrot - Helped with "Occupied Cart" clarification.
    Tsaot - Helped reveal deficiencies in the original design.
    Zenofire - Suggested improvements for adjustable-power booster-brakes and provided concept images that significantly influenced the colour scheme. Pointed out error with banner links.

    If you feel you belong on this list and were somehow overlooked, or if you feel that I've misrepresented your contributions somehow, send me a pm and we can sort it out. I like to give credit where credit is due. :-)

    Comment, questions, and criticism are greatly appreciated! I'm always looking to find ways of improving this concept.

    Revision History

    • MInecarts Mk. II topic started

    • Edited "What is it?" section for clarity.
    • Removed "Booster Track Piece" section, replaced by "Booster-Brake Track Piece" section.
    • Added proposed look images, updated game mechanics, and explanatory diagrams to "Booster-Brake Track Piece" secton.
    • Removed "Brake Track Piece" section, replaced by "Full-Stop Track Piece" section.
    • Added proposed look images, updated game mechanics, and explanatory diagrams to "Full-Stop Track Piece" secton.
    • Added link to the original 12/12/2010 update post in the "Proposed Components" section.
    • Made edits to "Design Notes" to reflect the updated game mechanics and components.
    • Added Special Thanks Section

    • Added Revision History

    • Added Significant Contributors
    • Added clarification for "occupied cart" (thanks Tarot)
    • Updated Full-Stop Track Piece mechanics with new rules
    • Updated Title Banner with snazzy new graphic

    • Added another Significant Contributor who deserves mention
    • Rewrote "What is it?" to clarify proposal objectives
    • Added a new question to the F.A.Q.
    • Rewrote an answer in the F.A.Q. for conciseness

    • Added mod info to "What is it?" section
    • Added a new question to the F.A.Q.
    • Updated fig. 2a in Booster-Brake section
    • Updated fig. 2b in Booster-Brake section
    • Added another Significant Contributor who deserves mention
    • Added fig. 2c in Booster-Brake section
    • Updated fig. 2 in Booster-Brake section

    • Relabeled images in Full-Stop section
    • Updated images in Full-Stop section
    • Relabeled images in Detector Block section
    • Updated images in Detector Block section
    • Removed original scale textures from Design Notes section
    • Updated support banners

    • Added recipes and accompanying graphics to all proposed block and track piece sections

    • Updated "What is it?" section
    • Edited "Why do we need this?" section
    • Edited "Why aren't the current alternate solutions acceptable?" section
    • Added new dividers and tweaked layout for all sections
    • Significantly updated the "Proposed changes to existing objects" section
    • Edited "Design Notes" section
    • Added another Significant Contributor who deserves mention

    • Reordered sections so the important stuff is now right at the beginning

    • Fixed error in the listed Occupied Cart Detector recipe
    • Added another Significant Contributor who deserves mention

    • Updated mechanics in "Booster-Brake" section
    • Updated images in "Booster-Brake" section
    • Added another Significant Contributor who deserves mention

    • Added a new question to the F.A.Q.
    • Added another Significant Contributor who deserves mention

    • Updated banner links

    • Updated "What is it?" section

    • Updated Significant Contributors section
    • Removed "Summary and Conclusion" paragraph and renamed section "Banners and Support"
    • Added the Index section. All sections now have anchor tags for quick browsing. Hooray!

    • Updated "Full-Stop" section
    • Added another Significant Contributor who deserves mention

    • Updated "Booster-Brake" section
    • Updated "Full-Stop" section
    • Updated "Detector Block" section

    • Added another Significant Contributor who deserves mention

    • Updated Booster-Brake on/off state graphic and text
    • Updated Full-Stop on/off state graphic
    • Updated Detector Blocks on/off state graphics

    • Updated "What is it?" section
    • Updated "Why do we need this?" section

    • Fixed broken banner link. (No more photobucket links at last!)
    • Added Mod Section
    • Added Downloads to Mod Section

    • Updated Mod Section with Latest Downloads
    • MM Mk.II now available for Survival Multiplayer!

    • Updated Mod Section

    • Fixed broken bullet points
    • Updated Mod Section!
    • Added another Significant Contributor who deserves mention
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    I'd really like to see the Voxel Sniper commands available for single player use. This is one huge advantage WorldEdit has over Voxel Sniper since WorldEdit is compatible with the Single Player Commands mod. If Voxel Sniper was available for single player, I would convert from WorldEdit to Voxel Sniper in a flash.
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    Please do less posting and more waiting guys. simo_415 said he won't be able to update until this weekend. Relax, the weekend isn't over yet.
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