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    ----OOC Info----
    -Minecraft IGN: OneKickRick

    -Skype name (Optional, for server OOC chat): gzero18

    -Do you have any prior roleplay-related experience, if so could you give an example? D&D, Multiple Other Servers

    -Define Power-gaming in your own words: The act of ignoring limitations, up-playing your character, and forcing your own will on others through OOC, and usually toxicity. An example of this would be someone saying they use their weak trinket of magic to create a parallel universe.

    -Define Meta-gaming in your own words: The act of taking IC into OOC, OOC into IC, and using information learnt OOC in IC. An example of this would be John telling Jerry that Jeremy wants John's character dead in OOC, and then John hiding IC, acting upon the information acquired in OOC.

    -Define Role-Playing in your own words: Roleplaying is the act of taking on another role, and playing it as if it were your own, acting like other people/characters. An example of this would be acting, roleplaying games, or even roleplaying servers like this one.

    ----IC Info----
    -Character name: Hazeel Manshoon

    -Character race: Human

    -Character gender: Male

    -Character age: 24

    -Character Occupation (optional, note you still must talk to the lord about loaning or purchasing any stall/shop for your character if he/she would have one. This more or less helps us to better understand your characters starting skill set): Aspiring Magus

    -Character description (At least one to two paragraphs describing your character’s visual appearance.):

    A tall, incredibly pale man with thick, burgundy hair, and a bushy beard. A conniving appearance follows the man's daunting, slender stature. Purple robes decorate the man, with ancient runes littering the edges of his attire. A red, oddly designed yet fashionable cloak drapes from his shoulders, as if to illustrate the man's grandeur, or just his hubris. Standing chin up, arms folded, and prideful, arrogance radiates from his person.

    -Character personality and traits (At least one to two paragraphs describing their personality traits and/or quirks.):


    [Positive] Ambitious: Hazeel is incredibly ambitious, seeking to outdo every Magus that's ever lived, even the God of Magic himself.

    [Negative] Hubris: Hazeel is viciously arrogant, trusting in his ego, his self proclaimed power, and his current experience above all else, and holding himself in highest regard.

    [Negative] Immoral: Hazeel has very little morals, willing to do what most would consider atrocities to reach his goals, believing that the ends will always justify the means.

    [Neutral] Loyal: While arrogant and vile, Hazeel still prefers the company of men and women alike, and will stay loyally with the few friends he encounters.


    Raised by a proud family of Magus, calling themselves 'Wizards', he was raised at a young age to always strive to be superior than, and best all others in life, so that he may carry his family's name. The legacy that of which he may never allow to die. This pride that was taught in him, inspired his colossal hubris to take place. His family weren't the most moral either, performing acts of intrigue and vile acts of trickery to rise within the ranks of the Arcane. While not noble or famous in any regard, the Manshoon family certainly advanced.

    The lack of morality within his upbringing inspired a lack of morality in himself. A dangerous combination when mixed unyielding hubris and ambition. However, due to the isolation that his family and now his immoral ways have caused, he often finds nobody else to indulge in his glory, or compliment him, thus he does it for himself, only creating more hubris. However, should he encounter companions, he often finds himself being mysteriously and vehemently loyal to them, as if unwilling to see them depart from his life.

    -Character biography (At least three paragraphs describing your character's history and experiences):

    Hazeel was born with a few other brothers, in the aspiring Manshoon family. While their family was not important or known by any means, they certainly desired to be. Comprised of mainly aspiring Magi, the Manshoons were a trickery, slippery folk. Using intrigue, deception and trade to advance their own questionable goals, Hazeel grew up among a roster of con artists. While most of his brothers spent their time learning the ways of coin, speech and blade, Hazeel buried himself with books.

    Spending his teen and childhood years in intensive study, Hazeel's dream was to become the best Magus that ever lived, dwarfing even the High Elves, and the God of Magic. This ambition only further grew when the Elven Lords had entire hold of the land, a hatred brewing within Hazeel, and the Manshoon family. The High Elven Magi's own hubris inspired hatred within Hazeel, for he wished to be better than all of them. The common stereotype that they were better Magi infuriated the young man too. His heart yearned to defeat them all, and dwarf them in his one day massive shadow. He wished to become a Legend of magic that would not soon be forgotten. The Manshoon too yearned for the undisputed reign of the Elves to end, wishing to return Human Lords to popularity, and bring an era of Human Rule.

    As he grew, he received a weak trinket from his father, a mere inkling of the power bestowed by the ancients, a toy to them, and ruminated over it for months on end. Finally, he managed to cast a minor shadow on a wall. Delighted, yet also enraged, he knew this wasn't enough. His unyielding ambition took him to the streets, joining his elder brothers. Through scamming, plots, and sweet words, Hazeel managed to gain a bit of coinage, spread alongside his brothers. The aspiring family of Manshoon was still, however, irrelevant within the big, vast and busy world. Seeking for further glory, Hazeel and his brothers left home, becoming a small band of travelling merchants.

    The toll of the Pact War struck the ambition in the Manshoon's hearts, and with a thick grin, the ambitious brothers remembered of Falkvard's plight, rushing forth to grasp their own hold of the repairs, and create, strengthen and solidify their own influence within that town. Hazeel himself hoped to encounter Magi too, merely so he could see their expressions when a stranger managed to defeat them in their craft, and a human stranger no less! Arrogance, ambition and pride burned strongly in his heart, as the young man began what would either be his folly, or his legacy.

    The Pact War had created chaos, chaos and destruction. Yet one thing Hazeel remembered, chaos is a ladder. Taking the opportunity to only gain, the Manshoon family focused their entire efforts on producing weapons, food, and quality goods to help the soldiers endure the war, whilst also, through connections with Goblins, finding ways to sell them weapons and stolen goods. Additionally, as citizens of the Alliance, there was information to be sold to the Pact. With the exchange of information they had to the Pact, the snake-like Manshoon then sold their information to the Alliance, garnering higher political status.

    While being Humans, the Manshoon suffered no ill effect from the Pact War, and actually merely gained. Beforehand, they were a family of two-bit thieves, and morally ambiguous merchants, wielding the tool of Magic. The Pact War's Chaos dramatically elevated their status compared to before, thus allowing them to advance in life. Hazeel himself managed to receive multiple contacts on the Pact side, some of which still remain to this day. While they most definitely wish to chop the head off the treacherous snake, Hazeel's venom holds them at bay so they may trade, for now.

    Hazeel doubts very little that they would not lob off his head if he went alone, or took nothing of value. The desire to slaughter another Human burns passionately within them, yet to slaughter more Humans, they require the information Hazeel wields. This, the Magi knows, and counts on. The day he stops being useful, he will not return.

    Then, to the dismay of the Manshoon, the Pact War ended. Their ladder soon stopped ascending, and yet the hatch at the top, which led to victory, still remained so far in the sky, unreachable, un-graspable, un-touchable, most would think. But most certainly not the Manshoon. Wherever there is something to gain, they would attempt, and so. They laid low, pondered over their next action, and dealed meekly. The questionable traders now became rather respectable traders, honorable men and women who stood by the Alliance's side, and provided them with the intelligence so desperately needed in this ruthless war. If there was one thing the War helped with, it was their reputation, while still minor, had become one of noble virtues, and the desire to do good. Or so many thought. Yet what laid behind the thick silk veil of kindness, was a nest of snakes bearing poison like no other.

    Hazeel and his brothers, split from the main Manshoon household, ruminating in Falkvard, expanding their influence there. While the Pact War may be over, and sigh of reliefs universally held, Hazeel had no intent to be stopped in his conniving, treacherous plots. One way, or another. Chaos would ensue, so that he could continue to ascend his own ladder, and one day. Touch the sky, unlike any mortal before.

    -Please give us a short RP response to these two scenarios. (At least one paragraph for each):

    You’re walking around the markets at around noon. There’s a lot of people around you, still gathering their items as they prepare to shut down their many stands. Suddenly you feel a gentle lifting of your coin purse as a child graces you and soon after they take off sprinting. You have been robbed:

    Hazeel clenches his fist, before patting his other brother forward, him rushing forth to the child, motioning for him to retrieve the pouch by any means. He'd tap his feet impatiently, folding his arms, before awaiting for the child to be brought out before him. He'd softly bring the child toward an alley or area of discretion, before snatching the pouch from the child viciously, and slipping out a coin. Crouching, and giving the child a cold, eye leveled stare, Hazeel would merely offer the child the chance to work for him, or the chance to end up unconscious on the ground.

    You’re heading back to the city through the woods when you hear a whining coming from nearby. Upon further investigation you come across a grey-coloured wolf that appears to have its leg caught in a bear trap. Around it is three smaller lumps of fur, obviously puppies belonging to the trapped mother. Without help, they’ll all die, but wolf skins are quite valuable too, not to mention that the nearby farms suffer quite a bit from the wolf population:

    Hazeel would grimace, motioning for his bulky brother to swiftly end their life, a swift slit of the neck. Removing the expensive pelts swiftly, the band of four callous brothers pick up the puppies, and trudge along. First stopping at the farmers, they offer them the puppies, to send to the chopping board. Collecting coins from the spiteful farmers while delivering sweet words of desire to help them in their plight. Then, Hazeel and his companions would move onto the markets, selling the pups and their mother's pelt.

    Extra notes (Optional, could include theme songs, pictures, etc.): ((Worth noting, while the family may be hyped up within this application, they are important in no way, and are practically unknown nobodies who trade in low quality goods, and steal low quality goods. Nowhere close to a noble house or guild.))

    Only fill out below if you want your character to have magic capabilities. If you don't fill this out, then your character will be incapable of performing any form of magic. Note that it will take significant in character practice and experience to become any form of proficient in magic.
    (We only accept high quality magic applications!)

    -Magic Biography:

    Born from the vile blood of the Manshoon, Hazeel's ancestors acquired trinkets through trade, deception, theft and murder.. Hazeel, youngest of his line, ruminated and studied the weakest of the trinkets, keeping the illusory based ones. He studied the 'vancian' magic radiating from the relics, a term coined by his family, meaning the innate quality that defines it. Through rigorous study, Hazeel began to take in the knowledge of his ancestors and family.

    Spending his childhood years, and his teen years in study, his study finally showed signs of paying off, Hazeel being able to cast mere cantrips at a time before exhausting his mana pool, his hubris dramatically increased as he finally noticed his magical prowess. Yet this wasn't enough, if Hazeel were to glance around, he observed other families, other Magi, and even the foul High-Elves, his jealousy and hatred grew. With boundless desire to defeat all other competitors, Hazeel took to the streets, and honed his street-based intellect. Through scamming, deception and betrayal, Hazeel accumulated trinkets of higher power, ancient tools selling for high prices.

    The trinkets, while incredibly weak, certainly added his current power. Yet, this still wasn't enough for the unyielding pride of the aspiring Wizard. So he set off with his three other brothers, onto a pilgrimage for fame, magical power, and wealth. Hazeel, the most ambitious of them all, left his trinkets at home, seeking to find far more powerful ones with his allies.

    -Please give an example in your own words describing the limitations placed upon those who use magic (This should be at least one well-crafted paragraph):

    The limitations are based on your level of Magic, (feeble, power, medium, etc.) and the will of your character. You cannot create a parallel universe at day one (or most likely at any day to be fair). The will to manipulate the fabric of magic and reality to your whim is incredibly straining on the Magus, causing headaches and more if overused. Though throughout progression, the load on which you can place on your mind slowly lowers. The player is expected to RP magical strain correctly and fairly, as well as progression.

    -Please give a description of the magic system in your own words:

    A freeform magical system that allows the user creativity and free roaming within reason. Trinkets are required to operate and allow you to improve, but you may only improve up to their level. Straining of the mind is frequent, but after much strife and effort, becomes easier to evade.

    -You are given a weak trinket of Illusion, you haven't had much practice with magic yet, but you will try your best. Describe some things you could/would do with this trinket:

    Practice the art of nuance, manipulation and stealth. Hazeel would spent his time ruminating over the properties that the trinket holds, learning to empower his own practice of the tricking arts. Studying how to play, manipulate and defeat any foes he may encounter, well versing himself in being one step ahead via the magic of Illusion.

    However, mechanically, with a weak trinket of Illusion, Hazeel would use it to trick others into believing objects have different hues, or to create faint sounds from other areas. Incredibly weak, yet still minorly useful enchantments on the mind. (In the Magic School sense.)

    You start with one aspect only. You gain the rest of them (How ever many your race may have) of your own choice through further RP, however you will not be able to attain them immediately.

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    IGN: Zhaldak

    What’s the most important rule?: to respect everyone and act intelligently.

    In Character:

    Why are they coming to Akavail and its portion of Bide (if not born there)?/What do they hope to do?: Zaezabaahl is an ancient evil, one that plagued Bide long ago during it's feudal stages. Having being imprisoned, with his new found freedom he hopes to claim Bide as his own.

    If any, list and explain all combative abilities: Somewhat increased strength, mace proficiency, mind altering magic (I.E manipulation magic.)

    If any, list and explain all non-combative abilities: (Lock-picking, well educated in certain kinds of technology/magic, tracking skills. etc): Necromancy, well versed in several languages, fast reader and writing maestro.

    Imagine all the things that can hurt/kill a standard human. Is there anything that your character is immune (or reduced effect) to that would normally affect a human? If so, to balance, what sort situation(s) could hurt/kill your character that normally wouldn't hurt a standard human? (Note: the kryptonite weakness, i.e, a situation/item that is rare or normally not on a person or found in the surrounding area even if it completely nullifies you is not balanced enough.) Immune: Breathing, sleeping, eating and the elements, piercing weapons. (Because he is a Skeleton.)

    Weaker to: Lighter forms of magic, i.e non elemental & non dark. Blunt weapons. Mind altering effects.

    RP Test:

    -Out in the wild, you come across an overly protective miner camping outside a cave entrance. He starts throwing rocks at you, barking at you to leave. At this instance, a person can be faintly seen coming out of the cave entrance. Diffuse the situation, and take it from there.

    (As a non skeleton Char.)

    "I'm not going to your mine, calm..." John would call out, raising his hands, moving to and fro as rocks fly.

    The Miner beckons for his leave, angrily barking. "Off withcheh boy." his facial hair rugged, and his voice worn.

    John, understanding that pursuing would only lead to more violence, decides to leave, his wounds from the thrown rocks a painful reminder of why the situation is fruitless.

    -A player who is RP’ing as a newspaper reporter is questioning a crowd about the recent monster attack in the area. Another player who plays a notorious street thug starts harassing the reporter for money. Interact with them.

    (As a non skeleton char.)

    John approaches, softly calling out to the thug. "Hey... Don't take what's not yours." he says, little backing in his tone.

    The Thug turns to John, hands still grasping the reporter's jacket. He smirks, replying. "You want to go?"

    John shakes his head, and replies anxiously. "No... I just want you to leave. He doesn't want to give you money..." As he says this, he begins to reach for his something from his pocket.

    The Thug notices this, and tosses the reporter aside, swinging for a right hook. Hitting John's right cheek, he would fall onto the floor.

    John would slither backwards, on his back, as he roars for the aid of a police officer. Seeing none, John would hop up, only to flee the site.

    The Thug cackles, returning to his business.

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    Hiya I'm great at advertising and I'd love to do it if you take me I'll talk to you about it on skype ;)

    Zhaldak out.
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    posted a message on Help with servers
    basicly no server works i enter /Zhaldak(my minecraft premium username) then my password twice it doesen't work it asks me to do it again then after 2 more times it kicks me out
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    This is very strange i think i bought minecraft for nothing because i cannot connect to any server i try to enter with my name /Zhaldark pass pass. it never works it just tells me to do it again its really annoying and it never works Help plz plz answer it say login timeout
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    Hey there, I need some testers for my map on creative so you can try and see what I should do to improve this
    if you could that be great, Also it be nice if you could film you testing it and when you finish tell me any bugs or glitches or mistakes i made thanks.

    -Gzero 14 A.K.A Eggzio
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    I am making a map called burn the flag where two teams (4 players on each or less) will fight each other and try to burn each others flag the first team to do so wins they both have equal amount resources horses and items needed for certain things mostly nothing is given if anyone would like to help me on this map please tell me bellow and comment on what you think, btw could someone teach me how to post a picture or video on this forum (the maps 70% made)
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    even tho its late can i join just to look at the server
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    Ant???? are you still there?
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    posted a message on i need a hamachi server
    wait a minute villages awesome im good with fortification and defense systems of villages obsidiansky here i come give me the name ip and password
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    Quote from AntSantoro

    I recently started my own RP server, and it all went well...
    Until...my ip got anally raped by a colored man in a ski mask, and now it doesn't work.
    So im stuck with hamachi.
    That leaves 5 people at a time allowed on the server, minus one for me, that makes 4.
    I am looking for 4 builders and players who have hamachi to help me build and populate the citys (villages) of my server. I have already completed on pretty much with the help of the server friends but there is still much to do.
    So the sad thing is, we do need to use hamachi, but i can assure u no lag, and mainly 24/7
    Our RP Scenario is multiple villages that are enemies, but at the moment they are in the process of being built, thats where u come in :D I believe my server, ObsidianSky fits your request, and will be more than what u expect in the long run.

    Please, Please, PLEEEEEASE help me ;(

    Pm if interested
    thats where i come in.. ok im interested ill be a builder in your server
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    i need a hamachi server please help
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    Looks pretty nice. Those towers would offer a wonderful sniping place. Do you have pics of the inside?
    i could take pics of the inside ill take pics of 1 tower then of my wizard tower then the walls then the inside of it ill do it ill make it due tommorow
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    what do you even mean?
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