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    Minor update: I have been able to get CTMs, sky, etc working with Optifine in 1.12.2 - This is *super* good news and solves about 90% of my problems!

    That being said, I have an old base edit that I need to find out how to implement in a better way. The files for my RezIn mod are simply modified base block class files. They change the rendering properties so that they behave like glass rather than ore blocks, meaning they handle transparencies rather than just rendering as opaque.

    I have absolutely no idea how to write a mod that modified base/vanilla block files. Has anyone done this before? Looking for good advice on this.

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    Some time ago, I created a Tron texture pack with a small addon called RezIn.


    The addIn modified certain blocks in the game to allow rendering transparent textures, much like how glass does. Shortly after, Minecraft moved on to newer versions and this stopped working completely.

    I'd like to get my mod working on a newer version of minecraft, but I'm not sure where to start in updating this feature specifically. Would anyone know how I could go about this nowadays? The last time I was modding for Minecraft, MCpatcher was handling a lot of the advanced rendering features.

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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3

    Both the renderpass feature and lightmaps seem to be broken ever since 1.8. I've confirmed with a few people that sunsets and sunrises are no longer editable using the standard lightmap format. Someone please help me confirm this so that we can get it fixed. Changing sunset/sunrise colors without MCPatcher will result in necessitating a coremod which is already giving me a head ache just thinking about it.

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    posted a message on Making Lightmaps - An MCPatcher Tutorial

    Are sunsets/sunrises currently broken in MCPatcher 1.8.9? For some reason when I use a custom lightmap, the lightning and rain colors take effect, but my sunset still shows as a bright orange and not as the teal color I was going for. This is what I have currently, can someone test this and see if I've made a mistake? It's sitting in mcpatcher > lightmap

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    Upon deep inspection of what I'm doing and what is necessary, yes. It appears that a Coremod and byte-level coding would be required to modify the specific methods I'm working with. Blech. One step at a time, I guess.

    I found this tutorial: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/mapping-and-modding-tutorials/1571568-tutorial-1-6-2-changing-vanilla-without-editing

    just in case anyone was interested. It was a little hard to find.

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    posted a message on Rezcraft [ReRez] [x64] - 1.8 - Craft the Grid


    Rezcraft[Rerez] Version 1.1


    Minecraft lends itself almost a little too well to the idea that a Tron texture pack should be a given. There is, sadly, a dearth of packs that are current and usable. Couple that with the fact that some of the best Light Cycle mods ever made are for versions as low as 1.5 and depression can set in pretty quickly. It's a cult film with a cult following though, so what to you expect, I guess. At any rate, this is my homage / love letter to Tron and Tron fans everywhere. This texture pack features features fully CTM'ed glass and glass panes, Tron-ified sky, and custom Armor. An addon pack grants the ability to render translucent doors, ores, and more. Biomes have been recolored, Bunnies have been neon-ed. At stages I was challenged by how something like a watermelon would look like in Tron. I think I did okay. I hope you will enjoy playing with it as much as I am excited to share it with you.

    About the Addon


    I wanted to create glass looking doors and objects to bring The Grid to life, so to speak. I initially started using CTM renderpasses to control this. Somewhere after 1.7, MCpatcher seems to have lost this ability or at least, it stopped working for what I was using it for. Also during 1.7, it was still kind of acceptable to add .class files to your jar. 2 years later that's completely changed. Unfortunately, I started making this mod a little before my daughter was born and additional free time is not something I'm likely to have any time soon.

    As a peace-meal between the two, I've included the modified .class files (RezIn) which serve as a companion to this texturepack. You can avoid modifying your JAR file permanently by using Magic Loader (link below). Simply point it to the ZIP and agree that you understand the risks. Alternatively you can drag/drop them into your JAR. I am not a programming wizard, but I'm actively trying to get a grip on ASM/Bytecode instruction to properly build out a coremod for this. It's not easy stuff. Until such time, use RezIn. It's completely designed for this texture pack and will have approximately 0 use with any other pack.



    V1.1 * 12/31/15

    *Updated sand so that it's color stands out more against dirt and is more seamless than it was previously

    *Hay and Ice textures were added (they were missing for some reason)

    *Gray stained glass has had it's .properties file adjusted so that it works normally

    *Missing dye powder icons were added

    *Missing minecart_hopper icon was added
    *Hopper icon now reflects the hopper texture's actual color

    *Ancient Guardian Texture has been completed

    *options_background.png has been recolored to stand out more than it's predecessor.

    Known Issues


    # Lightmap was updated to include sunset/sunrise recoloring in an effort to remove the necessity of using a .class mod, however this feature appears to be broken in MCPatcher 1.8+. Please pick on them to get this fixed

    # Armor textures need to have their metal stretched so that they fit over your silly character skins properly. This will be addressed in the next revision.

    #I'm all out potato chips



    MCPatcher patched 1.8

    I hear translucent renderings can make your system work a little harder - don't run this on your mom's Compaq Presario.

    I recommend you run my texture pack with Anti-aliasing, if you can. It really helps sharply define all the thin lines and makes it look way cool.

    Welcome to the Grid, User.

    Click to Download Magic Launcher


    Click to Download RezCraft [ReRez]

    Click to Download the RezIn Companion Mod



    To Buena Vista and Disney for the Tron franchise, for keeping computers a wonderous, magical landscape that my imagination may dance in. Disney owns all rights to Tron. All textures were inspired by Tron, Tron 2.0, Tron: Evolution, and Tron: Legacy. I don't own any of that, they do.

    Seriously, make a Tron Legacy 2. Do it. You know you want to.


    Many thanks are due to the following community members:


    Halcyon Days

    ---- Uses a recolored version of the bed and also uses a rehashed version of his sky texture (which I believe was pulled from generic HD Sky pack that's been floating around forever). Without eyeballing Ikezou's work over and over again, I never would have come this far. Thank you for being so proliferate.


    Minecraft Enhanced 1.8

    ----Uses certain interface textures from his pack to round out the GUI. It's amazing and worth your time to check out. I also used his armor textures as a template to help get me started. As this texture pack had no native HD armors. These were made from scratch with your guidance. Thank you.



    --- Who brought up RezCraft to 1.6 and inspired me to retexture it yet again.

    Whoever made the original RezCraft

    --- Seriously, this thing has been been remade so many times I cannot track down who was the original creator. Whoever you are, thank you.


    Yes, just mention me. Don't try to pass off my work as yours. I mean, you could and you'd 100% get away with it because like, am I really going to pony up the cash for a lawyer to prosecute you under pretty tenuous circumstances or am I going to buy tacos and deal? That's right: Tacos. If you're a cool person though, just mention me. It only takes a few seconds.

    More Ramblings for people who care to scroll this far:

    I'm releasing this texture pack because I'm afraid if I don't that I may never release it. I plan on keeping it as current as possible. In theory this works well all the way up through 1.8.9 but MCP seems to have problems decompiling 1.8.8, so it will be a while for the transparency part to catch up. I'm actively working for a replacement system, so if you see something that would work, let me know.

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    posted a message on Switching from adding .class files manually to something better?

    That's exactly the kind of thing I'm trying to avoid. Basically, I want to create a case statement that will test for a few different kinds of blocks, and if true, will return TRANSLUCENT, otherwise, it'll do nothing and the base class should define it as normal, at least it should, right?

    Unfortunately, I've only gotten a little further. I at least have a working forge environment up and running with a very very rudimentary mod skeleton in place. I'm just trying to figure out how to override things without having to do anything insane. I realize the modding community "frowns" on this kind of thing, but they also apparently frown on keeping tutorial information centralized and up to date. I've just spent the last 4 hours google-foo'ing myself into a migraine.

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    posted a message on Please Help:: Convert raw .class files into Forge-Compatible mod

    Good day everyone,

    This is a very polite plea for help. I have been working on a texture pack and accompanying modded class files for some time now. My pack is ready for its first release, but I've been chasing revisions so long that it seems now it's more appropriate to distribute a mod in the Forge format. This requires setting up their API and writing out a bunch of event handlers. Can I do this? Sure, given a couple of months. I'm a stay at home dad and finding spare time is a premium. Not to mention that trying to work with Forge Forum users is a little like negotiating trade agreements with the Soviet Union. I don't have the time or the patience.

    So I'm turning to you, modding community, for help. I will supply you, the coder, with all of the modded class files. This constitutes about 10 total files. All small edits, involving changing render properties for a series of blocks, plants, and items. A separate class edit modifies the sunset coloring. I can easily explain every edit I've made and help as much (or as little) with the process as is useful. I simply want to speed turn around time. As stated in the EULA, I cannot pay you for the content, but would be happy to donate an appropriate amount of money to an organization or cause in your name.

    If I can't find anyone to help, I'll be forced to release the .class files as a standalone mod with the loose promise of updating to Forge at a later date. I'm not particularly keen on doing this, but I'd rather have my mod out and about rather than languishing on my HD never to see the light of day.

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    As is usual, I've found something that looks like it'll probably work. I got wise and googled some javaesque statements close to what I would expect to see and found someones BUKKIT repository.

    import net.minecraft.util.EnumWorldBlockLayer;


    public EnumWorldBlockLayer getBlockLayer() {
    //if(this == EssenceBlocks.permaFlower || this == EssenceBlocks.shiverFlower || this == EssenceBlocks.iceBush)
    // return EnumWorldBlockLayer.TRANSLUCENT;
    return EnumWorldBlockLayer.CUTOUT;

    Should be able to tinker with this.

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    posted a message on Switching from adding .class files manually to something better?

    Fair enough, I will try to be as specific as possible. I've been doing reading since posting this and yes, I believe there is probably a way to do this with either the Forge or a Coremod. I'll admit up front that I understand programming logic but I'm not a java guru. I am actively learning more about how Forge puts together simple mods, however and it's looking clearer as I go. I have essentially two things going on.

    So take a look at this piece of code right here:

    public EnumWorldBlockLayer getBlockLayer()
    return EnumWorldBlockLayer.SOLID;

    Almost every block calls this method. This method controls how Minecraft renders the texture of a block. What I've done is chosen a set of vanilla blocks to go from SOLID to TRANSLUCENT. I've done this with doors, lilypads, ores, you name it. What I now have is a collection of class files that I add to the jar and it basically adds support to do transparencies on anything. For reasons, of course.

    I'm not sure how to attack this problem going from modding the class files to the API. I imagine it would be more efficient to change EnumWorldBlockLayer to ignore whatever the blocks return and simply set TRANSPARENT for each block, but the strings do not make sense to me, so I don't know what they're doing.

    private final String field_180338_e;
    private static final String __OBFID = "CL_00002152";

    private EnumWorldBlockLayer(String p_i45755_3_)

    //if you're bushes, ores, or lilly pads, this.field_180388_e = TRANSLUCENT (??)


    this.field_180338_e = p_i45755_3_;


    public String toString()
    return this.field_180338_e;

    MCPatcher has support for renderpasses, but it is broken. In texting it does not understand the full range of transparencies the way the game does. Too thin and it's clear, too thick and it's opaque again. It also doesn't understand when I try to define transparencies for rail and rail corners because corners do not have their own blockID. This was my solution to that problem.

    I was reading This: http://greyminecraftcoder.blogspot.com.au/p/list-of-topics.html today on how rendering is handled with something called IBakedModel, but I did not see that in the class files and what I have is working so I'm attacking it from that angle. I could be wrong. I have another class, calcSunriseSunsetColors, under WorldProvider that I've also edited to get some cool custom sunset colors. I feel like if I can understand how to override input coming from this, I should be able to do the same thing for this class as well. BTW, thank you so much for putting eyes on this. I've just finished my texture pack and making the mod portion of it easy to distribute (I hope) will let users enjoy it that much more.

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    At the very least, is there anyone who can point out a mod which does something similar so that I can try and duplicate that process?

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    posted a message on Switching from adding .class files manually to something better?

    I don't know if I'm being clear enough: I'm aware there is a better way to do it (the API), but the community only speaks at length about creating *new* items and blocks. I do not want to do this.

    For example, check out these tutorials from MrCrayFish:

    Starts out easy enough on episodes 1 and 2, setting up the environment and setting what appears to be some sort of handler to separate the mod from the rest of minecraft, okay whatever I can copy that. But right after that, he starts just creating brand new items and blocks. I'm not interested in that. There are specific values in vanilla blocks and in the World Renderer that I have changed to produce a given effect. I have not created anything new. That is what I'm missing information on. I already have .java files for the blocks that I have changed and could probably export that. Is there an easy way to copy/paste these java files into a package for installation?

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    Hey guys,

    I decompiled minecraft a while ago and modified a bunch of vanilla block properties among other things. For these changes, I have no problem adding them to my .jar file and running the same. Works great.

    One small problem though, I have heard through the grapevine that there are better ways to create mods than just dumping class files into the .jar. However, when I look at tutorials, the only thing anyone discusses is how to create custom items and blocks. I need to override vanilla items with these modified classes. I personally don't have qualms adding .class files to my jar but if there's a way that's easier, i'd like to do it. I'm just not sure how. I think I have an older version of MCP - it's not an API or anything fancy and I'm not working with .json files at this time.

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    After some tinkering it appears as though CTMs from as far back as 2012 are just not optomized for use with glass panes.

    Experimenting shows that there are areas with the CTM that are used in instances where the half-pane comes into play, which causes problems rendering perfect completed boarders. The main single block tile is the same tile that is rendered along the inseam, so unless you wanted to have a single pain just not render at all or render with a plain texture, there's no way to just leave part of your CTM blank to fix it. =\

    On top of that MCPatcher specifically states (I have found) that it completely ignores the FACES property on Non-Standard blocks, which is why defining them breaks it. So basically, until MCPatcher addresses the problem, the only way to fix it would be to break the model into essentially rendering 2 2D planes front and back and never attempting to render the sides. Unfortunately I have zero idea how to accomplish that.

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    posted a message on CTM Problem - Cannot Define Separate Top Bottom for Glass Pane - Help!

    Shameless bump

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