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    Hello guys, I'm Edu and I am new in Mod Development, I hope you enjoy my Mods and support it.

    The first mod that I played was Mo' Creatures, and I really loved it, but I want more foods, More Animals and More Ores all in one mod, so last week I created courage and started this Mod that I called "JustAnotherMod" in first I added a new Mob, a mob that I really like him, and I don't know why, he is the "Fire Demon" (I'm not creative with names) I thought of creating stories for the mobs, but I'll leave for later, if the public like the Mod.

    Some time later, I added the Duck, yes is just a Duck.

    I had added the Crystal Ore, Crystal Gem, Crystal Armor and Sword.

    I added some foods too, like the cheese, apple pie and raw duck, but due to some unknown bug it is not taken as Duck's drop.

    This is my first Mod, I had used MCreator 1.4.7 to create it because I'm new, if you guys like it, I will try develop more Mods and bring more updates to this Mod!

    Sorry for my Bad English, I'm Brazilian :wacko:

    Here is some ScreenShots from the Mod:

    I pretend add more Mobs, Foods, Ores, Dimensions, Biomes, Tools, Items. But I will only do it by recieving FeedBack.

    If you find any Bug, please PM Me, I will answer soon as possible!

    I will do an Video explaining recipes and somethings about the Mod.

    Thank you by the support and by downloading it! This is an Alpha Version [0.1]


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