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    -=Edge of Eternity is a 64-slot dedicated Minecraft SMP Bukkit Server=-
    -=IP: =-
    What you will find at EoE:
    Mature, Respectful Community ∞ 100% Legit Gameplay ∞ Ironclad Anti-Grief System
    Theft Prevention with Lockette ∞ Near-Vanilla Survival ∞ Ingame Shops with Chestshop ∞ Superflat Creative Map via Multiverse ∞ Age Limit 16+ ∞ 64-slot
    What you will not find:
    PVP/Factions ∞ Stealing ∞ Griefing ∞ Pixel Art ∞ Juveniles
    Whining ∞ Plugins Galore ∞ Handouts/Hand-Holding
    Statement of Purpose:
    Our goal is to provide a fun, relaxed gaming environment in which the player can enjoy the challenge of the game without having to worry about the malicious intentions of others.
    We have accomplished this, not through rigorous screening of applicants or with draconian moderators, but simply as a by-product of the atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation that exists in our small community. We employ only the bare minimum of game-enhancing plugins, preferring to embrace the Survival aspect of the game to the fullest.
    Despite the danger, the Edge is kept relaxed and groovy.
    Why not come and see for yourself?
    How to join
    Please make a quick application to be whitelisted below, in the format of:
    Minecraft Username (IGN):
    What you think makes a good Minecraft server:
    Why do you want to join us?:

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    Hello Guns4Tots!

    Minecraft is definitely a game where you can wind up getting bored of playing it. We're lucky that there's new updates now and then, but sometimes it's just not enough to keep the fun going. With our server, we try to host fun little events from time to time to keep players having fun. Even people who don't actually enter have fun with the contest by seeing all the awe inducing builds. Infact the current contest we have going on is where our players try to make something related to the server in real life, and they will win one of these bad boys if they get first place.

    Life can really be a drag sometimes. It's hard spending all your time working, eating, sleeping, and when you log into a game to have fun you're drowned with kids acting immature. Edge of Eternity's goal is to have a mature playerbase. We don't tolerate immaturity, and have banned people in the past because of it. Our average playerbase is people who work from 9-5, come home, and log on minecraft to enjoy the little time they have before heading to sleep. Most of our players range from 20-30 and you will see that by how we act towards one another.

    We have some fantastic builders on EoE. I myself can't even make a house look decent, but you can see what crazy things people have built on our server by our dynamic map here:

    We are always looking among our players for people who we could trust to aid us in running the server. Things we look for is activity, maturity, and integrity.

    If you are interested in joining Edge of Eternity, you can jump straight to applying for the whitelist here: http://www.eoemc.com/mainwapp

    If you want to look around more, you can check out our website here:

    Good luck with the search!
    Administrator for Edge of Eternity, MrDatsun
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