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    posted a message on ~EDGE OF ETERNITY~ [MATURE COMMUNITY] [DEDICATED 64-SLOT SMP] [Anti Grief] [Online for over 8 years!]
    Quote from radtheawsome»

    Minecraft Username (radtheawsome)

    Location:usa, pa


    What you think makes a good Minecraft server:no griefing and nice staff

    Why do you want to join us?:i was looking for a minecraft server to play and i saw edge of ethernity i checked it out it looked like a awsome server to join


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    -=Edge of Eternity is a 64-slot dedicated Minecraft SMP Bukkit Server=-
    -=IP: =-
    What you will find at EoE:
    Mature, Respectful Community ∞ 100% Legit Gameplay ∞ Ironclad Anti-Grief System
    Theft Prevention with Lockette ∞ Near-Vanilla Survival ∞ Ingame Shops with Chestshop ∞ Superflat Creative Map via Multiverse ∞ Age Limit 16+ ∞ 64-slot
    What you will not find:
    PVP/Factions ∞ Stealing ∞ Griefing ∞ Pixel Art ∞ Juveniles
    Whining ∞ Plugins Galore ∞ Handouts/Hand-Holding
    Statement of Purpose:
    Our goal is to provide a fun, relaxed gaming environment in which the player can enjoy the challenge of the game without having to worry about the malicious intentions of others.
    We have accomplished this, not through rigorous screening of applicants or with draconian moderators, but simply as a by-product of the atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation that exists in our small community. We employ only the bare minimum of game-enhancing plugins, preferring to embrace the Survival aspect of the game to the fullest.
    Despite the danger, the Edge is kept relaxed and groovy.
    Why not come and see for yourself?
    How to join
    Please make a quick application to be whitelisted below, in the format of:
    Minecraft Username (IGN):
    What you think makes a good Minecraft server:
    Why do you want to join us?:

    2015-10-31_18.09.30 2015-10-31_18.03.23 2015-10-31_20.29.03

    2015-10-31_20.26.25 2015-10-31_20.31.05 2015-10-31_17.31.19
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    posted a message on Looking for a survival server! ✿ I do graphic design
    Hello fellow Austinite!

    You're looking for a smallish, mature PvE whitelist server eh? I think our server Edge of Eternity not only meets your expectations, but surpasses them.

    Edge of Eternity is a 17+ whitelist PvE semi-vanilla server. Quite a mouthful. I know you stated that you're 16, but we do make exceptions based on how well the person fills out the application. We are semi-vanilla in the sense that we try not to modify how minecraft is played. Almost all of our plugins are for the servers sake, and not to benefit the players. The plugins that do change minecraft would be quicktree and stables. We have quicktree so that our map isn't filled of half-trees, and we have stables so players do not have to worry about people stealing horses.

    Our server can range anywhere from 3-16 people on at a time, It really just depends on what time zone you are located in. At the moment that I am typing this there are 10 people online. The players on EoE are definitely mature. If they weren't, they wouldn't be allowed to play here. The server has blossomed such an excellent community that many of us do things together outside of minecraft, such as some steam games and skype. We do have mumble, but many of us use skype instead.

    If you are interested in our server, feel free to take a look at our dynamic map first. This will give you an idea of how many people are online, what the map is like, and where you could set up your future home here.
    If you want to jump straight to applying, click this link below.
    Good luck!
    -Administrator of Edge of Eternity, MrDatsun
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    posted a message on Mama I'm Coming Home
    Hello Guns4Tots!

    Minecraft is definitely a game where you can wind up getting bored of playing it. We're lucky that there's new updates now and then, but sometimes it's just not enough to keep the fun going. With our server, we try to host fun little events from time to time to keep players having fun. Even people who don't actually enter have fun with the contest by seeing all the awe inducing builds. Infact the current contest we have going on is where our players try to make something related to the server in real life, and they will win one of these bad boys if they get first place.

    Life can really be a drag sometimes. It's hard spending all your time working, eating, sleeping, and when you log into a game to have fun you're drowned with kids acting immature. Edge of Eternity's goal is to have a mature playerbase. We don't tolerate immaturity, and have banned people in the past because of it. Our average playerbase is people who work from 9-5, come home, and log on minecraft to enjoy the little time they have before heading to sleep. Most of our players range from 20-30 and you will see that by how we act towards one another.

    We have some fantastic builders on EoE. I myself can't even make a house look decent, but you can see what crazy things people have built on our server by our dynamic map here:

    We are always looking among our players for people who we could trust to aid us in running the server. Things we look for is activity, maturity, and integrity.

    If you are interested in joining Edge of Eternity, you can jump straight to applying for the whitelist here: http://www.eoemc.com/mainwapp

    If you want to look around more, you can check out our website here:

    Good luck with the search!
    Administrator for Edge of Eternity, MrDatsun
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    posted a message on Please read!Seriously looking for server to join!
    Hello kakashi91,

    The main thing you're looking for in a server is one that already has a great community with it. That would be our server, Edge of Eternity. EoE has been alive for about 2 years now due to a very supporting owner and a loyal player base. I myself have been playing on the server for over a year now, and many of the people who I started playing with when I joined are still on the server, or pop in time to time. No one leaves due to a bad experience. Our community is 17+ due to our whitelist, with most of our active players being between 20-30. Some information about our server is...

    Semi Vanilla

    If you're interested in EoE, you can either PM me for more information, click here to apply for the whitelist, or check out our dynamic map here.

    Good luck with the search!
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    posted a message on Youtubers, looking for Server Host
    So what will you guys bring to the table? As in, what do we get in return for providing you with a host and a skillset for setting up / constantly modifying the server? Also, how big is your current group of followers?

    You can reach me by replying here or messaging me on skype @ amishinsurgent.

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    posted a message on Looking for a fun server to play on! :D Mature, fun and fair.
    Hello Brittany,

    I got just the server for you. Edge of Eternity is a 17+ whitelist server. We are semi-vanilla, in the sense that none of our plugins changes how you play minecraft. You mention that you love city servers, and our server has a ton of cities on it due to having towny. You can view all the cities from our dynamic map here:

    We also do have some teleporting. Players can teleport to each other, and people can teleport to certain towns.

    You won't find any immature chat on our server. Most of our players are 20-30 and have joined to escape the drama and kids. I couldn't really tell you how active the server is at night though because I work during the day, so I'm asleep during those times. As far as I know the 'night shift' usually has anywhere from 4-12 players on at a time.

    You can apply for Edge of Eternity by clicking the following link: http://www.eoemc.com/mainwapp

    Good luck with the search,
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    posted a message on Looking for a Server
    One of our representatives are going to try and contact you via skype, but just incase that doesn't go throw I'm going to reply in this thread.

    I'm a bit confused on what exactly you're looking for because your post is a bit vague. Are you looking for a host where they set the server to your needs, or are you looking for a server that's already decently sized to go to?

    If you're looking for a server to play on, then we have Edge of Eternity. It is a 17+ whitelist PvE vanilla server. I don't know what kind of audience you have, but we won't add young or immature people to the whitelist. The population on the server is already decently sized, but we have tons of room for expansion.
    Server website is here: eoemc.com
    whitelist application is here: http://www.eoemc.com/mainwapp

    If you're looking for the latter, we may be able to work something out. Either you can talk to our rep avbout it, or you can skype me @ amishinsurgent. Text chat only.

    Good luck.

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    posted a message on Delusionally Looking for a Survival Server with Specifics?
    I don't normally reply to topics that seem to be looking for something just a tad fiferent than what our server has, but all your other requirements are such a match I think I should give it a go.

    No PvP
    No Griefing
    Can build anywhere
    mature community (17+ whitelist)
    Skype not a requirement
    Donor Ranks - We do have donor groups, but we set them up so that they don't give a large lead to non donors. We also have events/contests now and then with shop vouchers as a reward.
    Fire Spread Off
    Creepers don't blow up land

    So now about keep inventory on. Your main issue seems to be that you lag a lot because of your computer, which makes you die a ton. I completely understand where you're coming from since I use to own a computer like that. I have personally tweaked configurations to make it so falling through the void or through blocks won't result in death. If you are willing to give our server a chance and we see that death is an issue for you, I am willing to accommodate you by working something out where you'll keep your inventory in those circumstances.

    To see our map and who all is online, check out our dynamic map here:
    To learn more about our server, check out eoemc.com
    To apply for whitelist, check out http://www.eoemc.com/mainwapp

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    posted a message on Mature Player Looking for a Server
    Oh man, I got you covered!

    To start off with my advertising bit, I see you're looking for a server that's not full of houses with planks and dirt slapped onto it. I could explain how great a lot of our players are at building, but instead I'll just give you a link to our Dynamic Map. With it, you can see our complete map, as well as the players online. Link is here.

    You're also looking for a mature, laidback server. Perfect! We have a 17+ requirement with a whitelist, so you definitely won't find immaturity here. Due to the ages of our players, almost everyone is pretty laidback. There's no fun working an 8 hour shift and coming home to play a stressful game. There aren't any limitations to where you can build too, as long as you respect other people's work areas.

    We (Edge of Eternity) are also semi-vanilla, which is something you're looking for. The only plugin I'd say that's a game changer is "QuickTree", which breaks a whole tree down when you break a log. The only reason we use this plugin though is because a map full of half trees is not a pretty sight.

    If EoE has caught your attention, you can go ahead and apply for the whitelist here: http://www.eoemc.com/mainwapp
    If you'd prefer to check us out more, our website is here: http://www.eoemc.com/mainhome

    Good luck!

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    posted a message on Looking for Pure Vanilla!
    Quote from strongarmz

    All i want is a small community, with relax admins. Prefer everyone is in survival mode including owner ect. Really want to meet some mature people around my age(23) that would like to work togethor to survive and thrive. Anyway i hope this type of server exists somewhere and that i find it SOON. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    As far as mods go i appreciate grief prevention, or at least a rollback if griefing does occur. And as far as pvp maybe if both parties conscent. Anyway i hope i find this server soon. Have a good one all.

    Hello Strongarmz!

    You're pretty much looking for our server, so it's a good thing I found your post :steve_wink:
    Our server's name is Edge of Eternity. We host a couple different servers, but our main one is "The Edge". The Edge has been around for close to two years now, and isn't anywhere near death. The community we have is so great and supportive that we have nothing to worry about!

    The details to the server are that we are a 17+ whitelist PvE server. We also fall under the Semi-Vanilla category because we have plugins that do not change how you play minecraft, except for one plugin called quicktree. The only reason we use it though is because it prevents an ugly map of half trees all over. The community is also mostly 20+, which is one of the requirements you listed.

    The staff on the server can not abuse their power to grab items for themselves either. Infact both the Owner and I don't even really have houses at the moment because all day everyday we're only working on ways to improve the server. We monitor the rest of t he staff team as well and will boot anyone from the staff that seem to be taking advantage of what they were given.

    If you'd like to see a map of our server, check out our dynamic map here:

    If you'd like to jump right in and apply for the server, check out this link: http://www.eoemc.com/mainwapp

    And finally, if you'd like to browse around the website first, head to eoemc.com

    Good luck!
    - Administrator for EoE, MrDatsun
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    posted a message on Thinking about starting new server
    The problem with that is there are lots of servers like that already. You'll have a hard time not paying anything (relying on donations) because it will be hard to form an active userbase. 18+ players also have lots going on in their lives where they can easily be pulled away from Minecraft, never to show up again. The server I admin on is just like what you're trying to make, and we have to spend hours and hours every week recruiting just to keep the server population from dwindling.
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    posted a message on Looking for a server
    I'm going to break down your requirements one by one because I feel our server perfectly matches your requests.

    ~No cracked server - ✓ We only allow clients that have purchased the game.

    ~Friendly community - ✓ Not once have we been told we have a bad community. Our 17+ whitelist requirement enables us to pick and choose our players, and in return our community is full of mature and respectful people.

    ~Admin protects player-made creations(even if it costs virtual money as some mods do) - ✓ We have towny, which will allow you to claim land with ingame currency. Protecting land isn't a necessity on the server because we have no griefers, but some people like the extra protection.

    ~No griefers and so on who seek to make peoples game unplayable - ✓ As an admin who's online close to 8 hours a day, I've only had to ban 3 people for griefing in the past year and a half.

    ~Up 24/7 - ✓ We have a dedicated host and are in full control of it.

    idc if it's pvp or not - Not PvP

    Our server is called Edge of Eternity. We are a 17+ whitelisted semi-vanilla PvE server. What does all that mean? It means that our server is close to regular minecraft (No game changing plugins), there is no PvP, and we have a whitelist to ensure a good community. To apply for the whitelist, check out the link here: http://www.eoemc.com/mainwapp

    If you just want to take a glance at the server, you can check our dynamic map here:

    Good luck!

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    posted a message on Looking for custom server host
    Do you currently have a youtube following? What would you do to get the word out about the host? These things are important because hosting a server costs money, and if we as the host don't get anything in return, there's no point in providing the service.
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    posted a message on Looking for survival server!
    Our server is a perfect place for newer players to begin. Our server is semi-vanilla, meaning we don't have any plugins on that change how you play minecraft. You could go from playing single player to playing on our server without having to learn anything new. All our players are very friendly and talkative too, so if you have any questions you can just ask them in chat; you'll definitely get an answer!

    To see more information about our server, check out our website here: http://www.eoemc.com/mainhome
    If you'd like to apply for the whitelist (meaning permission to play on it), click this link here: http://www.eoemc.com/mainwapp

    Good luck!
    EoE Admin MrDatsun
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