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    posted a message on [Aesthetic] Animated Player - Compatibility and Flying! [v1.5.1]
    I found a glitch that made me uninstall the mod: when I was on my friends server with this we were playing the withers challenge and we all had armor so when I looked in a certan direction the armor of my friends would come up in my face and I couldn't see through it, which made me die a lot :(
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    posted a message on Is their a apocalyptic world tool?
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    posted a message on Halo: Battlefield Mod =Could be a while before anyone finds us. Years even.=
    .... wow.... This mod has awesome potential man! I'm really looking forward to this :D o and can I be a tester if not than a modeller? I know all the covenant and their vehicles so yeah... Looks great! -peace
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    posted a message on (1.4.7) Dimensional Adventures! (Need Coders, Texturers, Modelers, and everything else!)
    Age (10-100) = 11 apply for = Modeller exp = fairly well at models but horrible at textures. o btw names Edan :3, Peace.
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    posted a message on What "scared" you in Minecraft when you first played in survival?
    Quote from Nerdgazm

    Spiders, they were the only thing that kept me on peaceful for like Beta 1.2-Beta 1.8 xD

    lol same but i just staid in peaceful coz i was terrified of creepers because i never saw one XD
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    posted a message on Dwarves vs Zombies 24/7 SMP
    Edan2620 and Alpha_spider

    (i have two acounts)
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Aliens Vs Predator
    i tried this mod out and I LIKE IT :D
    but with that like alien stone and stuff i couldn't fuiger out if it was for the hives or there was a dimention that uses those blocks...
    o, and THE ALIENS ARE AWESOME but decreace the spawn rate a bit coz my world was infected with them... :(
    anyways nice job on this mod im lookng forward for whats coming up next! ;)
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Kiterosma's Herobrine Mod [v0.4]
    hey its me from the start of the chat,

    very creepy indeed....

    o and thanks for adding a couple of my ideas :D :D :D eg: stealing from chests :Do.. and

    BYE BYE ;)
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    posted a message on BossCraft - New Server, Looking for Good builders and Great Staff!
    HAWO, sounds like a cool server i was wondering if i could help build stuff (spawn, world, pvp maps etc etc)
    *Staff Application*
    IGN: Edan2620 / Alpha_spider (i have two acounts)
    Why I Should Be Staff: well, i like to build and stuff im nice and i'll look out for griefers/hackers and i'll clam people down and settle stuff out if theres a fight i like to share and im always fair.
    Have You Been A Staff On Any Servers Before: yes, infact i have me and my friend own 3 servers (no name yet) and we will be getting a public server soon, but the servers are humuchi now, and heres the ip:

    so yeah, Cheers!
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    posted a message on I am looking for a few builders for my server
    can i join... *cute puppy dog face*
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    posted a message on [MAP] THE MINECRAFT GRAVEYARD
    minecraft name: Edan2620
    What i want said: also know as woof woof and was a close friend
    items buried with: a wolf egg and a health potion
    flowers: yes, wheat (if u cant the rose)
    fire: redstone lamp (if u cant then no)

    plz put me on ;)

    -woof woof
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Amnesia Mod
    i got the demo of amnesia and i was really freaked out :D it would be AWESOME if u could make this mod that scary

    anyway i have some ideas and notices that would be cool in the mod

    1. there should be sanity, the more your in the dark the higher your snaity is and if u have about 50% sanity you could have nausia for about 3-5 seconds randomly

    2. the karnek (tell me if i spelt that wrong) it would be a monster that spawns only in water (like squid) and would die out of water (not instantly) they would have an invible texture and they DONT spawn in light (they spawn in water in dark places) were ever they walk will make a splash on the surface of the water. where ever u go in the water no matter how high above or low under it will hit u.

    3. lots of new blocks (like armor stands barels placesable glass bottle ect ect...)

    plz use some of my ideas (u dont dont have to but i would like u to ;))
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    posted a message on Caterpillar Fungus
    some1 should make this a mod coz i really support this i think its awesome! ;)

    btw i always thought mushroom biomes were boring so i think this'll jazz it up a bit :)
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    posted a message on Nuclear Apocalypse
    could i be a beta tester and this mod would go great with the wasteland mod and under ground bunkers mod! :D
    btw if u have skype my skype name is edan.reynolds plz send me pre-releaseoh and how do you put banners under your post?
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