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    With the introduction to guardians in Minecraft sea life has been a bit better and more diverse (again just a bit) however I propose an idea to add a small new creature to make sea life just a bit more livelier the Dumbo Octopus! this is a real life creature which I think can spruce up the ocean!


    Passive mob


    The Dumbo octopus has 1 heart of health and cant be out of the water or it will suffocate


    The Dumbo octopus is about the size of a cave spider, less than the size of 1 block


    The Dumbo octopus usually spawns in the ocean/river floor


    The Dumbo octopus will drop 1-2 pink dye. Furthermore the adorable octopus will lay an egg (1 per 1.5 minecraft days) called a pink egg is dyed pink, which when thrown on land will do nothing and will act as a substitute for a chicken egg in crafting recipes, however right clicking it in water has a chance to spawn an adorable octopus. which means you can put one in your own aquarium!


    cool model by alfalfamire!:

    Awesome model made by Alfalfmire!

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    Quote from RobertFrans»

    Of course the updates have not always that much content. If they want to update the game for years to come, they have to keep the updates not too big, to prevent that they are all out of ideas after a few updates.

    Thereby, the updating is more in a slowly evolving style: every update does complete some old features more and bring in new features that will be more completed the next updates. Just like your worlds slowly evolve from dirt huts to eleborate bases, so does the game.

    It is, as to say, just like if you as player are inventing new items and discovering new things, but don't know right away to use them in their full potential.

    Updating too often is also not always that fun for servers, mods and resource packs, because their makers have then also contantly update their content. Especially if updates would be very big, it would be a hazzle for good resource pack makers to make all the new textures and or sounds.

    Every update comes also always with new bugs, making the game a little less unstable for a short time. Not always that fun for players. And if some mechanics are changed, like soon to be with the combat mechanics, you have to get used to that again. I mean, very nice those combat improvements, but if you are very experienced with sword blocking, you will propably die a lot before you have really in your head that you need shields now. And that can be quite frustrating.

    So one or two bigger updates per year is good enough, in my opinion. And those updates don't have to implement hunderds of blocks, weapons and mobs, like Terraria does. Just some good improvements, some simple, cool new stuff that opens an unlimited amount of creative usages (redstone, slimeblocks, armor stands, dual wielding, etc.) and some more ambience for the world can be good enough.

    I mean, one simple slimeblock did let make players so much new stuff, from huge mecha robots to minigames with torpedos and its possibilites are by far not completely discovered yet. And just one simple @e argument made creative maps suddenly so much more dynamic, flexible and awesome.

    That is the power of Minecraft, that is what people inspire to play it. And that is something that mod makers sometimes completely forget, with all their machines, advanced blocks with needlessy complicated GUI's, etc.

    That was... Beautiful *sheds tear*

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    Quote from GoldenPingy
    wow awesome i hope i rankup fast

    Keep posting and time will fly!
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    Quote from Jayblaze24

    Razza I cant acsess the photos its not public

    He says he will fix it!
    Quote from SteveCraftwood

    I'd like an edit of the default 'Steve' skin (The one with the standard mouth, not the smile/beard). I'd like a chest backpack (Like the ones in Take Back the Night by CaptainSparklez) on my back, a diamond sword in a leather sheath on my right side, and a book in my pocket. If you could make the items as accurate as possible to their in-game appearances that would be great! I'd like to sword and backpack to be part of the hat/armor layer, but if you can't make it like that (A 1.8 skin) that's fine.

    Quote from TheQuillion

    Hi! Can someone make this for me? Plz!

    both of yours are in the works!
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    To the SuperSkinShop! we will meet your demands at a great speed however before you start requesting please follow our guidelines below! superb shades and blocky and simple skins!
    • No inappropriate skins!
    • First come first served!
    • Wait patiently!
    • jarjarBEEINX
    • _Raza3
    • EpicMCBros
    • Eclipse_Gaming
    So please request below!
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    Mob in a suit.
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    1. 500
    2. Redstone
    3. abandoned mineshaft!
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    We dont need another hate page on squids or sky. Let it die out! your not helping the matter.
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    Welcome to the fourms! your post is misleading so please follow this format and click the edit button on your post (suggestion):
    Attack damage:
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