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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.17 Update Opinion Thread

    I want to rehash this post: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-java-edition/recent-updates-and-snapshots/3037231-minecraft-1-17-update-opinion-thread?comment=48 which explains why its not simple for mojang to release updates faster.

    Also, I think mojang not releasing updates faster might not be as bad as you think. Maybe if you only care about vanilla its bad but mojang pushing out really fast updates could destroy modding.

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    posted a message on Will Java become more like bedrock in the future?
    Quote from SuntannedDuck2»

    I don't think Parity really needs to be a thing, as it makes for an interesting experience with how different they are already (in the few times I've used Bedrock), and as Java is a Windows/Mac/Linux platform it's not going to happen with mods or other things on those platforms clearly.

    I think mojang's current goal is to make more parity. I could be speculating but I think this is to lead up to cross-play between java and bedrock. And I think a reason the new combat snapshots are happening is to create a combat that works good on bedrock as well (I could be wrong though).

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    posted a message on Will Java become more like bedrock in the future?

    I believe bedrock/java parity is planned (I think jeb said so on reddit). I don't know to what extant.

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    posted a message on crush

    From what I could see on a quick look "torchslabmod" might be responsible. Does it work when you remove it?

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    posted a message on crush

    Post your latest.log.

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    posted a message on Do I have to worry about Endermen destroying my guardian farm?
    Quote from Toadrunner»

    Oh hurray, I didn't know there was a limit on the kind of blocks they picked up. My farm is made out of prismarine and glass, so it is safe! Thanks for giving me peace of mind!

    While they wouldn't be able to pick up blocks, as long as there's a safe place for them to teleport inside they might be able to place blocks inside. Not sure if that would hurt you or not.

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    posted a message on Sometimes I question what mojang is doing...(Give me your thoughts!) (Rant(Kinda))


    Im Thomas. Just before I get into this this isnt just "OOoOooHhHhh MinECRaFT UpdATE BaD".

    Well first of all,

    Java & Bedrock... Mojang, what?

    Why would you have two 100% incompatible versions, if... you could join java servers, Anvil world saves would be nice.

    But no. Mojang split there community, community is one of the main
    parts of Minecraft. I dont need to say that, is the Minecraft community a
    good community?

    Dependes on how you look at it, for the most part its a lovley community... but its split.

    Sure ok,

    Whats another part of Minecraft, well this one heavily hooks into the community...


    Does Mojang even care?

    Now I could nitpick forever on this but the main issuses are...

    Well the ones mentioned in the Bedrock Java thing.

    Making it seem like realms is the ONLY way to get a server.

    And no bulit in plugin support but that doesnt really matter.


    Microsoft, do I like them... ehhh, though Im writing this on Windows 10 sooo.

    They bought minecraft for a goood chunk of money.

    And they are proably still trying to re-coop those costs, so
    Microtransactions were added. There not all bad, it allows developers a
    huge outreach and a platorm to profit of there hard work. Thats all
    good, but... Im just not to fond on them(pls mojang leave java alone its

    And the game just straight up being marketed 100% towards kids, your
    game has an audult audience. There selling it almost as if its something
    else. Flat graphics, Bright colours.

    Take from this what you please.

    Feel free to leave a comment,


    Just curious, how does bedrock and java (two versions) splitting the community differ from all the other versions that came before it being split (wii u/playstation 3/playstation 4/xbox/nintendo switch/pocket edition, etc)?
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    What I don't understand is why there isn't content parity between the 2 versions

    surely there must be a way for the game to have saves which are cross compatible, in a similar manner that ROM dumping of cartridge games could be used to import their save data to another device using entirely different architecture? if this were done then theoretically you could make realms crossplay between both Java and bedrock edition.

    But console manufacturers do not like mods used on their systems so that is one plausible explanation. Bedrock is (deliberately) more restricted in the modding aspect so naturally they're going to want to make it harder to tamper with the files.

    It is disappointing that both the realms and the 3rd party servers don't offer crossplay between Java and bedrock edition.

    This means without MC Tool Chest, save files cannot be converted between them, and Linux users are forbidden to play with people on consoles on this game.

    I believe the current explanation is that in order to have cross play between java and bedrock, all the parity issues need to be resolved first. And they are also supposedly working on it to some extant I guess. Note that I'm recalling from memory here.

    Yeah, it just seems... weird to make 2 versions. If anything they would want to just make one.

    Plus my cousin who is about 10 wanted to play java, i told him... minecraft.net!

    He bought windows 10 edition.

    Its just confusing

    I think there's more to it than just "make one". Java edition is the first Minecraft, tossing it could cause backlash. The parity issues thing I mentioned above prevents a merger for now.

    Also, your cousin is not the first person to buy the wrong one I'm pretty sure...

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    posted a message on Wood Walls

    Just an FYI, I vaguely remember Dinnerbone mentioning on Twitter that walls were for stone and fences were for wood or that was what they were going for. Not sure if this means this suggestion can happen at all or not.

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    posted a message on Wondering if I can move structures between worlds.

    There are ways to do it I think. I think you might be able to use structure blocks, and I've heard of programs like mcedit being usable for this purpose (its been awhile though, not sure if mcedit is good for this anymore).

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    posted a message on Help, son is lost after leaving the END!

    So is this new island not the original spawn point? If he slept there then couldn't he just break the bed, do a /kill command, and it would take him back to the original spawn point? Does he remember building his town on top of the world's spawn point?

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    posted a message on Please, for crying out loud, fix the ghast soundscape!

    since I thought this WAS the place to do that, and apparently it's not, where's the place to do that?

    If TheMasterCarver's post didn't make it clear, you can post bugs to the bug tracker: https://bugs.mojang.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa

    Just make sure to search to make sure your issue isn't already reported before posting!

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    posted a message on I lost minecraft

    How did you play the game? Was it in survival, creative, etc.? By "servers are bad" are you implying that you played multiplayer, but the people on those servers were not good? How often did you play the game?

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    posted a message on Divine RPG Vethea generation is dumb

    I have been told that you need to update the DivineRPG mod, that should fix this problem.

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    posted a message on Divine RPG Vethea generation is dumb

    Well, if the game is crashing, then please post the crash report here.

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