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    posted a message on 🌎[- 𝗘𝗩𝗚𝗮𝗺𝗲𝘀 Earth Towny -] 🌎 [🤝 Friendly - 📈 Ranks - 🚗 Vehicles - 🗺️ Dynmap]
    « EVGames Earth Towny »

    « IP: play.evgames.org »
    « Webstore: store.evgames.org »
    « Discord: discord.io/evgames »

    What to expect:
    🡆 Towny
    🡆 Jobs
    🡆 Vehicles (Cars, Planes, Train, Etc) No Mods Needed
    🡆 Friendly Community
    🡆 Dedicated Staff
    🡆 Crates
    🡆 Events
    🡆 Vote Party
    🡆 Chest Protection
    🡆 Player Shops
    🡆 Player Ran Economy
    🡆 Dynmap
    🡆 Progressional Ranks
    🡆 Marriage

    What not to expect:
    🡆 Staff Abuse
    🡆 Griefing
    🡆 Toxicity
    🡆 Disrespect
    🡆 Free Loot


    « Welcome to EVGames »
    EVGames is a big family. We have one of the friendlies and unique Towny community in Minecraft. We have 1:1000 Scale
    Earth Map which you can explore and settle on! Make a town with your friends or join other players and expand!
    Win events and get a key to a crate, to open the crate and win amazing rewards! Get a job to earn money, with that money you can buy
    progressional ranks and vehicles! We have different type of vehicles : Cars, Planes, Tractors, Bikes, Trains, and more! You can open your own
    Store and sell items to other players! Sell your items and be the listed along top richest players on the scoreboard!
    You can vote for the server and work together to reach the vote party goal! To receive a key to a Royal Crate!

    Join us and become part of the Family!
    Vehicles (No Mods Needed)
    Vehicles - Cars, Trains, Tractors, Bikes, Planes, and more! (No mods needed)

    Voteparty Reach enough votes together to get rewards!
    Vote party - Vote for the server together to reach the goal and get rewards!

    Crates - Open Crates to win rewards!
    « Influencers: »
    Are you a Streamer or a Youtuber? This is the perfect server to join! We have social media entertainers that play on this server!
    We are currently looking for influencers to join!

    IP: play.evgames.org
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