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    hey i would like to be manager of the server

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    -Your IGN: _XUnknownGamerX_

    -Your Age: 11

    -Previous experience as an admin/moderator: i have a lot of past experience as admin. I have been admin around 10 servers and i did a lot of things for the server. I stopped being admin on the servers that i have worked on shut down because either the server is to old or the owner didn't pay for the server. I am currently not working with any other server right now.

    -Your Skype: epicgamer3600

    I vow to tell the truth and I won't grief your server

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    Contact Information[/b]

    Information we'll need to know exactly who you are and how to contact you (should you be accepted...).

    Username (In-game name): _XUnknownGamerX_[/b]

    Real Name (completely optional):[/b]

    Skype Username: epicgamer3600[/b]

    (Having a Skype account is actually no required, although not having it would lower your chances since Staff communication is done mainly through Skype. Enjin can be used as well though (our website uses Enjin).)

    Which timezone are you in?: Pacific Time Zone (UTC-8:00)[/b]

    (e.g. GMT? GMT +1? GMT -2?...)

    Have you ever been a Staff member elsewhere?: Yes[/b]

    Roughly how much time would you have to play on the server?: weekends (Fridays 1-2 hours, Saturdays 3-4 hours, and Sundays 3-4 hours[/b]
    (Be 100% honest. If we notice that your actual play-time differs from what was stated here...expect a demotion.)

    Situational Questions[/b] What would you do if you were in these situations?

    A new player joins the server and shortly after they start posting the IP address of another server. What would you do?: i will tell him or her to stop and if he or she wont stop, i will mute him or her[/b]

    A long time, trusted member starts an argument with a player on the server. The trusted member starts losing his patience and the argument quickly becomes very rude and vulgar. What would you do?: i will tell them both to stop, and try to figure out what is the problem[/b]

    You see another Staff member punishing a player without a clear or valid reason. They tell you the player was "annoying" them, so they banned them...although the player did not explicitly break any rules. What would you do?: i will take a screenshot and show the co-owner or owner the screenshot[/b]


    As a Staff member, you are NOT exempt from the rules. Do you fully accept this and agree with the Nyxus Minecraft Server rules?[/b]

    Yes, I fully agree with all the Nyxus rules.
    No, I disagree with the Nyxus rules.
    I only agree with some of the Nyxus rules...

    It is possible that your application is rejected, will you accept and respect the decision taken by the Staff team?[/b]


    Is absolutely ALL the information written and provided on this application true?[/b]

    Yes, everything I have written on this application is 100% true.
    No, some of the answer are lies...
    No, I hate you...

    Would you like to add anything else?[/b]
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    Quote from jackthemesssi»
    Hi, I am Jack and I would love to be a part of the innovative server! I would be honored to be selected for the Lore and Builder positions, as building is my Minecraft specialty, and I am an avid writed in school. Here is some info about me.

    MC Username: Pigracer400

    Time Zone: (UTC-03:00)

    Time you can dedicate to the server?: At least 3 hours per day.

    What plugins do you know about?: I know a lot about most faction plugins, and I know a good amount about most other types of plugins.

    Please explain in detail what you think an Admin means: As an Admin, I should be devoted to to the users. I need to make sure they have the most fun possible, and stop anyone from using un-fair advantages to take away from others playing experience. I also need to monitor the chat and communication on the server, so users feel safe, and never threatened, so they continue to return to the server. These are just a few things that are important to remember as an admin.

    Anything else we should know about you? I am a great builder, so I can build spawns/ warps/ etc. Also, I am a nice guy, and am willing to sacrifice my time for the enjoyment of users.

    Thanks, Jack

    Nice you copied from this topic:
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    Quote from iTekkk»
    Dont join. The owner is 10, they have the worst prefix's and the worse built mines possbile. The spawn looks like a 3 year old made it with his crayons :D

    XD haha
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    Quote from Genna_Senna»

    Thanks for applying! Please join the website: www.octa-mc.com

    whats the ip?
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    IGN: EPICgamer3600

    AGE: 11


    WHY: i enjoy the experience of moderating and that i like to help others


    Hope you will accept me :)
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    i would like to join :)

    IGN: EPICgamer3600
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