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    posted a message on Eat the Eggs: Recipes to make eggs more useful and fun! (1.16.1 Fabric, 1.12.2 - 1.9)
    Introducing my first Minecraft mod:
    Eat the Eggs! (1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.11.2, 1.12, 1.12.2*, 1.16.1 Fabric)

    Version 1.forge-1.10-12.18

    Anyone else ever look at the stacks and stacks of eggs in their survival worlds and wish you could eat those things? Seems silly that such a great source of protein goes to waste in the game right?

    So ... I know there have been "egg" mods in the past - I've used a few of them myself. But ... since none of them have updated for Minecraft 1.9 yet (I think) and since I recently got the itch to try my hand at Minecraft modding ... I thought I'd whip up my own egg mod!


      • Each of the food items fills up a slightly different amount of hunger. I prefer whatever mods I use to make Survival mode realistic but fun so I don't want these recipes to be overpowered! If anyone thinks the food/hunger settings need tweaking let me know.
      • No native Minecraft items have been altered so it should be safe to add or remove from your Minecraft saves without breaking anything
      • Fabric/Forge

    Again this is my first mod ever so please be gentle with the feedback. That said, if anyone tries it and has feedback let me know and if it's worthwhile input I'll make the necessary tweaks before calling this version "1.0". Especially chime in if anyone has ideas for new egg recipes!

    Thanks and let me know if you try it out! :)


    Fried Egg

    Scrambled Eggs!

    Cheesy Scrambled Eggs:

    Scrambled Eggs & Beef!

    Scrambled Eggs & Bacon!

    Slice of Bread

    Cheese (note: As of 20161211 this makes 16 cheese now, not just 1)

    Cheese and Mushroom Omelette


    Fried Egg Sandwich

    Scrambled Egg Sandwich

    Mod Intro Level Save

    The Mod Intro Level Save:

    Download: Eat the Eggs (Mod Intro).zip

    Just a simple level I made that shows the recipes and lets you fool around with the mod quickly if anyone finds it useful.

    Showcase/Demo Videos!

    Handful of videos by fellow Minecrafters trying out the mod! Thanks everyone!



    Bridol - The Viking



    Alec Is Gray



    Thanks to MrCrayfish for his awesome mods and mod development tutorials! He is the man.

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    posted a message on LogicalCraft (formerly Logical Drops) (1.12.2 - 1.7.10)
    The mod formerly known as "Logical Drops" has been renamed to ...

    LogicalCraft! by EM3R50N

    Bugs or Requests?

    If you find a bug or have a feature request please report it here - otherwise I may not see it as quickly if posted in this thread or on Curse.


    This mod has evolved over time and after recently adding a few new things the name "Logical Drops" no longer really fit so I renamed it to "LogicalCraft". If you've never used a version of Logical Drops before feel free to read some of the notes below to get a better feel for how it's evolved over time ... but in short this mod is a combination of various "logical" adjustments to the game that makes survival mode more fun. Note some of the changes in the mod came from suggestions from forum users - thanks to everyone for the feedback!

    Customize Almost All Settings!

    LogicalCraft Configuration Screens


    Drop Details / Change Log

    LATEST: Version 1.12.2- Changes

    • Mod renamed from "Logical Drops" to "LogicalCraft"!
    • Adjusted drop settings for all animals and many mobs (including villagers)
    • Furnaces that work while you sleep in game!
    • Anvils that last longer (or forever)!
    • Handful of "logical" recipes for dye mixing, saddle a couple other things
    • Brand new mod configuration screens to make customizing easier!
    • Updated Test Level for 1.12.2! (download link below)

    Note: This build was built with Forge version so you may/may not need to update your Forge if you have version issues.

    Test Level
    Updated for the 1.12.2 update!

    Download test level here: EM3R50N-LogicalCraft-1.12.2.zip

    ----------------- OLD STUFF -----------------

    Old "Logical Drops" Version Notes

    Version 1.12.2- Changes

    20180910 Fix: Couple animals dropped BEEF in addition to other stuff (chicken/sheep). Should be fixed.

    Few changes (in this 1.12.2 version only):

    • Added Horses and Llamas (and Mod Config values to edit)
    • Added bones for all animals
    • Removed Wool drop from Creepers
    • Removed TNT drop from Creepers
    • NOTE: Sadly my "test level" save doesn't work anymore as most of the /spawn commands have changed and I don't have time to fix yet. :(
    • Thanks for feedback/suggestions everyone. Please report any bugs if anyone finds any.

    PS: Sorry I am not able to fix 1.7 requests and/or add some of these changes to pre 1.12.2 versions (at least yet) - very little time!

    Version 0.9.5 Changes:

    Version for 1.12 has been uploaded (but not tested very much). Note a couple updates were thrown in (only for 1.12 version for now):

    • Cows now drop leather (great suggestion from thegofa). Defaults: Min:2, Max: 4
    • Creepers now can drop leaves if you want. Defaults: Min: 0, Max: 0
    • Setting a "max" item in the Mod Config *should* now work and prevent that item from dropping at all

    Version 0.9.4 Changes:

    Arrows from Enemies with Bows (1.9 only)

    Default Drop: 0-2 arrows --> Realistic Drop: 1-6 arrows

    It occurred to me that all mobs with bows always seems oddly almost out of arrows by the time you take them down. I added logic to drop a min/max amount of arrows now which seems way more logical/fair! (default 1 to 6).

    Enemies Head-Dropping Logic
    New setting: HeadDropPercentChance = 0-100% (applies to all above)

    I noticed WAY too many heads/skulls were dropping so I gave that logic some randomness.

    Configurable Settings!

    Note: As of version 0.9.3 most all settings now configurable via in-game mod config menu!

    Initial Release / Basic Functionality:


    Default Drop: 1-3 beef --> Realistic Drop: 12-16 beef, 10-16 bones, more leather

    Default Drop: 1-3 mutton --> Realistic Drop: 4-10 mutton, 8 bones

    Note: As of version 0.9.2 If 1.7.10 users have "Et Futurum" mod installed "raw mutton" will drop. If not "beef" will drop.

    Default Drop: 1-2 porkchop --> Realistic Drop: 10-15 porkchop

    Default Drop: 1 chicken meat, 0-1 feather --> Realistic Drop: 2-4 chicken meat, 10-20 feathers

    Default Drop: 1 rabbit meat, hide --> Realistic Drop: 2-4 rabbit meat, rabbit hide, possible rabbit foot

    Default Drop: ~1 rotten meat --> Realistic Drop: 1 head, 12 bones

    Zombie Pigman:
    Default Drop: ~1 rotten meat --> Realistic Drop: 1 skull, 12 bones, 3-6 porkchop

    Default Drop: 1-2 bones --> Realistic Drop: 10-20 bones, 1 skull

    Wither Skeleton:
    Default Drop: ? --> Realistic Drop: 10-20 bones, 1 wither skull, 1-4 coal

    Default Drop: 0-1 potion --> Realistic Drop: 1 healing potion, 2 purple wool

    Default Drop: ? --> Realistic Drop: 1 TNT, 2 green wool, 1 creeper head

    Default Drop: 1-2 string --> Realistic Drop: 2-4 string, 1-3 spider webs

    Default Drop: 0-1 blaze rods, 0-1 fire charge --> Realistic Drop: 1 blaze rod, 1-3 fire charge

    Default Drop: 0-1 ender pearl/eye --> Realistic Drop: 1-3 pearl, 2 black wool, 1 potion night vision

    Note: All entities above that normally have a random drop chance will continue to drop those random items. The above changes simply add to whatever else drops.

    Old Mod Test Level (for Logical Drops)

    I'm including a mod test level save for people who would like to see the mod in action. Level lets you spawn and kill these entities to see how their drops have been adjusted.

    Download Test Level Save:


    Logical Drops Showcases

    From xJSQ

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    posted a message on WorldEdit - Do really big things in-game! In-game map editor and more
    Quote from The_Spawner»

    Not here- I seem to be unable to use any of the commands (it loads but just unable to use it) Thanks for the hope tho :D
    latest forge
    Current compiling of this

    Thanks for the try-

    Ugh ... now i remember why to wait till Forge/etc settles down after an update! Long story short ... I've replaced the file w/one that supports latest Forge:
    --> -1.12-

    Bad news (at least IMHO) is that Optifine hasn't caught up yet so shaders won't work w/Forge 1.12- yet. But ... if you're using Forge 2387 and this WorldEdit it should work.
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    posted a message on WorldEdit - Do really big things in-game! In-game map editor and more

    Apologies if this is inappropriate or unnecessary but I've compiled a version for 1.12 for interim till the real thing is released.. seems to be working.


    Let me know if it works for anyone or not.


    * I am not part of the World Edit team/developer group

    * This file is not an official World Edit file. See official site for official files here: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/worldedit

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    posted a message on Eat the Eggs: Recipes to make eggs more useful and fun! (1.16.1 Fabric, 1.12.2 - 1.9)

    FYI just pushed up release for 1.11.2

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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!

    Anyone know if there is a GitHub or other repository w/the source code for this awesome mod? I was considering peeking at it for helping get out a 1.11 version but not sure it they've made the source public or not.

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    posted a message on Eat the Eggs: Recipes to make eggs more useful and fun! (1.16.1 Fabric, 1.12.2 - 1.9)

    FYI - just pushed up tweak for 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 that simply changes the cheese recipe to make 16 cheese from 1 milk / 1 yellow dye instead of just 1 cheese.

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    posted a message on Eat the Eggs: Recipes to make eggs more useful and fun! (1.16.1 Fabric, 1.12.2 - 1.9)

    FYI first build for a 1.10 compatible version has been uploaded - should be approved by Curse shortly and should automatically show up in the downloads area.

    Quote from MrAmericanMike»

    Can we use this Mod on Public ModPacks?

    Not sure what this would mean exactly but as long as mod is referenced back to the curse page or this thread sure I'm fine w/this! Spread the eggs!
    Quote from Crafty_Angyl»

    I'm surprised that this mod isn't receiving more attention. Are there any plans for future releases?

    Quote from Crafty_Angyl»

    I know that this is a third comment, but I just want to ask if the mod is dead? It's a wonderful mod and passing it on would be preferable to letting it die off.

    Sorry for the delay! My notifications for this thread somehow stopped coming in. My son kept bugging me for a 1.10 version so here it is! (should show up shortly). As for future plans - I'm pretty busy but I'm up for suggestions if anyone has any major changes/additions in mind?
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    Hey everyone - I may have a temporary working 1.9 version if anyone wants to try it out.

    Download here: RoguelikeDungeons-1.9- (updated 4/6/2016 5PM)


    • So far I've only tested with Forge (for Minecraft 1.9)
    • This is an unofficial build! I'm assuming at some point Greymerk or someone else far more skilled will release something more official (?)
    • PS: Greymerk I hope I didn't do anything bad by releasing this test build! My apologies if so!

    If you try it and it works let me know!

    Screenshots (attached)

    Update 4/6/2016 5PM:

    Not sure if anyone cares but I noticed some weird stuff in MC with that build I released a couple days ago - where the landscape in the world had strange flat edges and hills seems to be sliced in half - strange stuff. Anyhow, I've generated a new build using Forge and it seems to have gotten rid of that. Just FYI in case anyone noticed/cares. Link above updated.

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    posted a message on Roguelike Dungeons

    First of all - I love this mod!! Great work.

    Second - I have an issue right now where I'm on level 3 or 4 deep in a tower dungeon and the amount of mob spawns are overwhelming (see screenshot for small sample). I try to worm my way to the spawners 1 by 1 to stop the spawning but sometimes I can't even find the spawn box and the mob count gets crazy high - I also think it's possible there are pressure plates on spawn boxes maybe and the mobs are stepping on it themselves? I found one like this and broke it but am hearing "clicks" in areas I think it's happening more but is behind walls of crazy mob groups. Is this a common problem and/or is there a way to fix/resolve this w/out cheating (much)?

    Again - LOVE this mod! Thanks.

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