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    Quote from bobmcboberson»

    Any idea what is causing these white blobs/dots? Didn't have them with ver 2.0, now with any of the 2.1 versions they're everywhere I look while inside a structure or cave but not when out in the sun. They are locked to the player FOV not the terrain.

    Step 1.) Extract the "TME Shaders v2.1....zip" file into the shaderpacks folder.

    Step 2.) Go into the newly created folder named "shaders".

    Step 3.) Open the file "final.fsh" in any word editor like Notepad.

    Step 4.) A couple of lines down there should be a line that reads "#define DIRTY_LENS //create dirty lens on screen". Find it.

    Step 5.) Change the line "#define DIRTY_LENS //create dirty lens on screen" to "//#define DIRTY_LENS //create dirty lens on screen". Simply just put two foward slashes ( / <--these things) at the start of that line.

    Step 6.) Save the file.

    Step 7.) Go back out to the "shaderpacks" folder.

    Step 8.) Create a new folder an name it whatever you want (like "TME Shaders no dirty lens").

    Step 9.) Drag the "shaders" folder into the file you just created.

    Step 10.) Select the file you just created in the Minecraft Shaders Option (in-game).

    Step 11.) Enjoy!

    Hope that helps! Have a nice day! :)

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    Quote from AirLoocke42»




    ~New Sky Colour

    ~New Bloom

    ~New Depth Of field

    ~New Screen Space Reflection (Raytrace)

    ~New Screen Space Algorithm (3 New Algorithm)

    ~New Lens Flare

    ~New Specularity Blocks

    ~New Motion Blur


    ~Added Motion Blur

    ~Added Parallax Occlusion / Bump Mapping

    ~Added Specularity Blocks (In Progress)


    ~Modified SSAO

    ~Modified Godrays

    ~Modified Screen Space Reflection

    ~Modified Motion Blur (Fixed With DOF)


    (Re Written So I'll Be Different From The Others)

    ~Re Written Sky Texture

    ~Re Written Color Texture

    ~Re Written Lens Flare

    ~Re Written Motion Blur

    ~Re Written Depth Of Field

    ~Re Written Bloom

    ~Re Written Screen Space Reflection (Water, Rain & Block Reflection)









    And A New Shader Is Coming... The "Original IP Shaders"


    Screenshot: Original IP Shader




    I want the vibrant shaders... now. I mean it. Now. I need it. You don't want to make me have to kill people... do you?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! YOU WOULDN'T DO THAT!!!! RIGHT!!! CVOFVEQRNOWEIJCEVIBJUVNK!!! Now tell me... when... are you going... to release them? **twitches eye in a psychotic manner**

    On a serious note though, are planning on releasing a fixed version with it for those of us (like me) who have invalid terrain buffers for the shaders?

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    YAY :) !!!! THANKS FOR THE SHADER!! **caps lock off**

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