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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion.
    Quote from lolpierandom

    Except for not addressing the horrible grammar(with which about half of the suggestions are written ._.) a decent guide, with pretty fonts.

    Yeah, I agree!:(
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    posted a message on Suggestions about super flat
    For me, I personally think that super flat needs some trees or something and cobblestone if no villages because in survival, whatdya gonna do?Back out and go to creative?Probaly.But maybe have one layer of the 4 layers cobblestone with some diamond coal or iron?Just a SUGGESTION i wanted to pass through!

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    posted a message on What was your closest call to an important death?
    I as walking in a dugeon building in front of me.I started digging down when i thought to make sure there was no lava but I wanted to dig one block down.I did and fell in lava armed with diamonds,LOTS OF 'EM.So i made a stair way up and luckily had a bucket of water to save myself.SO i did and survived. Yep all true and my close call
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    posted a message on Archive becomes smaller.
    Its because out with the old and in with the new so all old stuff is gone and new stuff came butit maller
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    posted a message on A problem with textur packs:The dark side
    So...We all know what a texture pack is, right?If you dont id reccomend a small dose of minecraft forum!But you wouldnt be here if you didnt know so here i go

    Some texture packs have problems with them.They sometimes crash unexpectedly.I would avoid large texture packs that take up more than 30 mb if you have a small laptop like acer because it will crash and minecraft wont go on again because its too slow too work.So take this into thought and be texturepack safe

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    posted a message on How Many Hours have You played?
    Once I pulled an all-nighter!So bout 300-350 since I started okaying minecraft when it came out :)
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    posted a message on 1.2.5 seeds with diamond in village?Any out there
    HI have searched everywhere for good seeds with lots of good seed with diamond s but i cant find any. Have you guys got any good seeds that you found originally yourself?????Please helkp
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