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    Quote from VampArcher»
    Is that half a heart for every 3 blocks you fall, or just one half a heart when you fall, if you are crouching? Really, a half a heart is such a small difference, it's pretty pointless. Unless you just happen to be falling at exactly the height to kill you. Making it a higher number might make it better, but I really don't see a reason to over-complicate fall damage in the first place.

    Leaning towards "No support."

    Half a heart every 3 blocks if your crouching
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    Render distance all the way down to 8 (or lower) and everything off.
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    Quote from mason_12»
    if a zombie comes close it vomits all over you then dies and takes 2 harts of of you that would be cool

    It's the best of Your Grammar Sucks...
    Horrible idea
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    Excuse me, maybe I'm being a noob but isn't redstone already in Minecraft?
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