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    Hello I’m Dyslexian, owner of starrynightmc. Right now I’m in the process of releasing my server out to the public for beta but I’m in need of staff. I’m looking for Mods, helpers, admins, testers, and more.

    The server is a Minecraft Java skyblock server, I’ve been working with my devs for a couple months now on it.

    if you are interested in join staff let me know below.


    - Age 17+
    - Has experience in being staff

    Also to let you all know that this job is not paid out of the start.

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    posted a message on StarryNightMC Looking for Staff Members

    Hello everyone this is a new Skyblock server and I’m looking for staff members for my server.
    I’m looking for some mods and helpers for and on my server. Please let me know if your interested. Ik this may seem crazy but staff won’t be a paid part to the server. So like I said before please let me know if you are interested. :) Dm me on discord if you are interested. My discord is Dyslexian15

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