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    posted a message on Village Server [JOBS] [CURRENCY] [RIVAL VILLAGES] Only Accepting Bandits For Now
    Gamertag: D4 Dynamik
    Age: 20
    Job: Bandit, any job. and if i could make a suggestion, i think that bandits should not be limited to only one job and such like the people in the main city. because then its just pretty much like 2 cities, but one is big and nice, and the other probably no as great (the bandits). the point of being a bandit is being wild and free, and to murder and plunder and drink alot... anyways, just an idea i thought id throw out there, i'd still love to join the server. Thanks
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    posted a message on Land Of Amarax (RP Server) (Need Active Monk!)
    Gamertag: D4 Dynamik
    RP Name: lonewolf
    Side: REBELS!!!
    Job: being a rebel :)
    Do you have MW3?: no, but mwf and mwf2
    Do you have Halo 3?: no, but halo-reach
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    posted a message on [PVP RPG] Kings Landing 1.3 [LOOKING FOR LONG-TERM PLAYERS 18+ YEARS OLD]
    hey finally created a forums acount. not sure if thi server is still running... but

    - Gamertag: D4 Dynamik
    - Do you have a mic?: yes
    - How old are you?: 20
    - Do understand you need to put in 4 hours of work before officially becoming a Citizen? yes
    - Which time slot did you want?: any/asap
    - Did you read and understand the rules?: yes
    - Do you understand that if you duplicate, you will be immediately kicked, without warning, no matter how many hours of work you put into the map?: yes. i play the game as it was intended to be played.
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