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    Hello all.

    I recently started playing Minecraft again after a long lapse. The last time I played was in 1.7 some time. This suggestion is more of a means to say "This was not a good idea" than to add a feature.

    We all would know that previously, enchanting was fully renewable, and repairing could be done indefinitely as long as the enchantments weren't too powerful. There were even certain enchantment combinations that were optimum in the limitations posed by the lvl39 ceiling. When I started playing 1.8 and got into enchanting again, I wondered why all my tools were unrepairable, even though I'd repaired them before. I heard that one could rename a tool to stop it increasing, which of course was stopped because it was useful. After a few hours today searching I finally learned the most depressing thing about Minecraft I've ever known. That is, the repair ceiling is no longer. Yeah yeah, I know you're thinking "What!? But what about 'too expensive'!" and you'd be right. That's a restriction though, not a ceiling. You see in the old system the repair cost didn't increase, it just stayed below the restriction wherever it should be based on the enchantments.

    But you could simply find a good tool smith, and use their trade to repair your pickaxe sustainably right? But in 1.8 you have to use a ridiculous and tiresome, boring and frustrating method that takes preposterous amounts of time to get the right enchantments.

    You would have to do the following for say, a diamond pickaxe:

      • Buy two picks at 12-15 emeralds each
      • Combine them by crafting to remove - the probably useless - enchantments (That is sacrifice one pick for the other)
      • Enchant them and hope that you get the right enchantments, or spend hours using books to get the right enchantments which would involve using several books in enchanting at an XP farm over several hours, hit and miss gambling the enchantment you want. Have fun getting silk touch.
        • If you get a lower enchantment level than you need, you lose 1/6th of the life of the tool. Fun.

    • If by any chance you use several books to combine into the resulting tool, you decrease it's lifetime by 1/6th every time you use the anvil.
    • If you need to get rid of the enchantment from the traded pick, then you must sacrifice yet another traded pick to repair your enchanted tool.

    So to get a Silk Touch Unbreaking pick, you could be looking at about 10000 to 20000 sugarcane for 2 pickaxe trades at a minimum of 12 emeralds, probably around 10-20 books and their enchantments, and then 2 pickaxe trades whenever you need to repair. In a normal case this would take about 4-6 hours of non-afk work. All resulting in about the same time available to actually use the damn tool.

    That is just ridiculous. Who would do that? Apart from me that is, since it's the ONLY WAY to get renewable diamond tools enchanted. That is unless somehow you get an absolutely insanely good trade. Oh wait they don't exist. Enchantments only go to lvl19 on tools from trades. To get around that you'd have to trade an enchantment from a librarian (which goes to lvl30) and again waste 1/6th of the tool's life just for it to be enchanted right. And yet again only if you are ludicrously lucky or have spent the last 20 years breeding villagers.

    I am aware of and somewhat agree with this thread [link] but lapis lazuli is not an issue considering it is easily obtainable from villagers. It is irritating sure, but somewhat understandable with how easy xp farms are.

    My suggestion, if you weren't sure what it was, is to find a better way to do enchanting. Capping the repair cost to 39 and bringing back the old "OP gear not repairable" rule could be a good idea. If it was intentional to make everything less sustainable then I have to ask what that is supposed to accomplish, apart from frustration.

    Thank you for reading.

    Sorry for being so damn late.

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    posted a message on AUSTRALIAN 1.8.6 Vanilla Server (whitelisted, small community)

    IGN: Dylanhutch

    WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN: I've been looking for a smallish server in Australia since 1.7, and have been failing repeatedly. I was about to make my own and then saw your thread.

    AGE: 19

    HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BANNED: Not that I remember

    WHAT CAN YOU BRING: My pickaxe! jokes aside, simplistic medieval architecture?

    WHERE YOUR FROM: New South Wales

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    posted a message on The True Zombie Survival Experience! [1.4.4] [%99.99 Uptime] [Newly Started] [Small Community] [Needs more Players]
    IGN: Dylanhutch
    Skype?: Yes
    Understand the Concept?: Yes
    Watched the Walking Dead?: Yes, some.
    Personal Build Level with evidence: Hmm. Anything with regard to actual evidence is very old. I'd say ~6-8
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    posted a message on The True Zombie Survival Experience! [1.4.4] [%99.99 Uptime] [Newly Started] [Small Community] [Needs more Players]
    Sounds like a really cool server, but just to let you know, the spawn is bugged.
    You spawn in a hole, which you can't get out of, and can't break the blocks to get out
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    posted a message on Japanese IME support (Minecraftに日本語を書きます」)
    I started learning Japanese this year, and recently noticed that Minecraft doesn't support the language.
    It's strange considering there is a translation and actual characters built in.
    Although copy paste works as has been demonstrated and talked about in the single other thread about multi language writing in Minecraft, using IME to write into the game directly doesn't work, it instead comes up with something like this.

    When I tried to write "これは日本語で"
    Kind of annoying.
    So, why does it do this and when could it be fixed?
    I think multi language support is needed.
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    posted a message on [16x] [1.2.5] Nagareru (Cont.) Beautiful Japanese Pack
    Quote from mangesmith

    2. i know of that problem and are currently looking for a fix that will work with both MCPatcher and Optifine.

    Maybe you could change the colour of the other trees so that when the colours of the biome's leaves are added it makes the colour you want. Then you could change the jungle trees to a colour that would be green if you added the colour in the biome.
    That is ridiculously hard to do though.

    I messed around with it for a while, it seems possible, but you would have to make the trees you want to be green darker, and make the foliage colour lighter, I tried normally (without changing the value of either) and it looked a bit dark. (like, very)
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    posted a message on [16x] [1.2.5] Nagareru (Cont.) Beautiful Japanese Pack

    Forgive my terrible Japanese skills.
    Nice pack, I love the wood and wool textures.
    Some things I reccomend though:
    1. Make sure the grass and seed textures are the same value as the ground, so they blend in.
    2. Cherry blossoms on jungle trees look... weird.
    3. The wool could use a little detail (texture, shading, 3d).
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    posted a message on What is all the fun about griefing?
    Actual griefers won't post here, as the reason they do what they do is a psycological problem, not just "it's fun".
    No-one can actually explain it, and I have never heard an answer form one of these topics/messages. You're wasting your own time.

    Plus, a thing for you to note: If any griefers (especially the ones who griefed you) sees this post they will think exactly this:
    "OMG LOL, there's another whiney kid complaining about ****, get a life faggott"
    There's no helping it sorry, I made a heap of threads and comments about this exact thing, but I learned that if anything, it makes the problem worse, it's better to just put up with it, or host a private server.
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    posted a message on What do you think ? Before and After pictures
    It is a bit.. box.

    Try adding in collums, changing the walls materials and other stuff.
    The top looks a little plain.
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    posted a message on [Public][Bukkit][Essentials] Reyvig

    Hello there, this is my server. It will be running on and off over the next week.

    Feel free to join, but I reccomend having a look at the rules so you don't suddenly get killed by half the server's players.

    Well, they're more like guidelines than actual rules.
    1. By killing another player, you are tagged as a bandit, killing a bandit however, will probably get you a reward instead.

    2. No stealing, you can, but just hope you get away with it. :D

    3. I will not ban people for anything less than trying to destroy the server.

    4. Don't change the spawn platform, you will be marked as a bandit.

    5. You can go anywhere and do anything, just be ready for the consequences.

    Hope to see you sometime :D
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    posted a message on What do you think of Minecraft now?
    Quote from Meldrix

    You're just not looking in the right caves and if you want better dungeons use the chocolate mod.

    Honestly I think that the halloween update was the biggest one and thats when I think things started going bad.

    I have to agree, to some degree.
    Since about alpha 1.7 in my opinion, maybe it's personal because my favourite server stopped because of it, but for me that's when the landscapes got a little same-ish, don't get me wrong the landscapes have improved heaps since then, and they are almost at the level that I think is "as good" as 1.6.
    The problem is that because it's a game that a lot of people play, you end up not being able to change the game without at least some people being unhappy about it.
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    posted a message on Majong support and forum mess, just to post on griefing issues
    It's actually Mojang, not Majong. Also, if you're asking for help, don't rave, just ask.
    first thing first, the whole Majong site is an empty ****ing egg, you login and all you can do is go to the help desk, which then, you can only read previous articles like an FAQ, I type in the word "Suggestion" to look for a link or where to post suggestions officially, and i get "my account has been hack blah blah blah"
    now, it says that i should 'ask or search' for my question, but if my result doesnt match, their is no submit message button

    I really don't know what you mean here.

    second issue, is this messy forum, ya i get your doing your thing and good work, but again I cant if this is officially read/supported by majong and not just community based as their is direct majong support thread etc,

    Yes, it is read my Mojang at times, but not supported financially.

    on a side note, who is curse? why do we need curse? seems like another community latching onto a train if you ask me. but i maybe wrong. and i dont care w/e


    On the issue of Griefing and x-Ray hacks, what if Chests, Furnaces and Work benches actually render as dirt or simply dont render at all when over a certain distance, and/or not in a direct line of sight?

    Suggestions section. Also, with your idea, it wouldn't work since most x-ray hacks highlight the space the entity takes up, and doesn't change the texture pack. The only way this would work would be if the client's world files were deleted every time an entity went out of sight. Which is still hackable.

    if chests and work benches were rendered on the dirt layer and feed into the client as just a dirt block until they get closer and/or is in direct line of sight

    This could work, however, you still have the issue of hacks just downloading the whole world and finding it. (Yes if I remember correctly there are such mods)

    I feel like I am just ripping your post apart, but it's hard not to since this is not a support thread.
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    posted a message on Looking for a small group for vanilla SMP
    Quote from Normalneko4

    Ok, But no hamachi. I DEMAND BUKKIT. Lol

    It's clearly stated as vanilla.
    Quote from kal213

    Yea sure. Hamachi or what?

    No, it's a normal external ip connect, no Hamachi needed.
    I'll pm you both.
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    posted a message on Any REAL survival servers out there?
    You have to remember here, this is a forum, and people won't like you calling them idiots, even if they are, and people won't want to help you.
    Besides that the tone is not carried accross the same way as in real life. That was the first mistake I ever made on a forum, and I got ip banned.

    Note that on most forums you saying this sort of thing would get you a warning, here is different because the moderators seem almost scared to do anything. (No offence, of course, to our moderators)

    Edit: No I don't know of any servers where they let you steal, try setting one up yourself maybe?
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    posted a message on Looking for a small group for vanilla SMP
    To put this simply.
    I would like 2-5 people for an SMP server.

    Details below:

    Hello again, forum, lately I've been getting back into Minecraft a bit, mainly multiplayer, and I decided to get a server up and running for a small group of smp-ers.

    Style of the server:
    The server will be in the style of a normal survival SMP server, it will be just a few people, between friends, we all trust and help eachother and share the loot, in other words, not keeping that 64 stack of iron blocks in your inventory because you think someone will waste it on armour. xD
    We'll start at a designated time and then all we have to do is survive.

    If you are interested, tell me.
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