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    posted a message on Universal Death Clock (in Minecraft)
    Only a madman could create such a door.

    Only an imbecile would open it.
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    posted a message on /difficulty not working for me in 1.4.5
    Whenever I do the /difficulty command, nothing happens. I'm trying to use commandblocks to make an adventure map, and even if I do /difficulty 2 in the actual chat, nothing shows up. What do I do?
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    posted a message on Dworkins Maps! Ranging from CTM to Adventure to Puzzle!
    Updated to 2.0!

    Version 2.0
    The Red Wool dungeon was made more dungeon-like.
    Book errors were addressed.
    2 more treasures hidden near the village.
    Respawn error hopefully fixed.

    Any Beta-Testers that wish to continue their progress with the new update may PM me to recieve a custom version of the map. I need you to PM me 2 screenshots, one with your inventory and one with your current coordinates. You also need to tell me what treasure you got out of chests.

    A Beta-Tester is now a person who has posted in this thread prior to this post, or have contacted me in other ways about testing.
    Give a hand for the following users!
    The Generaless

    Also, you dont get special mention in the map unless I got feedback. Just FYI.
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    posted a message on Remove the Level Cost to name an item.
    Quote from kude42

    He was talking about making all aspects of Minecraft easier. If he had his way, every single aspect of minecraft would be easier. He's annoyed with ANY effort to make minecraft harder, or any opposition to making it easier. Which is wrong.
    That I can agree with.
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    posted a message on Remove the Level Cost to name an item.
    Quote from Neospector

    That and anything can be named, if I'm not mistaken. So it's not like you're wasting tons of iron and diamond swords. People just drop whatever they've renamed into various types of genitals onto the ground, people pick it up, and childhood ruined. But that's not the problem.

    The problem is, actually, that the extreme cost on everything for the anvil is because it's such an overpowered item on it's own. Think about it like this:
    • If you're in survival, there's little need to rename items (on SMP as well, because of your own argument that you have to drop the item on the ground for people to see it, but mostly in SSP as you're alone in the world)
    • If you're in creative (to build a map) there's a big need to rename items
    • If you're in survival, there's a large need to repair items
    • If you're in creative (instant break blocks) there's zero need to repair items
    • Creative mode does not require XP for enchantments and such
    • If you're allowed to repair items without a drastic cost, all people have to do is use one iron ingot (or zero ingots, according to a few suggestions) and have an infinite iron pickaxe with Fortune IV
    • Therefore, costs on the anvil are drastic in all respects.
    You see? Renaming items is only really used in adventure maps. So why does it matter if the cost to rename something is high? I've only repaired an item once on the anvil due to the cost. Do you see how it balances?

    Only tools, weapons, and armor can be named if I'm right.
    And uh...I'm not asking for the repair cost to be removed, just the Rename cost. You actually made the point yourself that it's only USEFUL in adventure maps, and more of a cool gimmick in SSP/SMP. So therefore, the cost is pointless and should be removed.

    This next part is just my personal opinion and mostly rambling, so you dont have to read it. xD

    I think it's a neat thing to name my stuff, and it makes my world...idk, more world-y? As many people have said, Minecraft is about making your own story, and I think that naming your items gets to help make that story.
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    posted a message on Remove the Level Cost to name an item.

    I feel like the whole naming item things was going to be a horrible advantage to trolls. The level cost seems sort of necessary because naming an item could be abused.
    That is ridiculous. People on servers could simply ban the people who did that.
    Plus, you cant see the item name unless you're holding it. So unless you plan to get yourself killed, there isnt a point to naming your item something *ahem* innapropriate. And besides, people can just toss the stupid thing unless it has awesome enchantments. Then it would've taken maybe said 28 levels to even GET the name, and then that person would be a total moron for losing a tool/weapon/armor piece like that.

    Your argument is invalid.
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    posted a message on Remove the Level Cost to name an item.
    I just think it's rather stupid to have to get 28 levels to name my sword something cool. It makes it almost pointless, and becomes a simple toy for mapmakers. Either decrease the amount of levels needed to name an item, or just get rid of the level cost for naming.
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    posted a message on I need people for bigest map of all.
    Who's famous? I have three, count them, THREE subscribers. Two of which are good friends. I'm about as famous as an ugly pornstar.

    I wanna help build :D
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    posted a message on I need people for bigest map of all.
    Sure, I'll help. What do you need help with?
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